EA’s Promotion For Dante’s Inferno Hidden in Digg, Kotaku, IGN, Dailymotion

While I was going through my feed reader, I came across a post on Quick Online Tips which talked about a mystery face in Digg’s source code. However, Digg was not hacked, and this was a hidden promotion by EA to promote the upcoming game Dante’s Inferno (Pre-order Dante’s Inferno).

If you view the source code of website’s such as Digg, Kotaku, IGN, Games Radar, Dailymotion and WWE.com, you will see a hidden face in it. EA has embedded the faces into several different websites and placed passwords which will allow you to access a website http://www.hellisnigh.com/.

EA's Dante's Inferno Promotion at Digg EA's Dante's Inferno Promotion at Dailymotion EA's Dante's Inferno Promotion at IGN

EA's Dante's Inferno Promotion at Games Radar EA's Dante's Inferno Promotion at WWE.com EA's Dante's Inferno Promotion at Kotaku

This is definitely a very clever way to promote and advertise a game by EA. Once user’s enters all the 6 passwords which they will find in the above websites, they will be able to access the EA’s site Hell is Closer Than You Think. EA had also advertised Dante’s Inferno during super bowl, you can watch the EA ad below or watch all the Super Bowl 2010 commercials at Hulu and YouTube.

What do you think about this promotion by EA? Will you buy the Dante’s Inferno game? If yes, you can also pre-order Dante’s Inferno at Amazon.