iTunes Crosses 10 Million Fans on Facebook

Close on the heels of Apple App Store’s race to 10 billion downloads, they have reached another milestone, this time on . The iTunes fan page on Facebook has over 10 million fans.

iTunes 10 Million Facebook Fans

The iTunes fan page on Facebook is quickly becoming one of the most popular brands on Facebook with over 10 million fans. This milestone would put them in the top 10 brands on Facebook.

The most popular brands on Facebook right now are Coca Cola with close to 22 million fans and Starbucks with 19 million. However, it still has a lot of competition to cover specifically from Oreo, Red Bull, Skittles, Converse and Victoria’s Secret who all have more than 11 millions fan each (cite Fame Count).

These are some huge milestones for Apple, considering that they already topped 10 billion songs download last February. All in all, the App Store and iTunes have been very successful products for Apple and will continue to be so in the future too.

If you are a fan of music or iTunes in general, here is some good news. iTunes will be giving away 10 $500 iTunes coupons to random users to celebrate their 10 million milestone on Facebook. If you want to win an iTunes gift certificate, head over to their iTunes fan page at and click on the link to enter the competition.

*You will have to be a fan of iTunes in order to enter the competition.

People on Facebook Need to Practice Safe Friending

Facebook has taken over the world and has become the de facto name in social networking. So much so, that it has pushed Facebook to becoming the third largest Internet company. However, a concerning behavior exhibited by people on Facebook. They are ready to friend anyone and everyone who sends across a request.


Comparing this behavior, in real life, people are quite apprehensive even about existing friends. Then, what prompts them to make that click and friend someone who is a total stranger? The reason for this behavior is cited as politeness by 54 percent and increasing friend count by only a mere 34 percent. Contrary to the popular belief, this behavior is actually fueled by a carelessness rather than increasing friend count.

On an average, at least 20 percent of the people we friend on Facebook are totally anonymous to us. Interestingly, the same fraction of 20 percent are the people we know extremely well on Facebook. Thus, we have a number of Facebook friends who are just sitting there and accessing our data and status updates.

If you are a privacy freak, it is time you review your friends on Facebook and clean up the clutter, but as it has been with the Facebook privacy concerns, we will just ignore this and move on.

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World IPv6 Day: Internet Giants Will Give IPv6 a Trial

2010 is the last year for IPv4 and this has been foreseen as early as March 2010. However, the transition from IPv4 to IPv6 is a huge concern for the Internet at large because IPv6 has a different packet format and is not interoperable with IPv4. However, IPv6 makes use of routers more efficiently as compared to IPv4 and this will reduce the computational load from routers.

IPv6 will provide an intelligent mechanism for calculating the minimum size of data that can be transmitted between two end-points (read PMTUD). In short, the routers will speed up but the network cables will slow down.

The result of this transition is unknown though in theory, it should make effective use of the hardware. We will know soon when Akamai, Facebook, Google and Yahoo will participate in the first global trial of IPv6 on June 8. With their distributed servers spread all over the world, these companies will form the ideal testing ground and will churn up some useful real-time data.

IPv4 has been in use for three decades now and the test on 8th June will be a Game-Changing event.

(Via: Networkworld)

No Facebook Is Not Closing Down On March 15th, The World May End Though

Over the weekend I saw many of my hassled friends on reading and believing a report from a satire website about Facebook closing down this March.

Facebook Shutting Down

The report which came out Weekly World News said that Mark Zuckerberg had said that they were shutting down Facebook because it had gotten out of control. The report went ahead to quote the Vice President of Technical Affairs at Facebook, saying that they would close down the website on March 15th.

After March 15th the whole website shuts down,said Avrat Humarthi, Vice President of Technical Affairs at Facebook. So if you ever want to see your pictures again, I recommend you take them off the internet. You won’t be able to get them back once Facebook goes out of business.

However, not one word of this news is actually true. The website in question is a satire site which posts fake news which is then consumed by gullible people who believe in it, or people who just want to have some fun. A similar site called Faking News ( exists and puts up spoof stories on Indian and international issues.

As for my friends and several other thousands of people who got fooled. Facebook is a lucrative business and only a fool would decide to close it after securing billions of dollars as investment, and Mark is not to be counted as one of those fools. Facebook also confirmed the same through an update on Facebook.

We didn’t get the memo about shutting down, so we’ll keep working away like always. We aren’t going anywhere; we’re just getting started.

So please think before believing and spreading panic. We also have rumors that the world is coming to an end in 2012. Unfortunately all requests to God for confirming or denying this fact have not been answered. We will post an update as soon as we get more information from God Smile.

Have fun and continue Facebooking.

U.S. Orders Twitter to Hand Over WikiLeaks Private Messages

New information about a U.S. case against WikiLeaks has recently been revealed. The U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) issued a secret subpoena to Twitter on December 14th. The subpoena orders Twitter Inc. to release private messages and other information about accounts owned by Julian Assange and others involved with WikiLeaks.

View the subpoena

The subpoena wasn’t public knowledge, because  Twitter was ordered not to reveal it, since it was “relevant to an ongoing criminal investigation“.   On January 5th,   the subpoena was unsealed due to legal pressure by Twitter.

Twitter declined to say much on the matter, except that its policy is to notify its users of government requests for information, when it can do so.

In a statement, Assange is quoted as saying If the Iranian government was to attempt to coercively obtain this information from journalists and activists of foreign nations, human rights groups around the world would speak out.

twitter2Twitter is based in San Francisco California, and it’s not likely that they would have responded to an information request from Iran. However, the U.S. DOJ has the legal authority to make Twitter cough up this data. It’s clear that Twitter will do so, despite their efforts to open it up to public review.

Google and Facebook have very likely received similar requests, but have not responded to reporters asking about this topic. It’s speculated that they’ve also gotten gag orders to remain quiet, but didn’t fight them as well as Twitter.

(Sources: TechCrunch, CBS News and others)

Facebook’s Revenues Leaked

Facebook Facebook is huge. There’s no doubt about that. It’s also obvious that Facebook Ads have been bringing in significant amount of revenues. However, because Facebook is yet to go public, there has been debate about exactly how much money Facebook has been making. Well, thanks to one loudmouthed Goldman Sachs customer we now know.

According to the leaked information, which was sourced from a private document delivered by Goldman to some of its wealthy customers, Facebook’s total revenue during the first nine months of 2010 was $1.2 billion. The social network, which was valued at $50 billion in the recently closed funding round, made a net profit of $355 million. Since the financial statements weren’t audited, they didn’t provide specifics regarding the sources of revenue.

Goldman Sachs will be raising at least $1.5 billion through investments from its customers, who have until Friday to confirm their investment. Facebook is expected go public in 2012, and getting in before that might prove to be extremely lucrative.

CloudShopper Let’s You Gather Shopping Advices And Gift Ideas From Facebook Friends

Planning to buy some gifts this new year? How about searching for gift items at Amazon, preparing an online wish list of gifts and asking your Facebook friends for their ideas and suggestions ?

Meet CloudShopper

CloudShopper is a fairly new website which attempts to fill the gap between building wish lists of online gift items and gathering suggestions from your social circle. Works quite simple – go the website, connect your Facebook account, search for a product and post the link on your Facebook wall.

Your friends and followers can immediately see your wall post and comment on it as they usually do. CloudShopper aggregates all these comments to your CloudShopper dashboard, so that you can read the suggestions posted by your Facebook friends and archive the recommendations for future use.

Think CloudShopper as a personal review page where you can aggregate the suggestions, comments and reviews   made by your Facebook friends, without having to search for older wall posts that attracted 42 comments a month ago.

Another neat thing regarding CloudShopper is that you can find new as well as used products from and compare their prices directly from your CloudShopper account. The site also allows you to share updates with selected Facebook contacts, so if you want to buy a gift for parents – you can include only your family member’s Facebook profiles.

The “Friends” tab shows a series of wall posts and links posted by your Facebook friends on their profiles, so you always know who is buying what and offer your geekiest suggestions. Want to buy a group gift for a common Facebook friend ? Create a CloudShopper list, invite all the group members, post your product links and comments on the list page and let the conversation begin !

Overall, Cloudshopper is a nice way to plan and gather feedback about a specific product from your social circle. The site is only a month old, so friend recommendations, likes, and other Facebook goodness is expected to be rolled out soon. Give this a try !

Fake Facebook Profile? Maybe It’s Your Real Life Facebook Look Alike

Facebook has an official page where you may report abuse a Facebook account which is impersonating your Facebook profile, stealing photos, profile information and other personal assets.

In case your Facebook profile has been impersonated, go to the imposter”s Facebook profile page, scroll down and click the “Report Abuse” link. Then add all the necessary information and the reason of reporting the profile as “spam” and wait for the Facebook authorities to do their job.

But before you go ahead and hit the “Report Abuse” button, be sure that the profile which you are abusing is not your real life Facebook look alike. A Facebook double, literally.

This is what exactly happened with two photographers – Graham Comrie (left) and Graham Cormie, who found their real life doubles on Facebook.

The story goes like this –

1. Graham Comrie feared that someone is impersonating him online when one friend emailed him saying, an unknown person is pretending to be “him” on Facebook.

2. The impersonator was even using his photos and the profile image Comrie had on his own Facebook account.

3. Graham Comrie started investigating the impersonator’s account until he found out that the person was “Real” and actually his Facebook look alike.

4. Comrie contacted his Facebook look alike and to his amazement, found out that both of them shared quite a few common things apart from their names, faces and profession.

Here are the similarities between Graham Comrie and his Facebook look alike Graham Cormie:

  • Both the persons are of the same age.
  • Similar names with exactly similar letters with a slightly different combination on the surname – Comrie and Cormie.
  • Both are photographers by profession.
  • Both the men have red headed wives and both couples are due to celebrate their silver anniversaries next year.
  • Both have two daughters who own Lhasa Apso dogs as pets.

Too many coincidences. Just too many !

Graham Cormie said to The daily record:

It’s all very confusing. I too thought someone was impersonating me.We were both getting emails from the wrong people, asking – “When are you coming in to take my photo?’ or ‘When are we doing this shoot?’, and I’d never heard of them before.

When I saw Graham’s picture, I was completely gobsmacked.We could’ve been separated at birth. I call him my nemesis.

If you ask me, the photos do not appear as exact “Look alikes”. The facial attributes are close but other details are really very surprising. I just hope there ain’t any Facebook double of mine, elsewhere on the planet. :-)

Facebook 1st January Birthday Bug Celebrates Non-Existent Birthdays on New Years

Happy New Year. A birthday is a special occasion, and to be frank I use as my birthday calendar so that I don’t forget my friends birthdays. However, it looks like a bug in Facebook might have gotten people to wish several of their friends Happy Birthday (wrongly) on New Year’s day.


Oh wait, wasn’t my friends birthday on January 1st? Not for all, here is what the problem is. By default, all profiles have a birthday on 1st January and many people do not change it. Now, when you logged into Facebook on 1st of January, you might have seen birthdays for tons of friends, this is not their actual birthday but a bug in Facebook, since Facebook auto-fed this information into their profiles.

People who didn’t update their profile information will automatically have their birthdays on 1st January. This is true for at-least 9 out of the 10 friends whose birthdays Facebook promoted to me. I personally know all of them and they don’t celebrate their birthday on the 1st of January.

Why is this a bug? Because Facebook is not using user inputted data and is instead storing information by default for each and every profile. So, if a user does not update their profile and change their birth date, their birthday will be termed as 1st of January.

This bug is widespread since I saw a lot of friends on my timeline complain about it, and I believe that Facebook might have marked wrong birthday days for anywhere between 50-100 million people on 1st January.

I am pretty sure that many of your friends might have been upset with the fact that you don’t remember their actual birthdates. You can safely blame it on Facebook Smile. Hopefully, next year you’ll see far more lesser friends celebrating their birthday on New Years.

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Head Turners of 2010 in the Tech Industry Based On Stock Performance

The best performing company of 2010 according to me was Facebook. Undoubtedly, with its quarterly growth crossing the annual growth of many, Facebook also registered itself as the third largest Internet company as well as the third most visited website. Groupon trebled its value with a failed deal and in the mobile market; Nokia lost its position and stronghold. Twitter kept on growing like always.

However, those reports were based on how uses were accessing those websites. Another factor in the business growth of a company is share prices. The Atlantic has published a chart comparing stock performance of companies. According to the report, Chinese search giant Baidu’s share performance crosses that of the next four in the chart namely Apple, Amazon, Oracle and Sony combined. Surprisingly, Yahoo stocks did better than Google too and Microsoft and Adobe stocks were on a loss. Netflix, another growing business did not feature in the comparison.

Share prices are not the only marker for performance of a company. Therefore, these reports cannot be considered to be deciding factors for estimating performances of these companies. Though, they can definitely provide us with some insight on the growth of these companies.