Download and Update Falcon Pro for Free Outside Google Play Store

Everybody loves Falcon Pro, but sadly Twitter is a bit jealous of that and hence has made the app’s and developer’s life miserable. When Falcon Pro was first released, it quickly became one of the most popular third-party Twitter app offering sleek design and brilliant features.

With Twitter API token limited to 100,000, the developer had to reset the API tokens after having reached the limit. Unfortunately, the API token limit hit again after the reset and Twitter had to shut down the app, which lead the developer, Joaquim Verges, pull it down from Google Play Store.

However, there’s some good news now. Users can continue using the latest version of Falcon Pro as Verges decided to upload and provide updates for Falcon Pro for free from

Go ahead and download the Falcon Pro v2.0.4 apk now!

After you install the app, you’ll be asked to login to Twitter. If you already own a token, there’ll be no problem signing in. That way, existing users can still get updates and enjoy the app. However, users are complaining that even though they have a token they still are not able to login.

Thankfully the developer decided to leave behind a little trick (hidden feature) which allows users with (or without) a valid token to login by allowing them to enter their own API using Twitter’s developer program.

Follow the steps below to login via the API access method to get start using Falcon Pro again:

Download Falcon Pro’s APK from, and install it on your device. (If you have the older version installed, then consider removing it)

  1. Now, open Falcon Pro and you’ll be taken to the login screen. Tap the three corners (they light up when you touch them). That is, tap on the top left, top right, bottom right of the app.
  2. Then, shake your device, after which you’ll get a message saying “Custom Login unlocked!”. Press OK, tap on “Custom login,” keep this screen open.Falcon Pro for Free APK
  3. Visit from your device or your computer’s browser and login with your Twitter accounts.
  4. On the top right, select “My applications” from the drop-down menu and click on “Create a new application. If you already have an app create, then jump to step 7
  5. Enter the name, website, and callback URL in the fields provided. You can enter any URL even if it doesn’t exist, but make sure the format is correct, like (the http:// part is necessary)
  6. Enter the CAPTCHA and agree to the terms and conditions and click on “Create your Twitter application.”
  7. Open the Settings tab of the app and select “Read, Write and Access direct messages” under the Application Type. Just below that, enable the “Allow this application to be used to Sign in with Twitter” option by ticking the check box. Then, hit the “Update this Twitter application’s settings” button.
  8. Switch back to the Details tab, and copy the Consumer key and Consumer Secret (case sensitive) to the login screen in Falcon Pro and enter it in the respective fields. Tap the Save button and then tap on “login into Twitter” option.
  9. Verify the app and grant access to your Twitter account. And you’re done. Enjoy the app.

Plume and Falcon Pro For Twitter Get Updated; Bug-Fixes Galore

LevelUp Studio has released a major update to Plume today that bumps the version number to 5. The update brings with it new re-designed widgets, Facebook timeline support for the widgets, new Profile viewer, improved scrolling performance, stability and bug-fixes. The update also includes changes needed for Plume to support the new Twitter API v1.1.

– add support for columns for a single account (app and widgets)
– refresh the look of the widgets
– add support for Facebook in the widgets
– display the Twitter profile banner
– propose to resend a tweet when a picture upload fails
– smoother scrolling
– handle URL redirection on wifi hotspots that require a login
– add support for Twitter API 1.1 (off by default)
– fix issues with the Pull To Refresh
– fix issues with the picture cache
– fix issues with the event logger

While the update does make Plume more bearable to use, the app is still nowhere close to Falcon Pro or Carbon for Android in looks. The default theme is a complete mess with multiple colors making the app look like it has been designed by a kid. The dark theme is much better, and is my go-to choice. While Carbon and Falcon Pro definitely look much better than Plume, the latter absolutely trumps the former(s) in terms of features.

Falcon Pro, the current favorite Twitter app of the Android community, also got a bug-fixing update. The developer has also added subtle animations to the app, probably inspired from Carbon for Twitter.

The bug-fixes include improved timeline position handling, fixed rotated images on Sony/Samsung devices, and brings an option to load inline images on timeline on 2G/EDGE connections.

 New option to get inline previews on 2G/EDGE
– New live streaming stays on top of the TL
– New screen transition animations
– New error dropdown when API limit reached
– Improved position holding
– Fixed rotated pics on Samsung/Sony devices
– Fixed auto refresh stopped on reboot
– Fixed tweetmarker
– Fixed in & out sharing

The update is already live in Play Store and can be downloaded from here.

Falcon Pro For Android Updated To v1.4; Brings Lots Of Minor New Features

If you are an Android user and an avid Twitter user, you will clearly know that there is a serious lack of a beautiful yet functional Twitter app for Android. The official Twitter client for Android is nothing but a mess, while Plume, Tweetcaster and other similar Twitter clients look absolutely horrible.

A relatively new Twitter client – Falcon Pro – however, has the potential of becoming the best Twitter app for Android. The app was recently released on the Play Store and has been steadily updated by its developer adding new features and squashing bugs. As a new year gift, the developer released a major updated for Falcon Pro that brings with it some basic features that were missing earlier, bug fixes and some minor new features.

Below is the massive change-log for the update -:

– Added YouTube api integration
– Added option to Enable double tap on tweets
– Added logout button
– Added hide keyboard on RT
– Added report for SPAM
– Added mute mangement from settings
– Added hashtag auto fill when searching for tweets
– Added slider for refresh rates
– New “More Actions” dialog design
– Removed retweets from search results
– Set back mentions of followers in timeline
– Enhanced conversation view with private accounts
– Changed reply icon in profile view
– Faster user profile loading
– Fixed the rotation problem on tweet writer with pics
– Fixed orientation change on main view
+ other fixes

Falcon Pro is among the first few apps in the Play Store that take advantage of the new YouTube API integration from Google. The new API integration will allow Falcon Pro users to directly watch YouTube videos when they come across a YouTube video link on their timeline without the need of opening the YouTube app.

While this update in no way adds all the missing features that Falcon Pro has compared to Plume or Twicca, they still help in improving the overall usability and experience of the app.

Falcon Pro For Twitter Now Available On Play Store

Remember Falcon Pro for Twitter? The amazing Twitter client under development for Android is perhaps the Twitter client that Android needs – beautiful, fast and yet functional.

Today, the developer of the app – Joaquim – has released the final version of Falcon Pro on the Play Store for a mere $1.03. Compared to the beta version of the app, the Play Store version includes more features such as TweetMarker support, lists, the ability to search Twitter via the app and more. The app also makes use of a double-pane sliding UI to provide users with quick access to all the settings and features.

Long time Android users clearly know that there is a serious lack of a decent Twitter client for Android. Most of the Twitter clients in the Play Store look absolutely horrible and/or if they look good, they lack most of the much-needed features.

Falcon Pro not only looks good and is loaded with feature, but is also super-smooth (Scrolling is ridiculously smooth!) on all Android devices and most importantly, is backed by a developer who will not ditch the app. The last part is, perhaps, the most important considering how many Twitter client developers have recently ditched their app, all thanks to the new restrictions and regulations from Twitter.

So, what are you waiting for? Head over to the Play Store and download what is arguably the most promising Twitter client available for Android devices right now.

Falcon Pro For Twitter – The Twitter Client Android Users Have Been Waiting For?

The Android app ecosystem may not be lacking compared to iOS, as it was before. The Play Store is now filled with some quality apps from top developers that mostly follow the design guidelines laid down by Google.

However, accept it or not, there is still a lack of a decent Twitter client for Android. The official Twitter app for Android is absolutely horrible and slow, while Plume, Tweetcaster and others seem to be designed by a high-school going kid.

Thankfully, the developer of Falcon for Twitter – a full featured Twitter widget – has released a new Twitter client for Android, based on his Twitter widget, Falcon Pro.

The app is still in beta, and does lack certain features that Plume or Tweetcaster have, but it looks much better and polished. The developer has also taken effort to optimize the app for tablets. The app will work on any Android 2.2+ devices.

Falcon Pro for Twitter is still in beta and the APK of the app can be downloaded from this thread on XDA forums. The developer plans release the app on the Play Store after beta testing it for sometime at a nominal price.