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InvisibleHand Ensures That You Shop At the Lowest Prices – Always

It isn’t always easy to find the best deals while shopping online. In fact most of us simply check the prices at two or three stores and make the final purchase, without even realising that shop X may be offering a special 20% Christmas discount on the same product.

Last year, we had featured a Firefox extension called FoxyPrices which automatically hunted down the prices for you. Unfortunately, FoxyPrices isn’t yet available for Google Chrome. InvisibleHand is a similar extension which works for Firefox as well as Chrome and supports US, UK and German stores.


InvisibleHand is an install and forget it kind of an extension. Whenever you start browsing a supported online store it will automatically jump into action and begin searching for better deals in the background. You will be notified when a better deal has been found. It also monitors Google searches and steps in if you are searching for a product.

Techie-Buzz Verdict

InvisibleHand-Get-The-Best-PricesI know little about economics and I certainly know anything about Adam Smith’s principle of the Invisible Hand. But, I love anything which can help me save money. And InvisibleHand does just that. Price comparison services are nice and useful. However, what makes InvisibleHand awesome is that it’s completely automated. Its also fairly well executed. It works mostly in the background and is intuitive and unobtrusive. Yes, it does get things wrong sometimes. For example, it isn’t able to differentiate between an iPhone and an iPhone case. But, most of the time it gets things right. InvisibleHand’s biggest strength is that it supports a large number of stores – 50+ US stores, 45+ UK stores and 15 German stores. InvisibleHand has already helped American users save more than 10 million dollars. Give it a try if you want a hassle free way to save money while shopping online.

Techie-Buzz Verdict: 4/5 (Excellent)

[ Download InvisibleHand for Firefox and Chrome ]

Best Chrome Extensions You Should Definitely Download

We have been covering several for sometime now. The official extension gallery will take a little more time to open up, so we decided to put up a list of the most useful Google Chrome extensions that we have covered till now. We also decided to throw in some other Chrome extension which we haven’t written about to make the list a comprehensive one.


For your convenience we have segregated the extensions into several categories for easier browsing.

Bookmarking & Session Management

Read It Later Extension – Quickly add content to your Read It Later account in one click.

Bookmark All Tabs Extension – Allows you to bookmark all open tabs at one, allowing you perform maintenance and then reopen it again later.

Delicious Extension – Quickly Bookmark a webpage to your Delicious account.

Chrome Session Saver Extension – Allows you to save all the open tabs as a session and open them up later.

Google Bookmarks Extension – Adds a Google bookmarks button which displays the bookmarks from your Google Bookmarks account in a dropdown list.

Blogging & Developer Related

Allow Right Click Extension – Allows you to perform right clicks on webpages which have disabled it.

Pagerank Checker Extension – Similar to the Pagerank Checker for Chrome which we had covered earlier, however, this one adds a icon in the toolbar.

IE Tab Extension – This extension will allow you to use Internet explorer rendering to display pages in Google Chrome.

XML Tree Extension Adds XML rendering support to Google Chrome.

Proxy Switcher Extension – Allows you to quickly switch between proxy servers in Google Chrome.

Chrome Window Resizer Extension – Allows you to quickly resize the current window to match your browsing experience.

WhoIs Checker Extension – Allows you to quickly check details about the current website you are viewing.

Auto Reload Extension – Auto Reload webpages after certain time intervals.

Web Developer Mini Extension – Shows you some useful options which will come in handy for web development.

iMacros Extension – Record and Play macros in Google Chrome to quickly perform repetitive tasks.

NoFollow Link Checker Extension – Checks and highlights nofollow links on the current webpage.

Useful Google Wave Extensions and Gadgets

might not have taken off as Google may have expected it to. However, users can still make full use of the service by reading through our of Google Wave Tips and Tricks. In addition to that, you can also check out the Complete guide to Google Wave.


One of the more interesting features of Google Wave is the ability to use Extensions and Gadgets to add new features to it. There are tons of extensions and gadgets which allow you to play games, access and more.

Tech Exclusive has a list of 25 Google Wave extensions and gadgets which includes some handy utilities for accessing Wikipedia, accessing your Last.fm account, viewing local weather and more. Do check out the list to choose some of the best Wave extensions and gadgets for your account.

25 Useful Google Wave Extensions and Gadgets [Tech Exclusive]

Find And Download Google Chrome Extensions

We have covered Google Chrome extensions in quite detail here, here and here. We have told you how to install and uninstall extensions and also told you about some great extensions. But what if you wanted to see what extensions are available on the web?

ChromeExtensions is a great resource to do exactly that. It indexes tons of Google Chrome extensions sorted into categories that you can browse through. Similar to the Mozilla Add-ons website, ChromeExtensions offers quick installation of these extensions to your Chrome developer version.

Each listing includes a list of older versions of the extension and user reviews. You can find extensions for everything ranging from Tabs and bookmarks to social media and translation utilities.

Techie-Buzz Verdict:

With so many Chrome extensions coming out, an index of all the extensions was a much needed resource. The ability to browse through different categories and write reviews adds even more value for visitors. As the number of extensions grow, this will serve as a one stop resource for everything related to Chrome extensions.

Minimize Google Chrome to System Tray

There are several times when you might want to use browser only for certain things and not want it to crowd up your taskbar. Instead of closing the application, you can always minimize them to the system tray using several applications including our favorite TrayIt.


If you are a user, you can use a handy called Minimize to Tray, which will allow you to minimize the Chrome to the system tray, and free some space in your taskbar area.

However, there is one problem with this extension. It will always send the application to the system tray, whenever you click the minimize button on the browser. Instead of doing that, the developer could add another button, clicking on which would send the browser to the system tray.

If you do not want to add this behavior to the browser, you can always try out the best application minimizing tool, TrayIt, and use the hotkey Ctrl + minimizeto send the application to the system tray.

Download Minimize to Tray

How to Enable Opera-Like Smooth Scrolling In Google Chrome [Extensions]

Google Chrome Opera users know what it means to have smooth scrolling. When browsing ruthlessly through pages, smooth scrolling really helps as it feels more natural and makes the page movement fit well with the motion of your eyes. You had it on Opera? We have it on Chrome. Check it out:

You’ll need the latest developer build of Google Chrome and will need to change some shortcut urls, do check out the guide on enabling extension support in chrome.

After that’s done, download the extension from here. Chrome will automatically bring up a installation dialog once the download is finished. Click the Install Extension’ Button and then restart Google Chrome.

When Chrome is fired up again, you’ll have Smooth Scrolling working in full swing!

Google Chrome Extensions List

has added support for extensions, a feature many users are eagerly awaiting for, however there are a few extensions which are already worth using.

Here is a list of extensions that you can install and use in Google Chrome, you can checkout a handy tutorial on installing and uninstalling extensions in Google Chrome.

You might also want to check a Google Chrome Extension Manager, that allows users to disable/uninstall extensions in Google Chrome.

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Convert Firefox Into A Social Networking Hub With Add-ons and Extensions

Flock is a browser which makes social networking more easier than ever bringing to you a host of tools to interact with different social networking websites. Firefox on the other hand is not social networking ready but can be easily converted into a social networking hub by using extensions and add-ons.

In this post we will take a look at those useful extensions and add-ons which will help you convert Firefox into a social networking hub. Anticipating the Firefox 3 launch tomorrow we will only be talking about extensions that are compatible with Firefox 3 and above, those extensions will also be compatible with lower versions of Firefox.


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Get Opera Speed Dial in Firefox with Fast Dial Extension

Over the weekend we have been playing around with lots of new Firefox extensions and you can expect quite a few posts about interesting ones in the coming weeks.

fast-dial-logo Opera’s Speed dial is one of the best features in the browser, it allows you to quickly save and open your frequently visited pages without having to type in the URL. Firefox on the other hand does not seem to have such a feature but you can easily get it with the Fast Dial extension.

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Download All In One Sidebar Extensions for Firefox 3

Over the last week we saw several popular extensions getting a update to work with Firefox 3. The most notable were Google Toolbar and Greasemonkey. All in One Sidebar is a popular extension which shows you all the information about download, bookmarks, history, themes, extensions and more in the Firefox sidebar.


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