Gmail Gets Rich Text Signatures.. Finally!!!

Gmail is one of the best webmail solutions available today, and it has been adding tons of features through and other means. However, one of the most wanted thing missing in Gmail was Rich Text or HTML Signatures which would allowed users to add HTML text or images to their email signatures.

Gmail Rich Text/HTML Signature

If you have been missing that feature, here is something to cheer about. Gmail has officially announced that users will be able to add Rich Text/HTML Signatures to their outgoing messages. To change your Gmail signature to use Rich Text, just visit the settings page and scroll down till you see the Signature option.

You can use the Rich text editor to insert images, hyperlinks, quotes and also format it to your liking. Once you have set your new signature just save your settings and the signature will be appended to your outgoing emails. You can also set different signatures for different accounts you have set up with Gmail.

How to Send Anonymous Email

wl-mail There are many reasons why a person might be afraid to send a normal email message to someone. The person sending the email could:

  • lose a friendship
  • anger a family member
  • lose a job
  • get sued
  • get arrested
  • get hurt or killed

There’s also another reason.

It might be fun! How would you like to send an email that looks like it came from the President, Tax Office or Police? The possibilities for mischief are endless.

Whatever the reason, there are many resources available to those who need to send an anonymous email. The easiest methods are online services. Below I’ll list the top three for you. simple plain text simple plain text html (rich text)

green-check-mark I checked these services for safety using SiteAdvisor.

These email sites are easy to use. You’ll only need to fill out:

  1. From: (make something up)
  2. To: (who is this email for?)
  3. Subject: (what’s the email about?)
  4. Message: (give them the bad news)

Typically, no attachments are allowed and you’ll have to fill out a captcha form to keep the spammers from using these services.

See also: Send Anonymous Tweets With ShhTwitter

Now you’re either ready to save the world, a friendship or get a good laugh. Let me know if you have your own special way to send out secret email, by adding your comment below.

5 Smartest Tips to Handle Important Mail

We receive tons of email daily which makes it really hard to make sense of those clutter. It is so easy to miss an important note or get to it when it is too late.

The following tips will help you better manage your important email for you to always be able to handle it properly.

First let’s define how we can automatically identify all important mail:

  • By sender’s email address, e.g. [email protected] With many email services and clients, you are able to use a wildcard (*) to filter all incoming mail from some domain, e.g. * filter will include all your work incoming mail;
  • By the keyword (usually in the subject). You can arrange to use some key phrases with your business partners or boss for you to easier identify urgent mail from them, e.g. "Important!" or "Needs response now!"

1. Create a label / folder to organize all important email. If you are on Gmail, you can create a label (called TO-DO for example) and the create a filter to label all the important messages as TO-DO. Here are the Gmail filter settings to get this done:

Filter Email messages

For MS Outlook, you can create a folder and file any email sent with high importance in the Quick, the house is burning downfolder (for more MS Outlook tips refer to this post on getting organized with customized Microsoft Outlook rules

2. Automatically star all the important email or flag it for follow-up. If you are using Gmail, it has a handy option to automatically star all mail that conforms to your search setting:

Add Stars to Email Messages

3. Set up an SMS alert of new urgent email. This one is an awesome tip, yet not widely known. Most of mobile carriers offer free Email To SMS gateways which can be found here. All you need is to create a filter to forward all your mail with the set criteria to your personal email, e.g. [your 10-digit phone number here]

Set up SMS Alerts for Important Emails

4. Filter out unimportant mail. Really, this needs to be #1. In order not to miss urgent mail, you will need to get rid of all clutter: social media updates, automatic updates, etc – everything you still read (so no way to unsubscribe) but don’t really need in your inbox. Create a filter and add Skip the inbox, Mark as read, and Apply a label(I have SOCIAL label foe all that stuff):

Filter Out Unimportant Emails

5. Send an auto response containing other ways to get into contact with you urgently (including cell phone, IMs, etc). (For Gmail users) Use this post as guidelines: they did an awesome job explaining the process, so no reason to explain it again.

Set Auto-response for Emails

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