Get Rid Of Facebook Scams and Infectious Links From Facebook

In today’s world of social networking, Facebook is the word of the day. And so is anything that gets posted on it. Every major incident happens and it goes viral on Facebook. Someone updates and everybody else follows the suit. Sharing information has never been easier. However, people with evil intentions are not lagging behind. They misuse this addiction for all the all the wrong reasons.

Recently as Osama bin Laden was shot dead in an US raid, Facebook was scattered with fake links pointing to Osama execution censored video. And the result was obvious. Curious people ended up clicking them and falling prey to it. The more worrying news is that, those links are going to appear again. So what do we do to stop from getting affected? Well, some rational thinking helps. However here is a great free tool that can save you the worry.

Installing Using Protection

Using Protection is a free (for personal use) browser extension for Firefox and Internet Explorer that does the job for you. Google Chrome let me install the extension, although, there were no significant changes to the scam links I tested.


3 simple steps and you are done. Provide an email to sign up. You will then be prompted to post an update letting your friends know about the installation. This is optional and you can choose to skip this step. Finally, download and install the add on.

How Does It Help?


Every time you visit any page on Facebook, the page will scanned for any suspicious link. Once detected, the link will be removed and instead it will be provided with a link to post an update letting your friends know about it. Yes, it is as simple as that.


The tool performs the job silently without cluttering your screen space which makes it even better. Provided the fact that Facebook is not going to be clean any time soon, the tool is a definite necessity for any Facebook user.

Facebook Now Displays Friend Tagging Suggestions Without @

For quite sometime, has borrowed several features from . One of them has been the @ referral to a friend in a post or in a comment. The name suggestion feature allowed users to tag friends in their updates or in a comment.


However, it looks like Facebook is now doing away with the @ mentality by showing friend name suggestions while you type. For example, you can now refer to a friend by simply typing their name without the @ sign as seen in the screenshot below.

Facebook Name Suggestions Without @

The new change might be user centric and not available to all users. However, it does add a simple way to refer to friends on Facebook without having to go through that extra step (read adding @).

This though could also be annoying for users because Facebook brings the suggestion up when you type 2-4 characters and if it is part of the name of your friend. However, it disappears as you type further.

Are you seeing this new name suggestions in Facebook? Do you think it is good or bad? Do let me know through your comments.

Update: According to @jatinsapra – Tagging Suggestion without "@" appears when u type first character in Upper case & then when you are done typing first name. – Great Way To Download Albums And Chat With Your Facebook Friends

Currently, there are hundreds of desktop client for Facebook, but most of them offer the same features, while the rest are not up to the mark. Recently, I found out a new desktop client for Facebook called, which not only helps you to chat with your Facebook friends, but it also allow you to download your friend’s photos and albums.

parley im

You can download the from the developer’s website. This software requires .Net Framework 2.0. If you haven’t already installed the .Net Framework 2.0, then it will automatically download and install the .Net Framework on your PC. After installing this program, you will need to sign up for a account. Then you will have to sign in with your Facebook account and connect it with the account. The complete procedure will not take more than a minute.

parley im

Google Talk allow us to stay invisible or busy, but the Facebook Chat does not offer these features. Facebook Chat has only 2 chat modes – Online and Offline. Hence, I would recommend you check out the amazing client, which has 4 chat modes – Online, Invisible, Away and Offline. The invisible feature allow you to appear offline to everyone, but you will be able to see who is online. On the other hand, when someone send you a message, they will get an auto-reply stating that you are away or busy, thanks to the “Away” feature.

parley im

Most of the time, the Facebook chat list is not accurate. Some of the friends are shown online in the chat list, even if they have signed out 5 minutes ago. solves this problem since it always displays the accurate chat list. It also offers an IM style Facebook Chat with bigger interface and individual windows to chat with your friends. A small popup window alerts you when a friend comes online or when you receive a new mail, requests or comments.

parley im

Facebook does not allow you to download your friends photos and albums, but comes with an in-built photo browser which helps you to directly view your friends photos and albums from the desktop. This software also allow you to download your friends photos or albums. You will just need to select the album and it will automatically download all the images from the album to your hard drive. You can also select multiple albums, but it may take some more time to download, depending on the album’s size.

Techie Buzz Verdict: is an amazing desktop client for Facebook. Currently, this program is in beta stage, so you might find some problem, while using this software, specially while viewing and downloading your friends photos and albums. is more responsive and stable than chating in any browser. It works on Windows 7, Vista and XP.

Techie Buzz Rating: 3/5 (Good)

[ Download ]

Likester Is More Than The Digg For Facebook Likes

Do you hit the Likebutton on a website when you find something really interesting? It’s the easiest way to share content with your Facebook friends, hit that magic button once and a link is posted on your Facebook profile. But there are a couple of problems with Facebook Likes vs Twitter Retweets, both considered as a vote or Thumbs upfor content you have enjoyed reading.

First, Facebook likes can not be searched on the web. You can only find what your friends are liking and that too is not very convenient in the first place. Unlike Tweetmeme, there is no open directory for Facebook Likeswhere you can find the hottest links shared on Facebook or perform a simple keyword search.

The second disadvantage with Facebook likes is that there is no way to know current trends and rising likes. Twitter has a trending topicssection so you can quickly find out the trending topics that are receiving a lot of Twitter love at this moment. But trends for Facebook Likes is yet to be discovered.

Likester wants to solve both the problems, and some more.

The site lets you quickly find the topics or pages which gets the maximum number of Facebook likes. With Likester, you can find what your Facebook friends are liking, which pages they are reading, which fan pages they have liked earlier and so on. Then there is a global Facebook Like mapwhere you can filter Facebook likes within a particular geographic location.

After connecting the app with your Facebook account, you will be taken to the main interface of Likester with 5 main panels Your likes, friends, trending, like list and like idol.


The Like Listpage contains a list of webpages which have been recently liked by your Facebook friends. You can scroll through the list and check which of these pages have got the maximum likes, this is easier than scrolling through your Facebook timeline from top to bottom.

On the right side, there is another column where you can find out which Facebook fan pages are receiving the maximum votes from your Facebook circle. Note that Likester only works when you’re signed on to your Facebook account, unlike Tweetmeme which works universally.

Another neat thing regarding Likester is that you can filter topics by interest. Though the category list isn’t very elaborate, you can filter celebrities, actors, sportsman, places, businesses and applications from the Like feed.

However, what I liked best about Likester is the ability to search for specific topics and find out which webpages are getting the maximum Facebook Likes. As an example, I searched for WordPress and was shown the following result:


The first three results were Facebook fan pages, each receiving more than 20 K Likes!

All in all, Likester can be called a Digg for Facebook likes, where users can find out the currently trending pages getting maximum number of Facebook likes from all over the globe. A similar tool worth checking out is but Likester is probably better because they have the search box which lets you filter specific topics.

Osama Dead – Censored Video Leaked Wikileaks Video Facebook Spam

Yesterday, a Facebook scam was spreading across about a Shocking NEW VIDEO of Osama Bin Laden’s DEATH!!!. The video was obviously fake but it spread wildly across .

Osama Bin Laden Wikileaks Video Scam

Today morning, a new kind of scam is spreading on Facebook where another fake Osama Bin Laden video is being circulated on Facebook. The new spam is spreading with the text; "Watch the Osama Shoot Down video – Osama Dead – Censored Video Leaked – Osama is dead, watch this exclusive CNN video which was censored by Obama Administration due to level of violence, a must watch. Leaked by Wikileaks."

Osama Bin Laden Death Video Fan Page

The scammers are using the name of the whistle blowing organization; , to make people think that the video is genuine. However, the video is a scam. Clicking on the link will take you to a fan page (which is being liked by more than 45K people right now) and ask you to complete a new 5 second security check before you can watch the video.

However, following the steps listed does nothing and the fan page will instead post a message to your wall and your friends with a link to the fan page. This Facebook scam is a bit different from yesterday as it does not ask users to fill out stupid surveys, but once this gets widespread it could exploit users differently.

Please be aware that this scam is also spreading under various other links including "Osama Bin Laden Execution Video", "Aljazira Newz – Ossama Biin Ladden Raid Video Scam" and "Shocking NEW VIDEO of Osama Bin Ladens DEATH!!!" among others. Do not click any link that claims to show you Osama Bin Laden’s videos or pictures, it is all a sham. I believe that this scam might be spreading in various other ways too and might go on for next few weeks.

As a precautionary measure, always check which applications you use and remove unwanted or suspicious ones. If you aren’t sure how to do it, you can always check our guide on removing apps from Facebook. In addition to that, don’t forget to check out our article about Avoiding Facebook Lifejacking and Clickjacking scams.

Osama Bin Death Video Scam Spreading on Facebook

Yesterday marked a big day in world history where the FBIs most wanted terrorist was killed in a US attack. However, it looks like several scammers are now taking advantage of the situation and spreading fake videos on about Osama Bin Laden’s death.

Osama Bin Laden Death Video Facebook Scam

Naked Security is reporting that the new Facebook scam is spreading virally with the message "Shocking NEW VIDEO of Osama Bin Ladens DEATH!!!". The message claims that it has access to banned video footage of Osama Bin Lanen’s death.

This scam is similar to the recent Justin Bieber scam, Miley Cyrus scam, teen from Egypt commits suicide scam and girl killed herself after dad posted on here wall scam. The modus operandi of all these scams are similar and they entice users to click on a link and then ask them to fill a survey while posting an update to their wall.

It is best to avoid clicking on such links because the video is 100% fake and the US government has not yet released any pictures or videos of the said incident. Please stay safe and spread this message on Facebook.

As a precautionary measure, always check which applications you use and remove unwanted or suspicious ones. If you aren’t sure how to do it, you can always check our guide on removing apps from Facebook. In addition to that, don’t forget to check out our article about Avoiding Facebook Lifejacking and Clickjacking scams.

OMG Can’t Believe Justin Beiber Did This To A Girl Spam Spreading

It looks like scamsters love to use celebrities to spread a widespread scam on . A new one doing the rounds right now is a scam which is spreading with the text "OMG Can’t Believe Justine Beiber Did This To A Girl".

Justin Bieber

The scam is just like previous Facebook scams where scammers spread messages like Miley Cyrus Sick Video. As always there is no such video about Justin Bieber doing anything to a girl and the scammers have also cleverly misspelt his surname.

Clicking on the link will ask you to fill out surveys which will make the scammers money and then take you to a video which does not exist at all. Be careful about what you share on Facebook and what links  you click.

As a precautionary measure, always check which applications you use and remove unwanted or suspicious ones. If you aren’t sure how to do it, you can always check our guide on removing apps from Facebook. In addition to that, don’t forget to check out our article about Avoiding Facebook Lifejacking and Clickjacking scams.

Post to be updated..

Completely Get Rid Of Facebook Questions In Firefox And Google Chrome

The Questionsfeature in Facebook may be useful to some folks, but I don’t find it useful for a couple of reasons.

First, the questions are more geared towards fun and virality rather than usefulness. I agree that the nature of questions depends on the people you’re connected to but I have hardly seen anyone praising the usefulness of Facebook questions.

Second, whenever there is a world event like the Royal wedding or the launch of a new gadget, my timeline suddenly gets filled with dozens of irrelevant questions in which I have no interest at all. Worst thing is that the same question appears multiple times in the timeline, whenever there is a new answer or someone posts a comment to the question

And the notifications.Mr X has answered Mr Y’s question. After a while, this gets really annoying and the sad part is that Facebook does not allow you to block Facebook questions like you can block a particular application, game, invites or a user.

Here is what the FAQ page reads

As with other Facebook applications like Photos and Events, there is no way to turn off Questions.

If you’re fed up with the spammy nature of Facebook questions and want to turn off the clutter, try the Hide Facebook Questions extension for Google Chrome. The extension hides every evidence of the “Questions” feature so your news feed doesn’t get cluttered with polls.Once installed, you will need to refresh Google Chrome and the Questions feature will vanish from your timeline.

And so will the notifications that used to come when one of your friends answered a question asked by another Facebook friend of yours.



Firefox fans can try the more advanced FB purity add-on which lets you fix some other annoyances apart from hiding Facebook questions in Firefox. For example, FB Purity allows you to use the older Facebook commenting system, where pressing Enter or Return adds a new line to your comment, and pressing the “Comment” button submits the comment.

Both the browser extensions works out of the box there are no options to configure and nothing to tweak.

Facebook Jumps into the Deals Battleground, Bad News for Google and Groupon

Facebook Deals is no secret. We have all seen a Deals page at Facebook for a month now. Finally, Facebook is launching deals as a service in Atlanta, Austin, Dallas, San Diego, and San Francisco. The difference with Facebook Deals, is that it integrates with the social aspect of Facebook. There are individual deals as usual, but you will also find deals that relate to group activities like live concerts.
Facebook has a massive audience, something that neither Groupon nor LivingSocial has. This Deals offering from Facebook is also a reply to Google’s deals offering. Another update that has come with Deals, is that Facebook will use its Credits system to offer the deal to its users. However, these credits can be used once a deal shows up in the user’s newsfeed.

It was speculated earlier that Facebook is trying to be different here by keeping only 30% of the total credit revenue. Though, Facebook has made it clear that the split will not necessarily be a 30/70. Additionally, this deal service finally brings the Facebook virtual currency into the real world.

Facebook has already gathered some partners to go ahead with the Deals offering.

Facebook will rely on its own sales force to find businesses interested in offering Deals. It will also tap other services that offer deals, including OpenTable, which focuses on restaurants, PopSugar City, which tailors offers to women, and Zozi, which focuses on outdoor activities like kayak excursions or wine-tasting tours.

Google and Facebook are fighting head on in the deals space and the parallel launch of their services gives immense competition to this field. Though, as I have always said, more the competition, more the companies are forced to deliver. At the end of the day, the user is the one who benefits.

Facebook Introduces Send Button For Private Sharing

The Like button is one of the most successful button created for social sharing and has been implemented on several thousands website. Each day millions people interact with the Like button to share content on their Facebook feed.

Facebook Send Button

What if you want to share content privately with only select few people? Well, you could just email it right. However, it looks like Facebook is going to make the email button obsolete by introducing the "Send" button.

According to the Facebook Developers blog, the Send button is allows Facebook users to share content privately with a set of people either through Facebook Messaging or Facebook Groups.

The Send button is a social plugin that websites can use to let people send a link to a friend through Facebook Messages, post it to a Group, or email it to an individual. For example, if you see a Mother’s Day gift idea on, you can now send a message or email to your family members to discuss. Or say you’re training for a marathon and you come across a great article about running shoes on The Huffington Post. Now you can share it with your entire running group in just one click.

The Send button adds to a growing list of Facebook social plugins which are taking the web by storm. Facebook had introduced Facebook Messaging back in November as an alternative to traditional email by providing users with an email address. The service is currently being gradually rolled out and it looks like this would give people a good reason to start using Facebook messaging to share content with others.

Users can start implementing the Send button on their website similarly to the like button.  You can get the code for the Facebook Send button by visiting this page.

By the way, what do you think about this move? Will you share more content privately using the Send button than you did before? Do let me know through your comments.