TOCMonkey Adds A Table Of Contents At Any Web page

TOCMonkey is a Greasemonkey script for Firefox users, which creates a table of contents at any web page. This enhances page navigation, and users can find information easily on any website.

How to use TOCMonkey?

To use TOCMonkey, you need to install the Greasemonkey add-on for Firefox first. Once you have this add-on, install TOCMonkey from developer Zoran’s site. After installing TOCMonkey, you can use it on any web page to generate a table of contents. You need to run the User Script command to generate the table of contents.

Run user script command to generate TOC

To execute the command, right click on the monkey icon at status bar and select User Script Commands > TOCMonkey: Add Table Of Contents from the menu (see above screenshot). Now, you will notice a small semi-transparent button at the top-right corner of the page with label TOC.   Hover the mouse over the button and a Wikipedia style table of contents will appear.

TOC at Techie Buzz homepage

Techie Buzz Verdict

Certainly, TOCMonkey increase readability of web pages but it is not the perfect solution yet. It uses heading tags (h1, h2 etc.) to generate TOC, hence it may not perform well on some pages.

Techie Buzz Rating: 2/5

Link: TOCMonkey

Mozilla Reveals Popular Firefox Add-ons Categories

Several Firefox add-ons have gone out be really very popular, few I can think of include Greasemonkey and Firebug. However, what are the popular Firefox add-on categories?


A new blog post from a Mozilla Add-ons Product Manager, Justin Scott, has reveled the most popular add-ons categories which are browsed at Firefox add-ons site. The data available is for January 5th 2010. The most popular categories browsed are Themes, bookmarking, plugins, appearance, search tools and download management.

According to Justin, most of the category pages see a high bounce rate, which is a bit concerning for them. However, these stats do not include the individual add-on pages. Do you visit the Firefox add-on gallery frequently? How many categories do you browse on a regular basis?

LimitedSurf : User Controlling Add-on For Firefox

LimitedSurf is a handy Firefox add-on to control user activities. It is very useful specially when you have to administer public computers in college labs, offices, libraries, cybercafes etc. Parents can also use LimitedSurf to block certain websites and make the internet safer for their kids. It gives you full control over Firefox settings and accessibility.

How to use LimitedSurf?

First time setup

Install the LimitedSurf from the Mozilla Add-on site and restart Firefox. Now, move to the option panel in the add-on manager (Tools>Add-ons). You will be asked for the Admin password, which is 123by default. Once you have entered this password, you enter into   Admin Mode, where you can manage the LimitedSurf settings.

LimitedSurf Admin Settings

In Admin Mode, you can set the following   configurations:

  • Change admin password.
  • Enable/Disable timeslot. This restricts browser usage to a certain time period.
  • Enable/Disable Blocking websites and keywords. Using this setting, Administrator can block certain websites and keywords. Non-admin users can’t open these sites.
  • Enable/Disable timelimit. This restricts browser usage to the provided duration.
  • Enable/Disable Admin mode. Disable it when transferring system control to users.

After configuring the above settings, restart the browser to apply them.

What is Admin Mode?

When Firefox runs in this mode, user have all control and functionality. To disable Admin mode, un-check the related check-box in options panel and restart the browser.

When Admin mode is disabled, i.e., you want to restrict user control, a user can’t:

  • Access Tools menu.
  • visit blocked websites (or sites with block keywords).
  • Change LimitedSurf settings.
  • Change Firefox’s settings or preferences.

To re-enable Admin mode, press CTRL + ALT + SHIFT + S keys altogether, and enter the admin password.

Enable Admin Mode

Techie Buzz Verdict

LimitedSurf is a nice extension to Firefox’s features. It makes Firefox a perfect browser for public computers. But, LimitedSurf (or any other utility) can’t stop users from accessing restricted websites. Users always have the option to create another Firefox profile, and hence they can bypass all restrictions. Still, we appreciate this effort.

Techie Buzz Rating: 2.5/5

LimitedSurf is an experimental add-on, which can be installed from here.

CometBird – Mozilla Based Powerful Browser


CometBird is a lightweight, yet powerful browser,   developed using the source codes of Mozilla Firefox, the open source browser. Hence, it comes with all amazing features of Firefox. Moreover, all the Firefox add-ons and extensions are compatible with CometBird.

CometBird has some advance utilities and functionality which make it a fantastic browser. Here are some of the cool features in CometBird:

  • CometBird comes with a pre-installed add-on BitComet Video downloader. Users can download media files (video/audio/flash) from any site with this utility.

Built-in Media Downloader

  • CometBird has an integrated bookmark synchronization tool: CometMarks. It works exactly as the Xmarks and Chrome’s sync feature. Users need to signup for a CometMarks account to use this service. CometMarks also works with Internet Explorer and Firefox. Moreover, users can easily import their bookmarks from Google Bookmarks.
  • All Firefox add-ons, extensions and Personas work smoothly with CometBird.

Firefox add-ons are compatible with CometBird

  • Easy import wizard for importing browser options, cookies, history and favorites from Internet Explorer.
  • CometBird has an integrated note taking tool and translator. Translator uses Google translate’s technology.
  • Undo Close Tabbutton to re-open recently closed tabs, adjacent to Home button on navigation toolbar.
  • Supports AwesomeBar, pop-up blocker, one-click clearing private data, anti-malware and customized security settings etc., similar to Firefox.

Techie Buzz Verdict

Hence, CometBird is a really cool browser. If you love using Firefox, you will also love CometBird. CometBird is the best alternative of Firefox, and you can choose it as your secondary browser.

Techie Buzz Rating : 5/5

Link: CometBird

Google Chrome Extensions vs Firefox Add-ons: Head to Head Comparison

It has almost been a week now since Google went live with , and barely over a year since itself was introduced. On the other hand, Firefox has been around for 5 years now and there are tons of which are much more than useful.


So are Chrome Extensions better than Firefox add-ons? Well, lets take a look at some Head to Head comparison to get an idea. I must make a note that Firefox without add-ons is just another browser, and most of its popularity is because of the add-ons. Google Chrome on the other hand is much more faster, however it still lacks several useful extensions, which is why many users are not yet switching to Chrome.

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Round 1: Ease of Installation

The one thing I like about Chrome extensions and themes in general is the ability to install and uninstall Chrome extensions without restarting the browser. On the other hand, Firefox needs to be restarted every time you install an extension or theme. Firefox has made some headway in the form of Personas, however the promised introduction of restartless add-ons and theme installation is nowhere to be seen in Firefox 3.6.

Winner: Google Chrome

Round 2: Browser Performance with Extensions/Add-ons

Since the introduction of Google Chrome extensions, many users were skeptical whether installing extensions would slow down the browser or create an impact on its performance. Let’s just say that nothing of that sort will happen, Chrome runs extensions and tabs in separate processes, so no one extension can affect the entire browser. This is a technology which has made Chrome faster than other browsers and much more manageable.

On the other hand, Firefox is known to crawl if you install too many extensions. This may not be due to the browser itself, but try installing 10-15 add-ons and opening 10 tabs, you will notice high memory usage and a significant snag in Firefox performance.

Winner: Google Chrome

Gathera Manages All Your Social Networking In One Place


If you are anything like me, you may have accounts in several social networking sites like , , LinkedIN, and so on. Managing all those accounts can sometimes be a bit of a pain.

Gathera provides users with a handy and Internet Explorer add-on, which will allow you to manage all your social networking accounts from the browser sidebar. In addition to that, you can also access email from , , Windows Live Mail and AOL. It also adds a system tray notifier to constantly alert you about new updates.

Gathera currently supports YouTube, Digg, Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, Hi5, Linked In, FlickR, Delicious, Windows Live, Gmail, Yahoo and AOL.

Download Gathera Add-on

Bypass Megavideo Time Limit

Update: February 16, 2011 – We have added another way to bypass the Megaupload limit at the bottom of the post.

Sometime back we told you about a trick to bypass the time limits imposed by Megavideo a popular site for watching videos. Megavideo imposes a limit of 72 minutes of continuous video watching till it pops up a alert saying that you need to wait for a certain time before you can watch the video.


This can be quite annoying when you want to watch longer videos continuously for free. The trick we told you previously helped many users to bypass those limits, however, we came across some new tricks to bypass the limit.


The first one includes getting a new video URL by visiting Mega Streaming and using it to watch the video instead of the regular Megavideo URL. The second one includes using a called IIIitmux.

You will need to generate the URL and use the add-on before you start watching the video. Have fun watching full videos at Megavideo without interruptions.  Bypass Megavideo time limits [via Life Hacker]

Update: You can now use a new site called to bypass the megavideo time limit or 72 minute restriction. The site also provides a Google Chrome extension which you can use to directly open the Megavideo videos in Mega Skipper.

Upload Web Files & Documents To With Firefox

There are many times when you may come across document and files on the internet, many times you may download the document and then upload it to a service.

If you are, you can now directly upload files to your account from a Web URL with the help of a . This add-on is a updated version of the previously mention Open it Online extension which allows users to open documents online without the need to have software installed on their PC.

After installing the add-on when you click on any document or download link, you will see a additional option to save the file directly to


Selecting the option will open another confirmation window asking you whether you want to save the file to


Select the folder you want to save the file to and it will automatically be saved to your account.

If you are looking to directly copy your documents to like you do on a local drive, check out our earlier article on how you can mount as a local drive.

To learn more about the add-on visit the blog. Download the Open It Online  add-on to directly upload files from the web to your account.

How To Build Firefox Extensions?

are things that make a really good browser to use, and to be frank even though I like there are quite a few things that I need to depend on Firefox for.

Mozilla does allow users to develop Firefox extensions with Jetpack, however if you are looking for something more detailed, you can download a free e-book (limited time only) that will help you get kick started in developing add-ons/extensions for Firefox.


The book is written by James Edwards and usually retails for $9.95, however for a limited time you can download it for absolutely free. Thanks Sandip.

The book covers several topics including;

  • Learning about folder structures and files in a extensions
  • Developing user interface with XUL and styling with CSS
  • Advanced features with JavaScript
  • Keyboard shortcuts and I18N features
  • Guide to publish your add-ons to Mozilla add-ons gallery

Download Developing Firefox Add-ons e-Book [ with 46 pages]

Firefox Session History Tree

There are several times when you might open links from one tab in a new tab, however after a while it might become difficult to find which tab a link was opened from.

A handy   called History Tree provides users with tree-based views of their session history, easily allowing to see which tabs were opened from where and visually browse the history.


History Tree Features

  • Displays four different tree-based session history views.
  • Displays screenshots of every page that you have visited.
  • Quickly finds and re-opens any page that you have visited.
  • Shows the page history for closed Firefox tabs, allowing closed pages to be re-opened.

Download History Tree