Facebook Kills Face.com’s Face Recognition APIs Including Klik iPhone App

In under a month after Facebook took over the popular facial recognition technology service Face.com, the social media giant Facebook has now decided to kill the entire service by closing down its facial recognition APIs in the next 30 days. Although the company assured to continue supporting the developer community, it now appears to be a white lie after this unexpected announcement.

In an email sent to the developers, Face.com stated that it will no longer be able to support its developer APIs, as it is looking forward to collaborate with the Facebook team:

“We’re excited to move forward to work with all our friends at Facebook. Part of this process includes closing down other products and services that we are no longer able to support, and this includes the Face.com developers API.”Face.com API Shut Down

Currently, Face.com has updated the site with the following message:

“We’re working with Face.com developers to transition as we wind down support for our APIs”

Facebook has not only acquired a great service and an awesome domain, but also maybe planning to integrate Face.com’s technology into Facebook itself. The company had about 20,000 developers in 2011, and within a year, the number doubled with nearly 45,000 developers signing up.

This has left the developers devastated. Some of them are putting out their frustrations on Twitter, while some are craving for open source alternatives. One of the developers posted the following on Hacker News:

“I literally just finished a hardware project based on the face.com API. I want to be furious but I guess you can’t blame them for creating such a great product. I knew it must be too good be true, and free forever. It sucks though because this was just a side project for me and I’m not sure it’s worth the time to develop my own OpenCV system.

I’ll be checking out the alternatives and resources you guys are posting though, HN is great!

F*** you Facebook…”

This shut down also includes the death of the facial recognition app Klik, which is no more to be found in the App Store. The app users, which allowed people to tag faces in photos using Facebook, are given a deadline until July 20 to retrieve their photos, after which all data will be deleted.

In announcement on Klik’s site, “After this date Face.com will dispose of the data we collect in connection with your use of the KLIK app and will not be migrating data to Facebook. All your data will be deleted – no exceptions.”

Facebook Acquires Facial Recognition Technology Company Face.com

The much rumor acquisition of Face.com by Facebook has been confirmed by Face.com on their blog. Face.com offers facial recognition technology which is already in use at Facebook for auto-tag suggestions when users upload photos to Facebook.

Face.com was founded in 2007 in Israel and offers desktop and mobile products identifying faces and allowing ability to tag them.  The deal is expected to close in the coming weeks. The company also provides API’s to developers to use their technology. Face.com, in their blogpost have specifically mentioned that this acquisition wouldn’t hamper the developers using their APIs in their applications.

From Face.com’s official blogpost:

Now, lots of developers use Face.com technology to power various apps and make wonderful products.  We love you guys, and the plan is to continue to support our developer community.  If there are new developments you can expect to hear from us here, on the developer blog, and through our developer newsletter.

The financials of the deal were not disclosed by AllthingD is quoting the acquisition to be in the range of $80 to $100 million. This is essentially an team and technology acquisition and the entire team at Face.com is expected to join Facebook. The deal is expected to close by this week, according to a report from AllthingsD.

Facebook Might Acquire Facial Recognition Startup Face.com For $100 Million

Facebook is working on yet another acquisition, reports Techcrunch. This time, it is planning to acquire Face.com for $100 million.

However, the acquisition isn’t directly from Face.com. Yandex, a Moscow-based search engine, is selling its stake in the Face.com to Facebook.  Yandex, together with Israeli investment fund, Rhodium put $4.3 million into Face.com in return for 18.4 percent of the company.

Face.com, an Israeli startup, is a face recognition platform. The app is already integrated with Facebook and allows users to auto-tag friends in photos one at a time or in the entire album. It can also guess a user’s age, gender and mood. Face.com has a mobile API and an app called KLIK that uses a camera to auto tag Facebook photos. It can easily be implemented on top of Facebook’s new camera app and provide seamless photo tagging.

Face.com has, so far, raised only $5.3 million from Yandex and Rhodium. It’s being reported that Yandex wants cash and stock in Facebook in return for the deal. Which means that Yandex expects Facebook stock to hold strong unlike what the market thinks.