Google eBookstore Announces Affiliate Program

Last year, Google launched their eBookstore with more than 3 million eBooks available for free and for purchase. These eBooks could be downloaded by users for their eBook reader devices like Amazon Kindle, Nook, and more. In addition to that, users could also make use of a Web Reader application to read those books from any web browser.

Google eBookstore Logo

eBooks are a big business today and Amazon is one of the market leaders for eBook sales. In-fact, Amazon sold more eBooks than hard covers last year. Much of Amazon’s eBooks business rely on third party affiliates who link to Amazon from their website. This definitely helps them drive sales.

Google, who has been serious about the books offering are now taking a cue from them and launching an affiliate program for the eBooks store. Website owners in U.S. can now become Google eBooks affiliates and link to Google Books from their site and earn commission on any sales driven through them.

Google eBooks affiliates is a part of the Google Affiliate Network. Users of GAN can subscribe to the Google eBooks product feed and get access to links for Google Books. Alternatively, affiliates can also programmatically access the eBooks catalog using the Google Books APIs.

Google already has a huge base of publishers who make use of their Affiliate Network. This platform now gives them a readymade base of affiliates who can help drive the sales of Google Books even higher.

I was not able to confirm the commission amount that affiliates will receive when they sell Google Books. I will update this post once I am able to get hold of that information.

Google eBooks Gets New Features – Translate, Define And Search

Google integrated a contextual based menu that lets you translate, define and search a selected word for eBooks, available from the Google eBookstore.

Derek Lie, Software Engineer at Google states,

When bookworms stumble across a word we don’t know, we face the classic dilemma of whether to put the book down to look up the word or forge ahead in ignorance to avoid interrupting the reading experience. Well, fret no more, readers, because today you can select words in Google eBooks and look up their definitions, translate them or search for them elsewhere in the book from within the Google eBooks Web Reader—without losing your page or even looking away.

By adding these features, Google certainly has made reading ebooks easier than ever before.

Here’s how you can use these features. Double-click or highlight the word that you want to look up and a pop-up menu appears with the following option: Define, Translate, Search Book, Search Google and Search Wikipedia.


By clicking Define, the pop-up now displays a definition of the word via Google Dictionary.

Google eBook Define


You can translate a single word or several sentences to any of the languages Google offers.

Google eBook Translate


You can also search for the selected text within the ebook itself or across the web.