Twitter Revamps: Advertising, Redesigns Following and Follower Lists & More

has revamped and rolled out several changes, including ability to direct message followers and also new design changes to the followers and following list making it a bit more useful that it was earlier.

In addition to that looks like twitter is finally making some money out of the billions of pageviews they get, here are some of the changes that we came across.

Design Changes To Followers & Following List

The new design includes much more useful information that can make following new users that more easier. The new interface shows the users handle, along with their name and location and their last tweet.


You can also switch the views to list view to hide the extra details while viewing your followers or the people you are following.


More Options While Browsing Followers and Following List

In addition to that there are also some new buttons that allow you to perform several actions like replying to the user, sending them a direct message and blocking them.


Direct Message Followers Without Following Them Back

However a surprising thing old thing which was available for a month, is that twitter now allows users to send direct messages to people who follow you, but are not in turn following back, earlier direct messages could only be sent to mutual friends (people who followed someone and were followed back)

Definitive Revenue Source

Twitter is finally making some money, and the source is not a surprise, they are now using the definitions they show on pages, to advertise sponsored listings.


These are most of the changes we saw in the new revamp? Did you see any other thing we missed? What do you think about the new changes, do you like it or do you hate it? Let us know about it.

Windows 7 Date/Time Format In Windows XP & Vista

has several new things built into it, one of it is that it displays both the date as well as the time in the system tray.

Windows XP and do not have this feature built into them, but if you want to display the date and time in the system tray, AskVG has discovered a tiny portable utility called TClock will help you with it.

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7 Places To Find Free Themes For Windows Vista

Windows Operating provide users with a way to enhance their experience with the help of themes, however there are not many themes to boast of when it comes to using the in-built themes provided in Windows.

which does have a beautiful UI can be enhanced with the help of more attractive themes, but where do you find themes for Windows Vista?

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Windows 7 Theme For Windows XP

has been released but not every user may want to use it, however if you are someone who gives looks some importance, Windows 7 definitely throws in a fresh look you may want to have on your system.

If you are a Windows XP user, here are some Windows 7 themes you can install on your system, to change the look and feel to emulate a Windows 7 desktop.

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Perform Alt + Tab Switches With Your Mouse With EdgeSwap

Alt + Tab is probably the most used commonly used combination in Windows, it allows users to switch between open application windows, however if you are more of a mouse user, EdgeSwap will allow you to perform Alt + Tab switches with your mouse.

Alt Tab Application Switcher

Once you have downloaded EdgeSwap double click on the executable file to launch it (requires no installation), EdgeSwap will create a system tray icon which will monitor for mouse movements.

To use perform Alt + Tab simply move your mouse to the left hand corner of the screen, this will open up the windows application switcher and automatically scroll through it, to open any application move your mouse away from the corner and the application will come into focus.

A few things that you may want to know about, moving the mouse to the corner may automatically start navigating the applications and the speed at which it does it may not always open up the application you want to when you move your mouse away.

EdgeSwap is a good replacement for people who perform most of their work with the mouse, however the software is a bit rough around the edges and may need to be worked upon a bit.

Download EdgeSwap

Google Gmail Theme For WordPress

If you are a lover and have a blog there is a real cool way of showing your love for both these platforms with a new theme for WordPress that closely resembles Gmail’s look and feel.

Gmail WordPress Theme

Confused? We were too, that’s how closely this resembles the actual Gmail interface.

Google Gmail is a unique style of WordPress. It aims to provide similar looks to actual Gmail in WordPress.

It has collapsible widgets, admin links on front page for easiest access to edit posts and more. Comments are displayed in unique way as well, you can expand or collapse any comment with nifty AJAX effect.

If you are looking for other interesting themes related to Google products, do checkout Google Chrome WordPress theme and Google Search WordPress theme.

Preview Google Gmail WordPress Theme | Download Google Gmail WordPress Theme


Improved Google Search Results

A little while back we told  you about ways in which you could enhance Google Search Results, however those tools did not exactly make changes to the Google search results, but only added additional information to it.

Google have been working on bettering their search results on a continuous basis and several experimental Google search features like Google SearchWiki and Color based image search among the most recent ones.

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Enhance Google Search Results With Greasemonkey Scripts

Google Search is the best search engine available today, however several services like , Wikipedia and contain useful information too, and the ability to everything together would definitely be great.


Shankar from Killer Tech Tips has put up a nice collection of Scripts you can use to enhance the Google Search results, including the ability to include relevant results from Wikipedia, Flickr and in the sidebar, ability to restrict results to data written within a particular time frame, integrate twitter search results in Google search results among other things.

Enhance Google Search Pages With Greasemonkey Scripts [Killer Tech Tips]

Transform Windows XP To Look Like Windows 7

Microsoft operating systems have made several transitions in the looks and feels department over the years, and they always make people want to have the same look and feel for their old OS without the need to upgrade their entire system.


In the past we have tried to take care of these needs by telling users how to make their PC look like , however times have changed and it is that is ruling the roost today.

So what better way than have your Windows XP OS transformed to look like Windows 7, albeit without the costly upgrades.

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Embed Images On Your Desktop with Desktop Takeover

The Windows Desktop is the most accessed place on your computer, and people usually beautify it by adding high resolution wallpapers. Desktop Takeover is a software that allows you to embed images on top of the wallpapers from either your computer or a live image from a website.

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Here is a image of my desktop, before and after using Desktop Takeover. Please click to enlarge

 wallpaper-before-applying-desktop-takeover-changes desktop-takeover-wallpaper-changes

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