Apple Releases Two New iPhone 4 Ads

Today, Apple has released two new iPhone 4 commercials. One of the ads advertises  AirPlay and the other FaceTime. AirPlay allows users to easily stream  audio, video, and photos between devices. FaceTime allows  to easily make video calls on their iPhone 4 via a WiFi network.

Checkout the ads below –



Judging by the latest iPhone rumors, this might be the last iPhone 4 commercials before the next-gen iPhone announcement later this year.

Apple iPad 2 Commercial Released, Entitled “Now” [Video]

Apple has released a new iPad 2 commercial entitled “Now” that highlights more on user experience rather than hardware specs. This 30 second video clip showcases how users can use iPad to watch movies, read magazines, newspapers and video call using FaceTime.

Now, we can watch a newspaper; listen to a magazine; curl up with a movie; and see a phone call.
Now, we can take a classroom anywhere; hold an entire bookstore; and touch the stars.
Because now, there’s this.

Apple’s competitors emphasize more on technical specifications, but Apple has decided to take a different route. They are working completely on a different strategy to market their products by highlighting more on user experience. This commercial is simple and to the point, and does not amplify on technical specifications.

Next Generation 13” MacBook Pro Specs Leak; Sports A Thunderbolt Port!

The announcement of the next generation of iPad may be garnering all the limelight, but Apple’s range of premium laptops the MacBook Pro(s) are also due for an update. Now, a seemingly unpopular blog have managed to get their hands on a leaked document which contains the specs of the upcoming 13MacBook Pro.

According to the leaked document, the 13MacBook Pro will feature the latest Sandy Bridge Core i5 processor from Intel running at 2.3GHz. The Nvidia discrete graphics card currently found in the 13MacBook Pro has been replaced with the Intel HD Graphics 3000 IGP with 384MB of dedicated memory.

The hard disk space has also been bumped to 320GB (5400RPM). Other than this, there are no other major changes in the next generation 13MacBook Pro from Apple.


The iSight’ camera has now been renamed to Facetime HD’, with the HD moniker hopefully meaning that Facetime will soon support 720p or higher resolutions for video chatting. One new feature which the 13MacBook Pro will get is the Thunderbolt’ I/O port, which in all probability is Apple’s implementation of Intel’s Light Peak port.

Intel’s Light Peak port is capable of connecting to multiple devices and provide a staggering bandwidth of up to 10Gbps. The Thunderbolt I/O’ port should make its way to other higher spec’d MacBook Pros as well.

Serious Security Hole in Apple FaceTime, Now Patched

Apple FaceTime is a feature that allows us to place video calls. Marvelous in inception and #fail in implementation, it is best explained as,

FaceTime works by connecting an  iPhone 4, 4th Generation  iPod touch or computer with  Mac OS X to another similar device; the previous generations of  iPhone and  iPod Touch are not currently supported, however on the  iPhone 3G and  iPhone 3GS, users can enter facetime:// urls in  Safari to trigger what appears to be a FaceTime call, although it does not truly ever successfully initiate.

To put a stake into the coffin, a recent  security hole had fanboys troubled about FaceTime as it allowed anyone to change the password once the user is logged into FaceTime. Picture this. You login, leave your account open and following Murphy’s Laws, your 5-year-old son makes a few super-clicks and bang! Your account has lost its password beyond repair. Not just that, the password is changed across all of the Apple ID and you are stuck in a bad situation.

Apple has released a temporary fix. How? By disabling the button that takes you to an account page.


FaceTime Coming To Mac, Windows Soon?

Apple’s FaceTime, which is available in and is rumored to be available on Mac OS X and Windows Soon. FaceTime which only works on a WiFi connection (workaround for FaceTime on 3G) uses Apple’s open source video chatting protocol.

FaceTime Video Chat

According to 9 to 5 Mac, FaceTime may soon be made available on iChat allowing Mac users to video chat with FaceTime enabled devices. Apple is also rumored to be working on an application for based PCs.

The rumors comes from Mac4ever who had also predicted the Magic Mouse and among other things. Keep your fingers crossed though.

iOS 4.1 Beta 3 Supports FaceTime Using Email IDs

The Apple iPhone 4 allows its users to make video calls over Wi-Fi to any iPhone 4 owner. At the time of the launch of the iPhone 4, Apple dubbed this technology as FaceTime and called it revolutionary. The iPhone 4 was the first iPhone from Apple to featureclip_image001 video calling. Sadly, the ability to make video calls only over Wi-Fi was a huge disappointment for many. Currently, users can make a FaceTime video call only using the phone number of the other user.

However, in iOS 4.1 Beta 3 Apple has added an option to call users using their email id as well. The inclusion of this feature suggests that the next generation iPod Touch from Apple will feature a front-facing camera for video calling.

Hopefully, this also means that the next generation iPad will feature a camera for FaceTime as well.


Adobe Brings Video Calling to Android, Calls it FlashTime

Adobe has released a demo application called FlashTime which enables video chat on Android devices. The app was built using Adobe Air 2.5 for the Android platform and uses your smartphone’s camera to enable video chat with other users.

They seem to be making a point to iPhone developers (Apple doesn’t allow Flash on the iOS platform) that it’s very easy to build powerful applications using Flash and then port them over to any supported platform (like Android) using Adobe AIR. This particular FlashTime demo app took just 3 days to build.

Mark Doherty, Flash Platform Evangelist, Mobile and Devices, Adobe, said on his blog, “This is not an Adobe product, but simply a feature demo that took 3 days. Any one can build P2P applications with Flash and AIR.”

Adobe had unveiled Flash and AIR support for Android, back at MWC, Barcelona in February.

Adobe Video Calling App on Android

Image credit: Engadget

Apple Releases Official iPhone 4 Commercials

Apple has just released four new advertisements for the iPhone 4. All the four advertisements lay special emphasis on the FaceTime feature of the phone. FaceTime allows users to make video calls on their iPhone 4 using a Wi-Fi network. All the four ads are 31 seconds long, and instead of concentrating on the specs on the phone, they try to connect with the human emotions.

The first ad is about a girl getting a really short haircut, while the second ad is about a guy becoming a grandfather, and his son a dad.

Check out these two ads below :

The third advertisement is about a dad trying to bring a smile to his daughter’s face by singing a song to her-:

The fourth and the last video is about a wife telling her husband that he is going to become a dad-:

According to me, all the four ads are definitely very touching. Do let me know by dropping in a comment on what do you guys think about these ads?

Next Generation iPod Touch To Sport A 5MP Camera And FaceTime

Last year before the Apple’s Rock n’ Roll event occurred there was a rumor that Apple will be releasing the next generation iPod Touch sporting a 2MP camera at its back. Instead, Apple released the new iPod Nano(s) with aApple iPod Touch camera. Now rumors have again cropped up that the next generation iPod Touch will be sporting a 5MP camera at its back. The next generation of the device will also be able to recording videos in 720p HD resolution.

The device will also feature an accelerometer and a gyroscope which will help in taking gaming to the next level on the iPod Touch. According to the slides of a presentation from John Lewis, it is also expected that the next generation iPod Touch will feature FaceTime. This also indicates that the device will have a front facing camera. FaceTime allows users to make video calls over Wi-Fi.

Apple is expected to release the next generation of iPods, and iPod Touch in the month of September. The source of this news is John Lewis, who is one of the biggest retailers in Britain.


How To Use iPhone 4 FaceTime Without WiFi Connection

The new was released earlier this month with a new feature called FaceTime which allows for video calls on the iPhone. However, FaceTime was only designed to work between two 4 on a WiFi network. This means that you cannot use FaceTime when you are on a 3G network.

But hold on, there is a way to use FaceTime without having a WiFi connection. To use FaceTime without a WiFi you will have to subscribe to AT&T internet tethering service, which will cost you around $15 extra every month.

Once you have enabled this service, you can follow the steps below, courtesy of the DeviceKnit blog.

Step 1: Turn on tethering in Settings > General > Network > Internet Tethering on your iPhone 4 and connect it via USB. You’ll see a new iPhone USBconnection option pop up in the Network preference pane in System Preferences:

iPhone USB Connection

Step 2: Go to the Sharing preference pane, and turn on Internet Sharing to share your USB connection over WiFi/AirPort.

iPhone 4 Wifi Tethering

Now connect to the new connection you just created instead of using your iPhone 4 3G connection and you can use FaceTime on the go. The only downside to this trick is that you will have to have a laptop handy and pay $15 extra every month. If you don’t want to do that, an iPhone jailbreak for iPhone 4 might solve all your problems.

(Image Credits: DeviceKnit)