Apple Puts Final Cut Studio Back on Sale

Apple released Final Cut Pro X exclusively on the Mac App Store  in June, but many users  criticized the application for missing features and incompatibility with Final Cut Pro 7.    Today, MacRumors reports that Apple has put  the previous version of its Final Cut Studio video editing suite back on sale, possibly due to the mixed feedback on the new and completely redesigned Final Cut Pro X.

Final Cut Studio

MacRumors has confirmed with an Apple representative  that Final Cut Studio, part number MB642Z/A, is again available for $999 (and $899 for educational customers). Currently, the product is only available through the 800-number and is not available in Apple Retail Stores or on the Apple Online Store.

Final Cut Studio is a video editing packaging that includes Final Cut Pro 7, Motion 4, Soundtrack Pro 3, DVD Studio Pro 4, Color 1.5 and Compressor 3.5. After the launch of Final Cut Pro X, Apple discontinued the product.  Critics of the new product had complained that the abrupt discontinuation of the previous version of the software had made the transition more difficult. In addition, Apple had promised regular updates to Final Cut Pro X.

Update: The Loopt has received official word from an Apple spokesperson regarding their decision.

As we’ve done before with many end-of-life software products, we have a limited quantity of Final Cut Studio still available through Apple telesales to customers who need them for ongoing projects,an Apple spokesperson told The Loop.


Apple Never Bringing Final Cut Pro 6/7 Import to FCP X

In late June we reported that Apple has released a new version of its video editing powerhouse known as Final Cut. Final Cut Pro X was released to mixed reviews, with many professional editors claiming it was useless for their work. It seems as though Apple has heard their cries, and is choosing to ignore them.

Apple held a private briefing for enterprise contact in London about Final Cut Pro X. They addressed a number of concerns, but not really to anyone’s satisfaction. A summary of the briefing was posted to Twitter by @aPostEngineer. Here are the major points:

1. FCP XML in/out is coming via 3rd party soon…no FCP 6/7 support project support coming ever it seems…
2. Ability to buy ADDITIONAL FCP7 licenses for EXISTING enterprise deployments  coming in the next few weeks… 

3. FCPX EDL import/export coming soon…
4. FCPX AJA application coming soon for tape capture and layback…capture straight into FCPX [events].
5. XSAN support for FCPX coming in the next few weeks…
6. FCPX Broadcast video output via #Blackmagic & @AJAVideo coming soon…
7. Additional codec support for FCPX via 3rd Parties coming soon…
8. Customizable sequence TC in FCPX for master exports coming soon…
9. Some FCPX updates will be free some will cost…

Basically, the most desired features are not going to happen. If you want XML import of export, you can only get it through a third-party add-on. As for importing Final Cut Pro 6 or 7 files: It’s never happening. Looks like Apple is officially moving on.

On a positive note, Apple is going to allow current enterprise users to buy additional Final Cut Pro 7 licenses. This should give professional users the ability to wait for FCP X to get the plug-ins needed to make it useful. Then again, it’s possible that will never happen.



Apple Posts Final Cut Pro X FAQ

Final Cut Pro X FAQ

Last week, Apple released a new version of Final Cut Pro, and since then they have received lots of criticism for the lack of features. Today, Apple has posted a FAQ in response to the criticism and questions from customers.

Final Cut Pro X is a breakthrough in nonlinear video editing. The application has impressed many pro editors, and it has also generated a lot of discussion in the pro video community. We know people have questions about the new features in Final Cut Pro X and how it compares with previous versions of Final Cut Pro. Here are the answers to the most common questions we’ve heard.

It seems that the FAQ addresses many of the concerns David Pogue mentioned in his article which  included  responses from Apple product managers.

One of major complaints about Final Cut Pro X, is the lack of ability to import old projects from Final Cut Pro 7. Apple responded by saying that due to the many changes there was no way to “translate” old projects without losing or changing data.  In addition, Apple promises that Final Cut Pro X will support  Multicam editing. Apple says that this feature will be added in the “”next major release”.

The rest of the FAQ provides additional  details that may be of interest to Final Cut Pro X users.