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Download Office 2010 Beta [Coming Soon]

beta has hit the roads with MSDN and TechNet subscribers already having access to download the latest copy of Microsoft Office. If you are not a MSDN or TechNet subscriber you would still be able to download a copy of Office 2010 beta in the coming days.


Microsoft has already put up a site where users can download Office 2010 beta. However, the download buttons do not work yet. Microsoft will be offering three versions of Office 2010 beta including:

  • Office Home and Business 2010 beta
  • Office Professional 2010 beta
  • Office Professional Plus 2010 beta with Volume licensing

If you have been waiting to download the beta don’t forget to bookmark the Office 2010 download site. We will keep you updated as an when the downloads are available for general public.

If you have been wondering about the new changes in Office 2010, you can view leaked screenshots of Office 2010 beta. For pricing details view the pricing details for Office 2010.

Yahoo Messenger 10 Released

After a fairly prolonged beta period, Yahoo released the final version of Yahoo Messenger 10 earlier today. The final build includes several bug fixes and Windows 7 compatibility. You can find our review of Yahoo Messenger 10 here. The main highlights of this release are:


  • High-quality video calls
    The webcam feature has been completely redesigned. It now supports high quality video call with synced audio from the IM window itself.
  • New Y! Updatesview of your contact list
    Yahoo Messenger 10 introduces an alternate view of your contact list, which allows you to quickly catch up with your friend’s latest activities. The Y!Updates mode displays a real-time stream of their updates including status message changes. If your contacts have chosen to share their social activity with Yahoo, you will be able to keep track of what your contacts are saying on Twitter, reading on Yahoo! Buzz or listening on Last.fm.
  • Find more to chat about
    If you want to chat with your friend about their updates, you can do so through a hover menu which allows you to IM a friend about their updates. When you do this, the update also appears inline in the conversation window, so that your friend will be aware of the context.
  • Change your language easily
    Yahoo Messenger 10 introduces a Language menu (visible in the sign-in screen), which allows you to instantly chose any of the 16 available languages. You can also change your language from Messenger –> Preferences –> Language.

The official Yahoo Messenger 10 download link will offer you the web-installer. If you have a poor internet connection or simply prefer to download the full installer, you can do so from Softpedia.

Download Firefox 3.6 Beta 1

3.6 beta 1 is out after a bit of delay, the beta version was supposed to be released on October 28th originally.


The new version of Firefox 3.6 consists of several new features which includes:

  • Users can now change their browser’s appearance with a single click, with built in support for Personas.
  • Firefox 3.6 will alert users about out of date plugins to keep them safe.
  • Open, native video can now be displayed full screen, and supports poster frames.
  • Support for the WOFF font format.
  • Improved JavaScript performance, overall browser responsiveness and startup time.
  • Support for new CSS, DOM and HTML5 web technologies.

We will be doing a full fledged review of Firefox 3.6 Beta 1, so stay tuned for that.

Please note: This is a beta version and is not yet ready for all the users, download and use it, if you are keen on testing the latest version of Firefox.

Please use the following links to download Firefox 3.6 Beta, or visit the beta download page:

Download Firefox 3.6 Beta 1

Allmyapps:Install All Your Favorite Apps With A Single Click

Every time you buy a new computer or re-install an OS, you have to go through the time-consuming process of finding, downloading and installing all the applications that you need for your computer. No matter how fast you are, installing 10-20 applications one at a time is a real drag; unless, you know about Allmyapps.

Allmyapps is a simple application store for popular Windows and Linux apps that lets you create a list of your favorite apps and then install them all with a single click. No need to download and install them one at a time. Simple browse through the large collection of apps at Allmyapps.com and keep adding your desired software to your list.

Once you are done, just download the Allmyapps secure installer and click the install button at the bottom of your list to install all those apps on your hard drive.

Each application listing also includes the number of installs it has had and user reviews. If you want to go the traditional way, you can also install each app separately.

Techie-Buzz Verdict:

Allmyapps is a real time-saver when you have to install a number of apps. Adding them to a list is also helpful since it allows you to first identify all the apps you want and then install them with a single click. As the number of apps grow in the store, it should see increased popularity and usefulness among users.

Google Docs Now Lets You Zip And Export All Files

You could always download any files you wanted from your Google Docs account, but recently Google implemented a much more convenient solution to backing up your files. Now you can compress all your Google Docs files in a single zip file and download to your hard drive.

The feature may not be available for all the users yet as Google is rolling it out slowly. To do so, simply select all your files and click on the More Actions button. This will allow you to select the export option from the list and export all the files as a zip file.

Download Multiple Images From Google Image Search

There may be lots of times, when you use Google Image search to find and use images in our research and blog posts, but what if you want to download several images on a page at once? In such cases you might have to open each image, and then click on the link to view the original image before you can actually download it.

Multi Image Downloader is a and which will allow you to download multiple images from Google Image search at once, using a handy desktop interface.


To download all the images from Google search, you will need to copy the URL of the image search and paste it in the input box provided. If you want to start downloading images from the first page of the search results, make sure to add &start=0to the URL. The application will throw an error if the start parameter is missing from the URL.

Tip: If you only want to download stock images, checkout the options you can use to download copyright free images from Google Image search.

You can choose to download images from multiple pages, by changing the page counter and also select the type of images you want to download. Once you have selected the options, click on the Get Image linksbutton to begin scanning for images to be downloaded.

Also Read: Download and Save Images Quickly and Easily in Firefox 

The application will scan all the pages and show you the links for the images, you can double click on the URL to open it in a web browser. If you do not like a image, you can download it from the list by using the delete button. To download the images select the folder and click on the Download button.

Techie Buzz Verdict

Multi Image Downloader would be a really good software if it had an option to preview images within the software itself. Right now, you need to double click on the images to view them in a external web browser. A preview option would make it much more easier to choose images you want to download.

Another annoying thing about this app is that, it is set to stay on top, which means that it remains in front of other windows, even if another application is active. The only way to hide the download window, is to minimize it.

It would also be good if the developer would assume that start is 0, if it is missing, this would save users from having to type it out everytime they want to start downloading images from the first page.

We are going with a low rating for the software as it misses a much required preview pane, it would be really very useful once that feature is added to the app.

Techie Buzz Rating: 1.5/5 (Average)

Download Multiple Image Downloader

Download Windows 7 Product Guide

Want to know what new features have been added in , before you make a purchase? Microsoft has announced the availability of a Windows 7 guide to help users find about new and improved features in the new OS.

The Windows 7 Product Guide provides a detailed look at the many new and improved features in Windows 7. The guide is designed as an accurate source of information that can help you to understand how Windows 7 Simplifies Everyday Tasks, Works the Way You Want, and Makes New Things Possible. The guide is also designed to provide IT Professionals with information about how to Make People Productive Anywhere, Manage Risk Through Enhanced Security and Control, and Reduce Costs by Streamlining PC Management. This is not a help and how to guide. Rather, it provides an overview of the many exciting features in Windows 7 and pointers to more information. The Windows 7 Product Guide is available in both XPS and PDF formats.

If you have been looking to find accurate information on Windows 7, this guide is all that you will requite.

Windows 7 Product guide is available as XPS (30.5 MB) and (62 MB) from Microsoft downloads.

Download Windows 7 Product Guide

Check & Download Windows 7 Drivers at RadarSync

If you have purchased a copy of , most of your hardware drivers will be automatically detected. However, there are chances that some drivers may not be installed, as it may be old or unsupported on Windows 7.

Keeping your drivers up-to-date allows you to run your system smoothly without problems. Unlike software updates, drivers are usually not available directly, and you need to visit the hardware manufacturer site to download them. Of course softwares like Device Doctor and services like NoDevice can be used to easily download and update drivers.


Now RadarSync a driver update software, has created a list of device drivers specifically for Windows 7 32bit systems. You can browse the driver list and search for drivers for your specific hardware. The drivers on RadarSync are updated daily and contains drivers for the most popular hardware and laptops.

If you have more than one drivers to download, you can add them to a single pack and download them all together.

Techie Buzz Verdict

Windows 7 usually detects hardware in most of the PCs, however there are some cases where vendor specific drivers may not be found in their repository. In such cases, having a central website to find and download drivers is definitely handy.

You can always use one of the free tools to find and update drivers. If you are looking for a paid alternative you can checkout Driver Scanner.

Visit RadarSync Windows 7 Drivers page


Free McAfee Internet Security/Site Advisor for 6 Months [Downloads]

There is still a couple of days more, before you can download ZoneAlarm Pro 2010 for free. However, if you are looking to download a suitable internet security software for free, we have another good deal for you.

McAfee is offering users with a 6 month free trial version of McAfee Internet security 2010 with Site Advisor, valid for 3 users.

McAfee Internet Security with SiteAdvisor is a proactive 10-in-1 always-updating security bundle that protects what you value with multi-user child safety, identity theft prevention, email and IM protection, and automated back-up. It gives you the confidence to surf the web, shop, bank, email, chat, and download files safely and securely.

To avail of this offer, visit the McAfee offer site and click on the Try now button and sign up for a new account. Once you have signed up, you will be take to a page to confirm your order.


Click on the download link, to download McAfee Internet Security 2010 with Site Advisor to your PC. You can use the security software free on up-to 3 PCs for 6 months.

Download Podcasts To your PC or Mac

Podcasts are a series of digital audio or video files that can be downloaded using web syndication or RSS feeds.

You need a software such as iTunes to automatically update and download podcasts to your desktop.


Sansync is a simple that will allow you to download and listen to podcasts on your PC or Mac.

Once you download and install Sansync, just add the podcast feed URL and it will automatically download the podcasts whenever updates are available.

Sansync is a pretty decent, easy to use application and it is also lightweight compared to other software that can be used to download and listen to podcasts.

Download Sansync for Windows & Mac

Configure uTorrent for faster downloading

The uTorrent speed can be optimized. This will help you do faster downloads while using uTorrent. Follow the simple configurational tweaks below to get your job done.

NB : Prior to doing any configuration changes please note down the values of the entries that you are changing .

  1. Open your uTorrent.
  2. Now go to Options > Preferrences.
  3. Now the window that opens, select Connection in the left pane. Now do the settings as shown in the image below.
  4. Now similarly go to the Bandwidth tab in the left pane. Now put the values as shown below.
  5. Now in the left pane select the BitTorrent tab & follow the image below.
  6. Click the Queueing tab in the left pane & do the following changes in the right pane.
  7. Now in the Scheduler tab uncheck the Enable Scheduler option.scheduler
  8. Now click Apply and enjoy faster download.

If you have a router

  1. Press Windows key + R. Type   cmd & hit enter.
  2. Now type ipconfig in the resulting window and press enter.
  3. Note down your ip address and your default gateway that shows up there.
  4. Now open your default browser & type in the default gateway in the address bar & hit enter. A login panel will open both the fields are generally set to admin by default.
  5. Beneath Applications’ fill out one line for every p2p client that is used.
  6. You have to use ip address, the correct port range and set either tcp or udp.
  7. You can find ports in the actual p2p client’s settings. Those are editable, but be sure to make them same as in the router.
  8. Most p2p apps needs tcp & udp both checked, make sure of it from the FAQ..
  9. Save your settings.

For applying port forwarding for uTorrent consult Port Forward.

Some configurations that are shown here are applicable for my own personal bandwidth. Check your own bandwidth here.

On the ending note, I must mention that not all the settings will be applicable for you or may be the values will differ a bit. But those settings are the most common & works well with most of the lot, so lets hope it works with you too.

Microsoft Offers Free 90 Day Trial Edition of Windows 7

Windows Seven Hotkeys The public testing phase for Windows Seven may be over, but that doesn’t mean that you still can’t test it for free. Users who have already downloaded the RC build can continue to use it till June. On top of that Microsoft has gone ahead and released a 90 day trial edition of Windows 7 Enterprise.

This release is aimed at IT Professionals interested in trying out Windows 7. However, even the general public may download this release through TechNet. The Enterprise Edition of Windows 7 has the same feature set as Windows 7 Ultimate. The only difference is that they are sold in volume (instead of individual licenses) to an organisation. However, this trial edition won’t require any key.

This offer will remain valid till March 31, 2010 or till supplies last. You will be allowed to enjoy a fully functional version of Windows 7 for 90 days. After that the computer would start shutting down every 1 hour. Serial Key is not necessary for this build.

[ Download Windows 7 Enterprise 90 Day Trial ]

AvatarsDB: 38,000+ Free Avatars To Download

Ever found your avatar to be too simple? Think it doesn’t really represent what you are? Head over to AvatarsDB to find an avatar that suits you. With over 38,000 avatars in over 500 categories, you are sure to find something that you’ll like.

Avatars are spread over a variety of categories including animals, anime, movies, sports, music, people and art. AvatarsDB also contains over 400 animated avatars that you can use. Simply browse through the database or search for an avatar. Once you like something, you can download it to your local drive or get an HTML code to embed it on a web page or social network.

Each avatar is rated by users. If you are not sure how an avatar would look against a specific background, you can test it by selecting a background color. You also have an option to re-size most of the avatars to your desired size. You can also contribute by uploading free avatars to the database.

Movavi: Download, Convert & Merge Videos Online

There are tons of tools that let you download, convert or merge videos online, but very few that allow you to do all of these from a single platform. That is why I like Movavi.

Movavi has three main features:

Download Videos:

Using Movavi you can download videos from sites like YouTube and Google Video by simply specifying the URL. You can enter the URLs of upto 5 videos and start downloading them simultaneously.

Convert Videos:

Movavi also lets you convert videos to and from various formats including flv, avi, mpeg, mov, mp4 and others. You can specify a URL of an online video or upload a video from your local drive to convert. You can also convert a video to mp3 in order to extract the audio.

Movavi also lets you adjust different presets so you can customize your output.

Merge Videos:

You can also merge all these videos into a single movie. No need to install any video editing software, simply do it online with Movavi.

15000+ Hand-Selected Fonts For Free Download

PimpYourFont is an online collection of over 15,000 free truetype fonts available for download. All listed fonts are manually selected from hundreds of thousands of fonts available on the web.   The site lets you browse   fonts alphabetically or simply   search by keyword. You can preview each font by typing some text and also see how it would appear in different sizes. PimpYourFont also provides information about the Font Style and Font Family of each font.

Fonts are nicely classified in various categories like Arabic, Old School, Western, Retro, Monospaced, Pixelated, Digital e.t.c.  Additionally you can check out top-100 fonts, skim through the recently uploaded fonts, rate fonts and see how they have been rated by other users.