Equilibrium is an Amazing Real Time Strategy Game for Android [Review]

Equilibrium - A real time strategy game for Android

There is no dearth of good games available for Android, but when it comes to the real-time strategy genre, the quantity of worthy games is quite small. While browsing for such games recently, I found a gem – Equilibrium, a game so addictive that it got me hooked at once and I played it till 3 in the morning!

Equilibrium is an ‘Android exclusive’ (a rarely used term!) fantasy style real-time strategy game. Gaming freaks who love playing strategy games, especially games like Age of Empires and World of Warcraft, will definitely enjoy it.

Story Mode

The story of Equilibrium is set in a time where a fragile world faces conflict between two nations, Order and Chaos. As the name suggests, the Nation of Order believes in peace and is pure and noble in its intentions. On the other hand, the Nation of Chaos is the ‘evil’ empire which revels in inflicting pain on others. Your job is to command either of the two sides and lead them in their battle against each other to their ambition of world conquest.

The primary objective of the game is to defeat the enemy, while protecting your own castle in a tower-defense style. You can build various buildings such as a temple, towers, house etc., by dragging their icons, such as temples or houses, into the field. In a similar drag-and-drop way, different warriors can also be trained, which differ in movement speed and strength.


Nation of Order Nation of Chaos
MapsThe gameplay is fantastic, containing over 40 different maps in campaign mode, each with a relatively different gameplay. The game lasts for about 2½ hours and is quite easy to play untill the half of the story, when the difficulty tends to increase at a very high rate.

Equilibrium is powered by Unity 3D game engine and needless to say, the graphics of the game is surreal, specially at night-time. Unlike many other 3D games, the field of view-sight in Equilibrium is pretty large, which is essential for any strategy game.

I’m a big fan of strategy games and Equilibrium is one of the best games that I’ve ever played on Android. Though, I wish there was some story behind the campaign game-play as it would have added more fun to the game. At present, the maps in campaign mode have a random story without any connection with each other. Anyway, on an overall note, Equilibrium is a must-play game for any reader owning an Android phone.

Download from Play Store: Equilibrium (Free)

The game is almost free to play. Why ‘almost’? Because the Nation of Chaos can only be played by upgrading to premium by paying a small fee of £1.99 (or $3 or ₹170). The upgrade removes in-game ads and brings 30 new maps with completely different gameplay. However, playing as the commander of the Nation of Order is completely free and does not require a single penny.

Game Requirements

Equilibrium is a graphics intense game and requires an Android phone with some decent specifications. It is best played on a device having a minimum of 1Ghz processor horsepower and a screen resolution of 800×480 or higher.