Spam Wave hits Dropbox Users

Posts of frustrated users are pouring in at the Dropbox forum about receiving spams at email accounts connected to Dropbox.  Posts such as the following have been coming in since yesterday.

since today, I receive spam from [website link clipped] to an email address, that is in use at dropbox only ([email protected]).

So I guess you have a security problem with your useraccount data. And this sucks a lot.

Although it is possible for spamming software to randomly select email addresses to send spams, the number of affected users indicates some kind of breach on Dropbox’s side.

The initial reply from the Dropbox support was as follows,

Generally, it is possible that these email addresses got released to the general population when you either shared a folder or sent a referral invite. When you send these to other people, your email is attached in the reply-to field and it is possible that a compromised referral could have gotten their address book stolen by spammers. This is the most likely scenario.

But, apparently, users who haven’t used the referral system have also been receiving spams. This spam wave might be a result of a compromise of Dropbox’s mail server, but we can’t be certain of it yet. Last year, a security glitch had allowed anyone to login to any Dropbox account with an incorrect password.

We have contacted Dropbox to know more about the situation, but haven’t heard from them yet.

UPDATE: A spokesperson for Dropbox has sent us the following statement.

We‘re aware that some Dropbox users have been receiving spam to email addresses associated with their Dropbox accounts. Our top priority is investigating this issue thoroughly and updating you as soon as we can. We know it’s frustrating not to get an update with more details sooner, but please bear with us as our investigation continues.

New Dropbox Pro Plans!

Dropbox announced on its official blog today that it is introducing new plans for its Pro version customers. The blog said “we hear from families who have more than 100 GB of photos, docs and videos…as people add more stuff to Dropbox, we want to make sure they don’t have to worry about space.”

Rate Plans

Starting this evening everything changes. Dropbox Pro will now be offering 100GB and 200GB plans. The best part of the deal, is that the rate plans will remain the same as the original 50GB and 100GB plans. If you are a current Dropbox Pro user, you don’t have to do anything to get the additional space. According to the blog post, your Dropbox will “supersize” itself sometime tonight.

Honestly, I believe that Dropbox has to be feeling the pressure from some big time competitors trying to take over this marketplace. Google’s 100GB drive is going for $5/month. has a $20/month 50GB plan. Microsoft offers a 100GB plan for $50/year. As you can see the prices vary wildly and the competition, I believe, is just heating up.

Personally, I like Dropbox. It is very reliable for everything I have used it for so far. Collaborating with others is very easy. I think adding more storage to their Pro offering is a good move on their part and only time will tell if this plays out in their favor. For now, if you’re a Dropbox Pro user, enjoy your new space!

Dropbox 50GB Free Space Promo Not Available For Verizon and AT&T’s Galaxy S3

When HTC unveiled the One X, it also announced that all One series owners are going to get 25GB of free space on Dropbox for Twitter. Samsung up’d HTC when it announced that all Galaxy S III owners will be getting 50GB of free space on Dropbox for two years.

Sadly, it looks like this offer from Samsung won’t be valid for the U.S variants of the Galaxy S III. Quite a few people in the United States who have already managed to get their hands on the Galaxy S III in the United States complained about not getting the free storage space after signing up on the Dropbox forums. This is when a Dropbox forum moderator chimed in and announced that some of the U.S carriers have opted out of this promotional offer.

For some unknown reason, Verizon and AT&T have both opted-out of this promotion offer with their variant of the Galaxy S III. It is still not confirmed whether Sprint or T-Mobile have also opted-out of this promotional offer or not. I am not really sure as to why AT&T and Verizon opted-out of this offer, when the promotional offer is still valid for the HTC One X in the United States.

Via – Droid-Life

Create A Photo Gallery With Your Dropbox or Amazon Storage

Dropbox is great way to keep your files in sync or have a backup. Google Drive is out and perhaps you are planning to switch sides. Most surely you wouldn’t be willing to let go of your “hard earned” storage with Dropbox referrals. If you are looking for an alternative use for Dropbox, try using it as a private web gallery for your photos. Wondering how? Well you can always create a public(or selectively shared) folder and put some designed web pages in it and create a website to show off those images. Well if you find the task daunting, Openphoto will do all the hard work for you. All you need to do is use your Dropbox or Amazon S3 account to sign up.openphoto-intro

Sign up for Openphoto by entering your email, opting for a unique URL and granting permission to your Dropbox or Amazon S3 storage. Once you are into it, go to the upload page and upload some of your favorite snaps. You can just drag and drop files to upload them. The upload is powered by Plupload a file uploading service. As the files are listed hit the “Start uploading” to initiate uploading.

Use the Menu at top left corner to go to the gallery or manage photos. You can create groups to add people to share photos with, which is good for creating a private network for buddies. You can also edit uploaded photos to share them with group or add tags to them for better chances of finding them.

Sadly uploading via the Dropbox desktop client is not possible which means if you add an image to the OpenPhoto folder within the Apps folder in Dropbox will not add it to your gallery. Also you cannot use Dropbox and Amazon S3 storage at the same time. The app is somewhat similar to Lightbox only Lightbox can be handled with both mobile and web interface. An app for iOS and Android for Openphoto is wanting in and would have been better to get users more willing to join.

However the network being closed, lets you create a more private page for people you choose to share with. Also the core concept behind this app is to create a social experience without letting others control your data. Your data stays with you and you have sole ownership of the photos on Dropbox(or Amazon S3) and you can take them down anytime you choose. The idea deserves credit in an age where almost every other social network is more concerned about feeding off your data or information you generate. Photo sharing being the latest startup trend, and privacy a major concern, the idea might work for people who want a network for sharing their images without the notion of being chewed for the last bit of data. I just loved it for the second choice alone. Take a look at my album if you wanna get started with how it looks.

Increase SkyDrive Storage to 25GB Free for Limited Time

The war has just exploded with the introduction of Google Drive earlier today. With Google Drive, now all major mobile operating system providers have some form of proprietary cloud storage solution including SkyDrive for Windows Phone 7 and iCloud for iOS along with several others like , Box and SugarSync.

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Both and provide users with 5GB storage space for free whereas SkyDrive provides users with 7GB free space out of the box. SkyDrive initially started out with 25GB free space, but it has now cut down the storage to 7GB. However, if you have been an old user of SkyDrive, you will still be able to claim 25GB of free space.

SkyDrive 25GB Space Promo

To reclaim your 25GB of free space in SkyDrive, you will have to login to your account in your browser. Once you do that, you will see a link on the top saying; SkyDrive’s free storage is changing – claim your free 25GB.

SkyDrive 25GB Free Space Upgrade

Clicking on the link will take you to the manage storage page where you will be given an option to upgrade your storage. Just click on the “Free upgrade” button to increase your storage to 25GB. This option will only be available for a limited time to users who have already used Windows Live SkyDrive in the past. New users will only receive 7GB of free space.

If you are unable to get 25GB in SkyDrive, there are still several other options available including free 50GB space from Box if you are an user and up-to 18GB storage in Dropbox from referrals and free space.

Download Google Drive for Android, Windows and Mac

It was no secret that Google was working on a competitor to and SkyDrive and the official announcement came today. will provide users with 5GB of free space to all users. This is in line with Microsoft’s recent announcement to provide 7GB of free space for SkyDrive.

Google Drive

Google Drive will tightly integrate with and allow users to create and store documents, spreadsheets, presentations, PDF files and more and collaborate with friends and family online.  Additionally, Google Drive will also provide users with apps for PC, Mac and .

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Google Drive will directly compete with the likes of Dropbox and SkyDrive on PCs and mobile devices. It will also be an answer to Microsoft’s SkyDrive on Windows Phone 7 and iOS devices which is not available for Android devices. Dropbox on the other end is available for all mobile devices and also supports Linux. However, their initial free space is only 2GB which might potentially go up now. Additionally, Dropbox also allows for 16GB additional space from referrals.

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Google Drive will also provide users with a search functionality which will also make use of OCR to search images and scanned documents thanks to their acquisition of reCaptcha. This is definitely a big plus for them.

You can download Google Drive for your computer or device by using the link below; an iOS app will be released soon:

*Please note that the Android app is a rebranding of the Google Docs app for Android.

Sharing Dropbox Files Just Got A Little Easier With Public Dropbox Links Across All Folders

Sharing large files with other Dropbox users is super easy, all you have to do is create a new folder within your Dropbox account, dump all the files in this folder and invite your friends or collaborators to the shared folder. This will create a new shared folder on the Dropbox accounts of both you and your friend and all the collaborators can copy files in the shared folder to share files within the group.

This has been a real lifesaver for Dropbox users butit hasn’t been that straight forward, when you’re sharing with non Dropbox users.

Consider you have a bunch of files in a nested Dropbox folder and you want to share all these files with someone who does not have a Dropbox account. Here, you will have to first move all those files to the public folder, grab the public downloadable link and then share it. Too much work and it sometimes breaks your file organization with redundant copies of the same data.

Thankfully, Dropbox has introduced Dropbox links, a new feature which allows one click sharing of files, even if they are not present in the public folder of your Dropbox account.


Using Dropbox links, you can quickly share photos, documents, videos, MP3’s, PowerPoint presentations, Word documents and other files with users who aren’t yet using the service. Click the “Get Link” icon next to any file or folder and Dropbox will open the file in a new browser window.

Copy the URL of that file and send it to your friend, all done!


Here are a few examples:

Code snippet:


Photo gallery:






This feature is being rolled out in the web version of Dropbox, Dropbox for mobile and Dropbox for desktop. It would be great if Dropbox introduces auto expiration of links after a given time period, this will make sure that old links automatically expire and the sharing feature is not exploited.

[Editorial] What Google’s Version Of Dropbox Must Do That Google’s Version of Facebook Didn’t

If the rumors are true and speculations are to be believed, looks like Google Drive is going to arrive next week as an advanced Dropbox prototype. With a big fat stomach, of course.

We haven’t heard any formal words from Google yet but according to several reports, it is expected that Google Drive will be available as a web based service, along with a desktop client which would allow users to sync files across computers and mobile devices. This is Google’s long awaited counter to Apple’s iCloud and the extremely popular file sync service, Dropbox. On another front, there is Windows Live SkyDrive, Microsoft’s free cloud storage service which is basically a sleeping giant, kept dormant for years; failing to make a significant impact on users.


The Need Is Not Gigabytes And Terabytes of Space. It’s Something Else.

You really don’t need 25 GB of cloud space for important files do you? A couple of Gigs should be just fine for day to day documents, photos and other random stuff that needs to be easily synced to multiple computers or mobile devices. If you’re using a cloud storage service as a storage or backup dump, that’s another case and a completely different perspective., Windows Live SkyDrive and a slew of other cloud services offer hefty storage space for free but that is not the real point of cloud file management.

The point is sync, cross platform compatibility, mobility, ease of use and core features which even your grandma can relate to.

File Sync is a necessity , space is luxury – no one knows it better than Dropbox.

I am clueless why a billion dollar biggie like Microsoft never took SkyDrive to the next level (until recently). Three years without a desktop client, are you kidding me?  (I missed Windows Live mesh, which supports file sync from desktop. Sorry).Then we have a built in SkyDrive integration in Windows 8 but Dropbox has already won millions of hearts. Too late, Microsoft. It’s too late!

Dropbox has snatched the show and it will be difficult to beat the goodwill and trust Dropbox commands.

Boils down to that core Google philosophy – it is very important to do one thing really really well. Dropbox knows it, their introductory 2GB offering seems childish in front of SkyDrive’s hefty 25Gb free space but like I said, users don’t need terabytes of cloud space. They need ease of use, less hassles and auto sync, which Dropbox provides.

Why Google’s version of Facebook Is a Ghost Town

Now lets look at Google Plus.

Here we have, a Google’s version of Facebook, 150 million users and packed with Googlers from every corner of the world. Mind you, Google Plus is a serious affair these days, the SPY world is analyzing all the social signals and mixing it into SERP’s. Google Plus is everywhere, navigation bar, Gmail, Google Reader, YouTube, Google Adsense, but it is still nothing but a ghost town.


Let’s hear it through the words of an average internet user and a Google Plus fan boy who tries to convince his friend.

A: Why aren’t you using Google Plus? It is a superb social site where you can interact with friends, follow blogs, read news, join hangouts and do so much more.

B: Yea, but friends are on Facebook. Google Plus, I don’t know what it is and I don’t have the time or energy to maintain another social site.

A: But it is better than Facebook as it is tied with other Google products you use e.g Gmail, YouTube and so forth.

B: Yes but you know what – I don’t care. Friends are on Facebook and I am happy with it. I used Google Plus for a day or two but could not find anyone.

A: But sooner or later, your friends will hop over to Google Plus. Then what?

B: Oh really? How did you guessed that?

A: Simple. Google has so many products we use everyday and now that Google Plus is merged across all of them, don’t you think it makes more sense to use Google Plus as your primary social channel?

B: Listen, I don’t care about Facebook, Google or Twitter. I care about my friends and they are on Facebook. If my friends abandon Facebook, which I don’t think they will anytime soon, I will follow them wherever they go. But I will go where my friends are, not to any social site made by a billion dollar tech company whose other products I am using. Please leave me alone!

The pitch is clear.

Friends, relationships and that comfy feeling. Facebook has already won millions of hearts, how would anyone counter that? Does that imply Facebook will rule the social sphere forever?

No. Certainly not, every tool wears out eventually. But a new social site will only prosper when it provides genuine value, something which has never been done before.

A revolution, a change.

Just look at Pinterest – there is something new in it and it is winning hearts without creating chaos or trying to snatch the meal from Facebook. Google Plus is not doing anything new. Same old thing, wrapped in a new cover and thrown over your face.

The same analogy might get repeated with Google Drive too. 5 GB sounds lucrative but then, users are already comfortable with Dropbox. It will be hard, if not impossible for Google to persuade users in moving their files from Dropbox to Google Drive. Trust me, once a movie becomes a super hit, the sequels merely performs. Human expectations is like a beast, you keep feeding it but it will still want more. At the same time, expectations love to remain glued to their complacent zone, it is very hard to persuade them to abandon their seat and try something new.

If it ain’t broken, why Fix it?

Some possible reactions:

Dropbox gives me 2 GB free space and that is more than sufficient for me. I don’t care about another file sync service, Dropbox just works, now can you please leave me alone for a while?

In 2006, I was using an external HD for backup. Then I found Dropbox and it is awesome. Then came a barrage of cloud storage services, I am sick and tired of trying a new storage provider every other day. Dropbox is cool, I have managed a hefty 10 GB space and it just works.

Google Drive is yet to be born so it is too early to jump into conclusions. But if Google wants to win this race, it has to do something new. Something that users want badly. Let users say “Hell yea, this is it”.

Following are some ways Google Drive can flank Dropbox (or Windows Live SkyDrive for that matter):

  • Auto sync into mobile will give Google Drive a huge edge. Dropbox’s mobile client is yet to support auto sync and if Google introduces this feature, it won’t have to worry about gaining early adopters.
  • Google Docs and Picasa has to be killed. I am sure Google will integrate these two sister services into Google Drive sooner or later, this will force encourage Google Docs users to move their files from Dropbox to Google Drive.
  • Referral bonus is a working viral trigger but Google needs a unique pitch here. Something like refer your Gmail contacts and get more space should work.
  • The ability to import Gmail attachments into Google Drive and sync those files to your desktop. This will lure Gmail users to try Google Drive and if the plan works, Dropbox has no counter for this move.
  • Music. Enough said. Something ground breaking here and Dropbox is in trouble.

Still fascinating to watch how Google gradually takes over every single aspect of our computers.

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Dropbox Doubles Referral Bonus Space, Now You Get 500 MB Free Space For Every Referral Signup

A little bit of competition is good for consumers. Now that Google is inching towards launching its own cloud storage service, Dropbox has countered in the flank where it rules – doubling the free bonus space for referral sign ups.

Instead of the earlier 250 MB swag, you will now get 500 MB free space for every referral sign up and the person using your referral link to sign up for a new Dropbox account will also get 500 MB of bonus Dropbox space. This upgrade is applicable for new as well as existing Dropbox users so if you have already invited a bunch of people to Dropbox, here is another good news. You will get an extra 250 MB (500-250) space for every referral signup as arrear. Pro accounts now earn 1 GB per referral, but Dropbox for teams is out of luck.


The maximum free space limit that can be claimed via referral signups has thus increased from 8GB to 16GB. Woot!

Recently, Dropbox has been giving away free storage space like peanuts. Just a couple of weeks ago, I incremented my Dropbox account with a whooping 23 GB of storage for two years. 23 GB, that’s a lot of space and there is a high chance I won’t be able to exhaust it anytime soon. Dropbox knows it too and I believe they are using this pitch to gain more ground and ensure an easy victory over its competitors.

Honestly, it is unfair to compare Dropbox with other cloud services such as Windows Live SkyDrive, Amazon cloud drive or Fact is that Dropbox has gained miles and miles of ground and competing services are nowhere close. Look at Windows Live SkyDrive – a biggie like Microsoft provides 25GB of free space for every Live SkyDrive account but it is still not so popular (Windows 8 might change this as SkyDrive is built right within Windows 8). It is not that users don’t know about SkyDrive or they aren’t using it but Microsoft missed the vision Dropbox has. A desktop client and automatic backup/sync on every device, no matter what platform the user is using. You see, users don’t need terabytes of space, flexibility is the primary concern which should be met first. Enormous space is nothing but luxury, while ease of use is a necessity. If you can’t meet my basic requirements, I don’t care how much free space you offer me for free.

It will be interesting to see the wrestle mania between Google Drive, Windows live SkyDrive and Dropbox in coming weeks. And I am sure Dropbox will have an easy victory, goodwill goes a long way and you can’t copy someone’s goodwill and replicate it on your backyard. Take that, Google!

Google Drive to Offer 5 GB of Free Online Storage

Google’s free cloud based storage service – Google Drive – has been rumored to be in development since years now. However, speculation that it may finally be close to launch has intensified in the last week, after a report by GigaOM stated that it will be launched in April 2012.

While the report stated that it will offer 1 GB of free storage – much less than what Dropbox or Microsoft Skydrive offer, a new leaked screenshot by TalkAndroid suggests that Google Drive will offer 5 GB of free online storage to all users. It also says that it may be launched on April 16.

By offering 5 GB, Google Drive is offering much more than Dropbox officially does, but only a fifth of what Skydrive offers.

Google Drive will work on desktop, tablets, mobiles and also have a web based interface at (which currently throws a 404 error).

It will also offer integration with Google Docs and Google Apps, and will be targeted at individual users, as well as small businesses with multi-user support. It may also be integrated with all Android smartphones going forward, to boost market share and make it the default option for the average Joe.

Google Drive