Can The Samsung Galaxy S II Survive A 15-Foot Fall?

I got my first phone nearly 5 years ago. It was the sleek and sexy Moto Razr V3i, which nearly everyone must have owned at one point of his or her life. I clearly remember that I started modding and flashing that phone the very next day. Since then, I have owned many phones including SE W580i, Nokia 5800, Galaxy S, Desire Z, Arc, and now the Galaxy S II, and I’ve modded and flashed every one of them.

In fact, I flash a new ROM on my Galaxy S II nearly every night. You see, I still need to use the phone for calling, messaging, emailing, and tweeting etc. during the daytime, so all my modding activities usually start when everyone is sleeping soundly. Last night, I decided to flash CM7 on my SGS2. There are no decent AOSP based ROMs for the SGS2 except for CM7, and I was pretty bored with the ones based on Samsung firmware. After installing CM7 and playing around with the phone for around 20 mins, I decided to check out the GPS performance of SGS2 on CM7.

I stood near the window in my room, and fired up GPS test. However, after a minute or so, the phone found around 10  satellites  and connected to 8 of them, but the accuracy was a terrible, 180 feet. Then I changed the modem/baseband of the phone, and again decided to check out the GPS performance. This time, the GPS test showed an  accuracy  of around 100 feet. That’s a pretty decent improvement, but still not good enough. Finally, I decided to stretch my hand outside the window to see if the GPS performance would improve when the phone was in clear sky.

As I stretched my hand, something went wrong and the SGS2 slipped from my hand. Everything went into a slow-mo. mode as I saw my precious phone fall down from my window, which is on the 1st floor. The bottom part, i.e. the part where the microUSB port of the handset is located, hit the ground first, and the phone bounced back up, nearly 3 to 4 feet. After that, the phone hit the ground a couple of times before finally lying still. I was horrified! I had absolutely no hope that my Samsung Galaxy S II would survive a 15-foot fall.

I ran downstairs and quickly picked up the phone. To my surprise, the phone was still in one piece with just one of the latches of the back cover partially opened. I quickly checked the screen, and to my surprise, the screen was working fine as well. If anyone from Corning is reading this, you guys just got another feature to boast about for your popular Gorilla Glass.

The steel rim surrounding the phone was not covered by the Zagg InviShield, and thus got some minor scratches

I checked the phone thoroughly, and there were absolutely no issues with it. Everything was working just as it was before the fall. The only physical damage was on the bottom part of the phone, which had hit the ground first. There are some small scratches on the bottom of the steel rim surrounding the phone, but it’s noticeable only if closely inspected. The phone could have got more scratches, if I was not applied the Zagg InviShield on my phone.

After this incident, my confidence regarding the build quality of the phone has increased. Sammy may have made the SGS2 with plastic, but it surely did not compromise on the physical strength of the phone. So, the 7million+ SGS2 owners, if you are reading this, next time someone cribs about the poor build quality of the phone, you just need to point them to this article.