iPad 2 Makes It To eBay for For $1,159; Stay Away from Purchasing It

Earlier today, Apple unveiled the . The device is not yet available for pre-orders but will start shipping in the United States on March 11, 2011 and in 26 other countries by March 25, 2011.

iPad 2 eBay

The tablet is priced at the same cost the had, starting out at $499 for the 16GB Wi-Fi version. The 64GB version of the iPad 2 Wi-Fi version costs $699 and the 3G version costs $829. However, some sellers on eBay are already looking to make a killing out of this price by selling the iPad 2 for $1,159.

The price listed above is for the 64GB 3G version and costs $330 more than the actual retail price. The product though won’t ship until March 22 or March 23 and will cost you another $20 for shipping costs.

I also found several other iPad 2 listings on eBay for other versions, for example this iPad 2 version costs about $999 and though it does not list which version it will be shipping. The seller is also shipping the iPad 2 between March 7 and March 9. This listing is a total sham because Apple itself is not selling the iPad 2 till March 11.

eBay sellers have been known to make a huge killing on Apple based products in countries such as India and wherever the they are not available legally. Users are OK with paying a premium for the products, but make sure to know the facts before you order the device. If you are not able to purchase the iPad 2 in your country, you are better off having it bought by a friend or relative rather than using the eBay channel.

Is PayPal Freezing Accounts that Donate to WikiLeaks?

Earlier today, at Reddit.com, a person by the nickname HelloKevin11 posted the following thread.

Paypal shut my account today because my business donated money to wikileaks.

I go to log into my business account, and it’s locked. The girl on the phone told me it’s because my account handles a large amount of money (it’s a biz account), I recently sent a lot of money ($4000) overseas, and I also sent money to wikileaks. My account is being investigated for illegal activities and I have to account for what the money was used for. They want invoices and such …

wikileaksWe’ve covered many topics about WikiLeaks in the last few months. We’ve also posted plenty of stories about problems with PayPal accounts. However, this one might potentially impact the most internet users. I have not been able to confirm that this is the truth yet, but if it is, I have to ask this question.

Is PayPal an instrument of the United States’ war on terrorism?

Does any user of PayPal now have to worry that big brotheris watching over their shoulder as they buy and sell products online? How far does the reach of the US State Department extend? Will people in France, England and India have to worry about their accounts being frozen? What charitable causes will be targeted next? Can I safely donate money to the Electronic Frontier Foundation?

HelloKevin’s post already has nearly 1000 comments. The comments are ranging all over the map, with most of them containing at least a hint of outrage. According to Kevin, he’ll be contacting PayPal by phone on Monday to ask for a verbal explanation. He intends to record the conversation.

Until then, all we have are lots of unanswered questions.

eBay India Census 2010: e-Shopping On The Rise, e-Commerce Booming!

eBay recently conducted the online India census 2010 and the results of this census point to only one direction – India Shining Online! Here is a summary of the results of the eBay India Census 2010 according to which, the most sought-after product purchased from rural areas on eBay are the entry-level mobile phones. eBay has 3,296 e-commerce hubs of which 1,054 are rural towns whereas this number was 747 last year.

Coming to sale comparision between metros and rural areas, users from metros mostly buy smart phones and feature-rich handsets whereas users from rural areas mostly buy entry-level mobile phones. Coming to computer peripherals, users from the metros are mostly interested in netbooks whereas rural consumers are buying desktops which they feel are robust.

The cities Delhi, Mumbai, Jaipur, Chennai and Bangalore as ranked as the top five e-commerce hubs on eBay in the eBay India Census 2010. South India alone accounts for 38 per cent of buyers on eBay. Buyers from West come second at 28 per cent. Coming to Kolkata, most dealers deal in technology and collectibles. 42 per cent of the total products shopped include technology, whereas 39percent account for collectibles as per the eBay census.

Nokia N87 Prototype Shows Up on eBay?

eBay is used to sell anything and everything, but it looks like someone has got their hands on a Nokia N87 prototype and is selling it on eBay for a bomb.

Nokia N87 C Prototype

A German seller is selling a Nokia N00 N86 C Prototype with 12 megapixels camera, this is very much like the one the N87 was rumored to have. The price of the phone is set for $799.99, however, the seller is not the owner of the phone and found it in a bar, anyone?

Phone is barely used, no scratches or dings. Its a rare prototype, fully functional. You might be the only person with this phone for a while! Its makerd (sic) as Nokia N00, but checking the phone, I might say its the prototype of the unreleased N87. Phone was found in a bar, its unlocked and fully functional!

From the pictures of the phone on the site, it looks like it is a N87 prototype, so who is Nokia going to fire now? If you are interested in buying the phone or having a look at it, you can hit eBay.

(h/t @raghul1989)

Facebook Email Invites Selling On eBay, Bid’s at $117.50

I knew this was coming, however, it came sooner than I excepted. Invites for the recently launched Facebook email/messaging are selling on eBay. However, if thought that it would not get any takers, there are already 19 bids with the latest one going for $117.50.

Facebook Email Invites Selling on eBay

With more than 23 hours left for the bid to finish, the final price could touch the roof. is going to roll out the service to all users gradually, but till then you will come across several such smart users who will make money of something which is actually free. If you are in a hurry to get an invite, don’t buy it, just learn how you can get a free Facebook email invite for yourself. Patience is a virtue and the invite system is a trap, stay away from it.

Update: The sale does not look as bad it sounds. Entire proceeds of the sale of the Facebook email Invite will be given to a charity called Susan G. Komen for the Cure-Global Headquarters.

(h/t @kwbridge)

eBay.in Adds 27 New Net-Banking Options For Payment

Continuing their strong efforts to promote online shopping, eBay India now supports 27 new net-banking options in addition to the three options which were provided earlier – ICICI Bank, HDFC Bank, and Citibank. This is in addition to the Credit Card/Debit Card/Cash Card options. The complete list of supported banks is given below (in alphabetical order):

Axis Bank

Bank of Bahrain and Kuwait

Bank of Baroda

Bank of India

Bank of Maharashtra

Central Bank of India


City Union Bank

Corporation Bank

Deutsche Bank

Development Credit Bank

Federal Bank




Indian Bank

Indian Overseas Bank

IndusInd Bank

Karnataka Bank Ltd

Karur Vysya Bank

Kotak Bank

Lakshmi Vilas Bank

Oriental Bank of Commerce

Punjab National Bank

Shamrao Vitthal Co-operative Bank

South Indian Bank

State Bank of India

Union Bank of India

Vijaya Bank

Yes Bank Ltd.

Addition of more net-banking options was always requested by the eBay.in community. In a country with 40+ banks (excluding co-operative banks), providing net-banking option for just 3 of them was something really serious to be taken care of. And now, it’s done.

Picture credit: Cheon Fong Liew

SIIA Files 8 Piracy Lawsuit On Behalf of Adobe Systems for Illegal eBay Sales

The Software & Information Industry Association (SIIA), the principal trade association for software and digital content industries filed eight new software piracy lawsuits on behalf of SIIA member Adobe Systems Incorporated.

The lawsuits were filed against online sellers who sold Adobe software on eBay and other websites. According to the lawsuits, the sellers illegally sold Adobe software, including counterfeit, and/or academic or OEM software without proper authorization.

In order to defend our members’ businesses and protect innocent consumers, SIIA operates the industry’s most aggressive anti-piracy program,said Scott Bain, Chief Litigation Counsel and Director of Internet Anti-Piracy for SIIA. We continually monitor online auctions and websites so we can identify unauthorized sellers, shut them down and bring them to justice. We expect these lawsuits to result in significant penalties for the sellers.

The lawsuit which was filed in the District Court for the Northern District of California charged 8 individual defendants with engaging in copyright and trademark infringement through the unauthorized sale of Adobe Software.

Most of the defendants were eBay users along with several others who sold illegal Adobe products on other sites. eBay is known to be a haven for sellers to sell counterfeit software without any problems because of the lack of monitoring on items sold through the website.

However, eBay does periodically run checks and delists sellers who they deem to be selling illegal software or products. So will this lawsuits set a precedent for others who take up to eBay to sell counterfeit or illegal software? Only time will tell.

Pay for Android Apps and Games using Paypal

Paypal for Android MarketReportedly, Ebay is in talks with Google to add Paypal as a payment option for Android Market users. Paypal is the most popular payment processor worldwide and processes millions of transactions daily.

Currently, Android users have the option to pay only directly by credit card or through Google Checkout. Both options work well, but aren’t as convenient as iTunes. The adoption rate of Google Checkout hasn’t been very impressive. If Paypal does get integrated with Android Market as a payment option, many more users will start buying apps; Paypal, after all, has more than 87 million active accounts.

Android is a very robust platform with only a few problems, Android Market payments are one of them. The option to accept payments via Paypal should lure more developers to create apps for Android.

Head over to Bloomberg for the whole scoop.

ebay Begins Offering Cashback On Purchases Made Using PayPal

Yesterday, eBay announced the launch of its new cashback program – eBay Bucks. The first of its kind initiative from the online shopping giant will offer 2% cashback on most purchases made on eBay using PayPal. Purchases which are not included in this rewards program include Classifieds, Business & Industrial Capital Equipment, Real Estate, and eBay Motors.


Enrolled customers will earn eBay Bucks for all eligible purchases. At the end of each three month period, the collected reward points will be converted into eBay Bucks certificates, which can then be used for future eBay purchases. However, eBay has put in place quite a few restrictions to . Some of them are:

  • This offer is only available to adult US residents.
  • You cannot earn more than $200 in cashback from a single purchase.
  • You cannot earn more than $500 in a calendar quarter.
  • Each certificate must be redeemed within 30 days.

Users with an US eBay account can enroll themselves over here.

eBay Launches iPhone App For Sellers

eBay UK has launched a new free App which can be used by sellers to sell items on the go. The new eBay selling app uses barcode-scanning to take a picture of an item’s barcode and then automatically fills out the listing form with category details, including track listings for CDs in less than a minute.

eBay UK iPhone app will allow users from UK to quickly scan and create listings on eBay using their iPhone. Users can quickly scan items using the camera as create auctions or "Buy It Now" listing on eBay.

In addition to listing items for sale, users can also view status of listed items and research sales trends and price ranges of similar listed items. The eBay iPhone app also taps into social networking allowing users to instantly share listings on and .

eBay had earlier also launched a buying app, which has been downloaded by over 7 million people with one item purchased every 12 second in the United Kingdom alone. The app has also seen good sales figures with users purchasing goods worth £408 million in 2009 and sales figures expected to reach £1 billion for 2010.

eBay spokesperson, Ruth Szyszkowski, says: We know that the average UK home has £450 worth of items to sell. The new iPhone app means that sellers can now list and manage their items anytime, anyplace, anywhere so it’s quicker and easier than ever for sellers to reach shoppers across the globe and make money.

To celebrate the launch, eBay is offering free listings via the eBay iPhone selling app until Thursday 29th July. The free listing will be available starting Monday 12th  July 2010 until Thursday 29th July (local UK time), eBay.co.uk registered Private Sellers who list item(s) (with any starting price) in an eligible category using the Auction-style format on eBay.co.uk via the eBay iPhone application, will not pay an Insertion Fee per listing.

Watch a video demo of the eBay Selling iPhone App below.