Google "Zerg Rush" StarCraft Easter Egg is Awesome

Google is one of the companies which have hidden "" in their search results and website alike. They have so many of them that we had to compile a list of Best Hidden Easter Eggs by Google.

Google Zerg Rush

However, a new Easter Egg spotted by Search Engine Land definitely takes the cake. This Google Search Easter Egg kicks in when you search Google for the keywords "zerg rush". Once you enter the keywords and hit the Search button, Google will enact the popular strategy game StarCraft and destroy all the search results. At the end of it all, you will see a popular gaming jargon called "GG"; short for Good Game displayed (see screenshot above).

This is definitely one of the best Easter Eggs I have seen from Google. Have you seen better one’s? Do let me know about them. In the meanwhile go ahead and enjoy the treat by searching for "zerg rush" at

Skype Easter Egg for Comic Sans Font

It is a well known fact that “Comic Sans” is the most hated font on the internet. In fact, there are several websites such as and more which show their hatred towards it. Why? Read here.

However, I haven’t seen any application or website as such dissing the use of the font. However, it looks like Skype has a hidden Easter egg which disses the usage of the Comic Sans font.

Skype Comic Sans Easter Egg

What’s the Easter Egg? Well, Skype gives users an option to change the font of the IM & SMS window through the “Options” menu. If you change the font to Comic Sans, it changes the smiley available in the message area to a frowning face.

Skype Smiley Face for Fonts

Changing the font back to anything else changes the smiley back smiling face. That is very sneaky Skype, guess they have a lot of Comic Sans haters in their programming department. What do you think? Do you hate Comic Sans too?

(via 9gag)

Type “Let It Snow” on Google for a Christmas Surprise

Christmas is in the air and so are celebrations. Google  has surprised users all over the Internet with an awesome Easter Egg presenting snowflakes falling down the page, and eventually filling/blocking the search results  and the information on the page with snow.

Go to Google and type “let it snow,” and sit back and enjoy the snowfall. Slowly the entire page will be filled up with snow. Not just that, you can also write your name after the page is completely filled with snow. Here’s a screenshot of what I wrote (Techie Buzz) –

Let It Snow - Google Easter Egg

After the page is filled with snow, you can simply click the defrostbutton to clear the screen, and the snow begins to fall again.

Google brings in something new and innovative on every occasion, and this time it has simply amazed us. Everybody loves how Google keeps presenting these little Easter Eggs. Recently, we saw some new Easter Eggs, like do a barrel roll, tilt, and askew.

When you perform the “do a barrel roll” search at, the search page will flip over and rotate just like a plane would do while it is doing a barrel roll. Google is known for its impressive  Google Doodle  however, there are several other interesting features in Google search which are  hidden as Easter Eggs  and sometimes not so hidden like the  Google Pirate Edition.

Google is also celebrating Hanukkah! Type the word Hanukkahon the Google search form and you’ll see a special surprise. Hanukkah is also known as the Festival of Lights. It is an eight-day Jewish holiday commemorating the rededication of the Holy Temple in Jerusalem. It is observed for eight nights and days, starting on the 25th day of Kislev according to the Hebrew calendar, which may occur at any time from late November to late December in the Gregorian calendar.

We’ve compiled a list of Google’s best hidden Easter eggs and gags. Hope you’ll like them all.

Google’s Best Hidden Easter Eggs

Apart from being known for its impressive doodles, there are a number of gags and hidden messages within the search engine giant, Google, which are popularly called as Easter Eggs. An Easter egg is a hidden feature that the developers or “geeks” have intentionally put in their software, often for their own amusement, and when it comes to Google developers, they have implanted several Easter eggs in their software, ranging from Google Earth to Google search to Google Reader.

We had earlier compiled a list of awesome Google Search tricks, including the hoax page that Google had created on April Fool’s Day. We also saw that searching for the phrase “do a barrel roll” became a viral sensation last week, when users found about it and posted tweets and blog posts. However, if you liked “do a barrel roll” Easter egg, then I’m sure you would love the other hidden ones as well. And if you haven’t liked it, here’s something which will make you laugh –  Click here

So here’s a list of Google’s best hidden Easter eggs and gags –

Reader Ninja

Go to Google Reader and type in the famous Konami code: up up down down left right left right B A. This will bring up a ninja on the left side of the Reader with the text “Ninja!” written in the search box. Interestingly, this works with the new Google Reader design.

Google Reader Ninja


Type the word “askew” in Google’s search box and voila! This is more like a command which tilts your search results slightly towards the right. It’s pointless, but it’s all fun.

Steve Irwin wrestling with a Crocodile

Do you remember the late wildlife expert and adventurer Steve Irwin? Of course you should. Everybody knows about him. Well, go to Google Earth and spin around to the waterfront side of the Sydney Opera House in Australia. What do you see? Well, its Steve Irwin wrestling with a crocodile.

Did you know – 3D buildings in Google Earth have been designed and sketched by individual designers?

Chat with Martin in Space

Google Earth 5 allows users to explore the Red Planet, Mars and along with that, you can chat to locals too. Well, sort of. Type “Meliza” into the search box and you will be transported to Meliza’s dusty domain, where you can strike a conversation with the chat bot. However, Meliza isn’t as funny as Apple’s Siri ;)

Chat with Martin in Space

Google Earth Flight Simulator

Google has this very interesting Easter egg hidden in Google Earth. Using the flight simulator, you can fly around the globe in Google Earth by simply pressing Ctrl + Alt + A. This activates the flight simulator and allows you to fly an F-16 fighter jet anywhere in the world. This, however, was originally inserted as an Easter egg but now has become one of the official features of Google Earth.

Google Earth Flight Simulator

Play Snake on YouTube

Snake is one the most popular mobile phone games, which you can also play on Google’s YouTube player. When you are viewing a video on YouTube, press the up arrow key when the video is loading or buffering. However, Gmail has a Labs feature called “old Snakey”, which allows you to play the game inside Gmail.

Play Snake in YouTube

There are several other Google  Easter  eggs, which are mostly known. However, if you think that I’ve missed something, then please do share it with us by  adding  your comments below.

FIFA 2010 World Cup Google Easter Egg

The highly anticipated FIFA 2010 World Cup will start on June 11th, and I bet there will be millions of people around the world who will tune into the biggest football event in the world.

Google FIFA World Cup 2010 Queries

Guess who else is gearing up for the event? Google. If you use Google to search for any football related news or scores, Google displays all the group information and match timings, and possibly scores once the tournament kicks off.

Google FIFA 2010 Easter Egg

However, in addition to that, if you scroll down to go through the next page, you will see a Google Easter Egg. Instead of the regular Gooooogle image, you will see a Goooooal image as shown in the image below.

Try this out, it works for any football related queries. Oh and by the way, don’t forget to check out a cool way to track FIFA 2010 World Cup with a Excel Template or watch the FIFA 2010 World Cup online.

h/t: Arpit

Google Chrome “Goats Teleported” Easter Egg for Linux

The folks at Google and in-fact lots of other major companies have a knack for hiding Easter eggs within their products. We have covered several such in the past.

However, we can across another Easter Egg in where users can teleport goats from the Task Manager. This is basically available on version of the Linux version of Chrome.

I was unable to confirm this on a machine, however here are some screenshots from a Linux version of Google Chrome.


To experience the Easter egg, follow the steps given below.

  1. Open Google Chrome and a few tabs
  2. Press Shift+Esc to open the task manager
  3. Right click on any process and click on “Goats Teleported”
  4. Restart the browser and open the task manager again to see the number of Goats teleported for each tab.


This currently only works on Google Chrome for Linux, we are waiting to see if this Easter egg makes its way to Windows and Mac versions. Looks like Google was in a hurry to teleport the goats to the penguins first :-)

Thanks for the second screenshot Kunal Gautam

Happy New Year 2010 from Techie Buzz and a Google Easter Egg

Oh boy, what a year it has been, all the ups and downs finally add up to 2010. Hopefully, 2010 will be an even better year. Everything aside, we will keep trying our best to deliver the best news, to the best of our abilities. Hope you enjoy being around with us.

Happy New Year from Techie Buzz

I personally take this opportunity to wish all our readers and visitors a Very Happy New Year, hope 2010 makes all your wishes come true.

Google Easter Egg


Remember the Google New Year countdown timer we told you about? Well, it is actually an Easter egg. Depending on your location, and whether or not it is new year already, load and click on the “I’m Feeling Lucky” button to see some Google magic. Oh and don’t type anything in the search box though.

Image courtesy of Tech Crunch. You see I have around 8 more hours to go before I am officially changing my calendars to 2010.

Happy New Year 2010 from the Techie Buzz team.

VLC Wishes Everyone Merry Christmas Through an Easter Egg

Have you opened your VLC Player today? Well if not, we suggest you do. They have a hidden Easter egg which displays a new VLC icon with Santa’s hat to users.


Some users have also reported that they see the same logo in the taskbar icon, but no such luck for me on . Did you see the the logo in VLC?

We will keep looking for more Easter eggs popping up on our desktop and let you know about them as and when we see them.

Google New Year Countdown Timer

Google has always been known to store Easter eggs in their webpages. This time they have hidden a Countdown timer for New year 2010 on the Google Homepage.

To view the countdown timer, go to and hit the I’m Feeling Luckybutton without entering any text. Once you do that, you will see a countdown timer which ticks away the seconds until New Year 2010.


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Many popular websites like Google, Yahoo and even quite a few small websites and services hide Easter eggs somewhere on their applications, services or websites, these though are not easy to spot.

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