The Best Y Combinator Demo Day Startups

“A million dollars isn’t cool. You know what’s cool? A billion dollars.”

This quote by Sean Parker in The Social Network seems to have become the motto of every new Silicon Valley startup. With most of YC’s new batch already having enough runway, thanks to Yuri Milner’s investment of $150,000, they don’t have to worry a lot about capital initially, and can afford to dream big.

A few days ago, Y Combinator hosted the summer session of its Demo Day event, where its current batch of startups showcased their offerings to audiences comprising mainly of angel investors and VC firms.

There were 63 new startups in this batch, which made the event very exciting. Here are some of them which I think are most likely to be very successful, possibly billion dollar businesses.


Parse is Heroku for mobile apps. It provides cloud services for mobile applications and enables Android and iOS developers to add a backend to their mobile apps easily, abstracting away the boring details.

Heroku was acquired by for $212 million. With mobile booming, Parse could easily be a much bigger business.


Double Recall might be what most web publishers and brand name advertisers have been waiting for. It allows companies to launch brand building campaigns which compel users to read ads and enter them into a textbox for much better brand recall and engagement. It is much more effective than standard display ads, and may provide a much better alternative to paywalls.


Vidyard is Youtube for businesses. It makes it easy for businesses to host videos, and provides detailed analytics for each video. It is much more suited to businesses and offers the ease of uploading and embedding videos like Youtube, adding custom thumbnails, using custom skins etc., while offering much more control than Youtube.


Interview Street is a platform which helps companies hire the best programmers, using much better programming puzzles, customizable by the companies. Recruiting is a very lucrative opportunity especially when there is a hiring boom right now for programmers and engineers. Interview Street gets a hefty cut every time a candidate is hired.


Market Brief is like Bloomberg News, for company filings. It scans through thousands of SEC filings and generates articles automatically, based on what it deems newsworthy. It already has multiple new organizations and financial research outlets as users.

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