AnyBodyOutThere lets you Start Online Discussions and Interact In Real Time

Do you want to start a quick discussion online? Do you need some information and want to see how people react to your idea? Do you want to share your thoughts on a subject and see what others feel about the same? Meet Anybodyoutthere – a new online discussion board which allows people to start quick discussions and interactin Real time. You can post a question and the site will find out the people who are interested in the same subject.

To get started with the service, visit the homepage and post your question.


There are no registrations or signups required to use the service. However you may sign up for an account which lets you createa personal profile of yours. The site also lets you sign in with your Facebook account to keep things simple.

Now that you have posted a question, the site will return a list of people who may be interested in your question. Click the “Talk” button and you will be prompted to choose a nickname.


Now comes the interesting part. The service will open a chat room and send a chat request to the user with whom you want to start a chat. Start the chat and you can discuss and interact. Cool !


In their own words:

We believe that although the web is filled with all kinds of information, you still can’t replace real-time human responses. You just need to know how to find that someone to share your thought and ideas with. And that’s something we can do for you.

You can also see what problems other users are facing and offer your advice, if you want. The impressive thing about the service is that you can integrate your IM client and reply or ask questions from the IM client only.

Techie-Buzz Verdict

Anybodyoutthere is great for real time conversations and for people who need help from a human and not from a search engine. If you register for an account, you can interact with people from your IM client only. In brief, it’s a great service to start online discussions and take feedbacks or suggestions.

Techie-Buzz rating: 4/5( very good).

Buck up Google Or We Need A Feedburner Alternative

Feedburner is the most widely used service by websites to deliver RSS feeds and emails to subscribers. Last year, Feedburner was bought out by Google and things have started to go downhill after that.


Feedburner has had lots of problems in the past, and continues to have problems almost every week. The most recent one being a slump in the number of readers for the past two days. It would not have been a problem, but this is not an actual drop in subscribers, it is a drop in "Feedburner reporting", and this problem has continued to plague Feedburner for more than a year now.

I certainly don’t understand why Google is not improving the Technology behind Feedburner, when so many people rely on it. The only two features that were introduced in the past year were Socialize and ability to customize email subject, other than that all we have got are problems.

I believe that many publishers including me might have noticed a huge slump in numbers over the past 2 days. Thanks to Feedburner, we do not even know the problem, no blog updates, no help? Is this how you run a service. Agreed, it is free, but free does not mean we have to use a sucky service.

I am certainly looking for a good Feedburner alternative, not just for email, but for regular RSS subscribers too. This has continued for too long now, and it is time to Google to buck up and deliver or just move out of the way.

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Twitter Generates $6.5 Million Revenue… For Dell

Isn’t it ironic that as a platform has hardly begun to generate revenue, whereas others who have exploited the platform, have made huge revenues off it. In a startling news, Dell has made a cool revenue of over $6.5 million over the past two years.. from TWITTER.


Dell has several Twitter accounts which they use to promote products and provide customer support to their customers.

It is really amazing that someone has made that much money off Twitter. However, where does Twitter stand? If you ask me, Twitter stands in a very very lucrative position, as it is their platform that has been making revenue for others, and considering that, it would not be hard for them to sign a $1 million deal with Dell or for that matter any big cash cow to use Twitter to promote their brands or products.

Though many may think of it as a revenue loss for Twitter, this revelation makes them more stronger than they ever were, and in a very ripe position to start monetizing their system and to sign on lucrative deals.

With Google going live with their Real-time search in collaboration with Twitter, think of how much influence a premium advertiser on Twitter could have on Twitter itself, and on search results too. Just post a hot deal, it will be promoted on Twitter and users searching for those products will see them as real-time search results.

I personally wish that this would turn into something that Twitter has always been longing for, after all it is simply not just about What you are doinganymore.

What do you think? Let us know about your thoughts.

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Open Links In Focused Tabs Or Windows To Increase Productivity

Usually when you come across an article, you might find several links in them, some of which you might want to click and read.

However the default behavior many of us follow is to open the link in a background tab or window and read it later, this works fine if you have a few links to open and read, however most of the times we pile up several background tabs which we need to read.

Now there are two problems with this that tend to make you lose productivity.

  1. At times, you tend to forget why you opened a tab in the first place while reading it.
  2. At a later point of time while reading something you might not find that information relevant or useful at all, wasting both time and energy.

As a good practice, whenever you come across links try to open them in the foreground window or tab and read the information right away, this will help as you know what and why you are reading the information.

It is always better to devour information while you are thinking about it and get done with it, rather than put it on the backburner, of course at times if you find something very interesting, you can create a temporary bookmarks folder and read it at a later time.

This is how I tend to deal with content and information, it works out pretty well for me, however it might not work out well for many others, so it would be good to hear how you deal with devouring information?

Do let us know about the methods you use to stay productivity while reading content.

Open Source – Is It All Hype or Just Good Software?

This is a guest post by Randy Kemp

Open source software: Is it hype or just good software? Well, before we go into this question, we really need a definition. Let’s start with this good, basic definition of open source.


They say, Open source software is software for which the underlying code has been made available for users. Users are then able to read it or change it as they wish.This is a good definition. But how do we find good open source software, if such a thing exists?

Are you into country music? If so, do you remember a tune called Dust On The Bottleby David Lee Murphy? Well, the song is about this young lad, who goes to this country wine maker named Creal, for something to impress a young lady. And he pulled out a bottle of wine, covered with dust.

Let’s examine a couple lines from this song, and relate it to open source software. There might be a little dust on the bottle. But don’t let it fool ya ’bout what’s inside.So we get our first inkling about open source. It appears to be dusty on the surface, but it is good inside. And that is the problem. Not everyone has a person called Creal, to tell them what constitutes a good bottle of wine let alone good open source software.

Now let’s take another verse of the Murphy song, that gives us a better clue. There might be a little dust on the bottle. It’s one of those things that gets sweeter with time. Now before we get into this sweeter with timething, let me give you a bit of background, as to why I can speak on these things.

For several years, I was a software developer at Motorola, where I wore many hats. Three years of working with Oracle and Java, and three years of working with ASP.NET and SQL Server. In addition, I wore the hats of technical writer, project manager, business analyst, trainer, and six-sigma black belt. But I ran web servers for engineers, based upon the open source web server Apache, and scripted UNIX with Perl, another popular open source product. So let’s start this sweeter with time, with a product called Tomcat.

apache_tomcat Tomcat is a Java product, which is under the Apache organization umbrella, and the source was initially donated by Sun Microsystems. Tomcat is basically used to be a java interface between databases, like Oracle, and a web server. There was a lot of rumble initially that Tomcat was really buggy. But when it was released as open source, the worldwide community of super coders went to work cleaning it up. Today this product is in the same class as any commercial equivalent. So it has gotten sweeter over time.

lamp_logo Another example of sweeter over timeis L.A.M.P. L.A.M.P. is a hybrid of four products, named LINUX, APACHE, MYSQL, and PHP. What we have is an operating system (LINUX being the open source version of UNIX), a web server (APACHE), a database (MYSQL, even though I consider POSTGRESQL to be just as good), and a scripting language (PHP).

Each of these products has been successful for many years. But together, they constitute a powerful combination, for running complete web applications, with dynamic (database) content.

Now there are a couple of points here, that need to be shared, so as not to see open source as cut and dry.

  1. If you are running critical applications, make sure you give sufficient time, after a new architecture is introduced. So if Apache is going from 1 X to 2X, Tomcat from 5X to 6X, or Perl from 7 X to 8X, don’t be the first on the technology bandwagon. Wait until Apache 2.2 X, for example.
  2. Insure there are software support companies available; it is it critical to get a fix right away. I know, for example, that MYSQL has service contracts available, from the commercial company that oversees the software.

I hope you enjoyed this short introduction to open source software.  If you have any questions, please be sure to contact me, or leave post comments.  I love hearing from open source enthusiasts – even those who also need to be converted.

Randy Kemp is a B2B Technology Copywriter  (B2B-TechCopy), Motorola Six-Sigma Black Belt, Computer Scientist, Writer, Psychologist, former IT Consulting Company Owner, and Inbound/Direct Response Marketer.  He is committed to Providing Persuasion Artistry for B2B Technology Marketing Communications (I.E. white paper, case study, social media).  Please visit his website, for more audio and video social media links,  at

Microsoft Should Make Windows XP Free To Tackle Piracy and Linux

There has been lot of discussion about new operating systems cropping up to beat the legacy of Microsoft based operating systems, however much they try they have not been able to penetrate the market and may not be able to do in the future.

However more than anything, one thing that changed everything for Microsoft was Windows XP, it actually was really the most accepted operating system Microsoft ever made and will always remain that way, no matter how much or improved, Windows XP will still be remembered by many as a operating system they can always fall back on.

However now that Microsoft has decided to retire Windows XP in the coming year, it would make a great decision to offer a free if not a open source version of Windows XP to users.

This would definitely cut down privacy and stamp Microsoft’s authority on a lot of people who are solely concerned that Microsoft sells operating systems at a cost they cannot afford to buy at.

With Windows 7 already making a huge impact on people, letting out Windows XP for free will not only increase the credibility of Microsoft, it will also enhance their image among people who hate them for the price factor.

If Microsoft makes the decision to make XP free, it will not have to compete with the growing popularity of Ubuntu and other Linux based desktops, since most of the people moving to them are looking to save costs while building affordable personal computing systems.

Will providing free operating system make a loss? Not that we think, in fact it will bring more and more people who are breaking away from Microsoft back home.

What do you think about this? Should Microsoft give away Windows XP for free? Join the discussion and let us know.

Why Google Chrome OS Will Not Beat Microsoft?

We talked about how Google was developing their own operating system, in that post we had said that we would do a more detailed post about what things look for Microsoft & cover other discussions, here is what we actually think about the Google OS post.


Microsoft May Not Sit Up And Take Notice

For 100s of reasons, Microsoft may take notice of this announcement, however there will be no board meetings, there will be no developer talk and there will be no panic.

There have been so many variants of Linux coming up that have just been there, done that and remained, if anyone wants to challenge Microsoft they need to convince people to start using them.

And Microsoft themselves have not been able to convince people to stop using IE6, so forget about others convincing people to change their OS.

Google Is Doing More Than They Should

Agreed Google is really big, they do a lot of things, but most of the times they close down really good projects, for reasons unknown to the rest of the universe, and by good projects we mean really good one’s.

Google Notebook and Google Browser Sync are two real good examples of Google closing down good projects.

Both of these products were really useful and could have been continued, however Google chose to close them down.

It is really a corporate decision, but we would really like to meet people who forced that one onto users.

Coming back to the point, Google OS is still not out for public usage, and we bet that many manufacturers may want to put a Google OS on their systems, but we bet that many people will ask this question Ok what else can I do other than searching? Where is the operating system?.

Of course Google will definitely publicize their OS using ads, however will it work, will people relate to Google with a OS like they do with search? A thing we are sure the Google marketing department is thinking hard about with this announcement.

Search, Emails, Calendar and Docs Don’t Make A OS

While Google made a announcement they forgot to tell users how and what applications they would support, agreed that these 4 things are required, but at the end they do not really make a OS, unless you can support applications that people use on a everyday basis, no one is really going to support you.

There is WINE, but hey you are selling this to public not geeks, unless you develop applications to work with your system, no one is going to bother about using you, netbooks are fine as the main aim of it is to provide users with portability without carrying a huge laptop around, however what does portability mean when you can’t access applications that are essential.

Lighter, Faster, Meaner, Google OS Is Just Another Linux

The biggest problem with the open source community is that you can fork and create your own variants, there are so many variants of Linux that we stopped counting, that is where the open source philosophy is lacking, everyone thinks they can do better than someone else, and there is no restriction.

Once Google open sources, there may be ten different OSs that crop up based on that, and then you have to decide which one to choose.

There is no problem with open source, the problem exists because there is no control, there is just forks and forks which are different from each other.

Of course Google will control their own fork, but they are creating something out of something else, leaner and meaner.

OEMs Don’t Give You Free OS, So The Whole Concept Of Free Is Flawed

If you buy a laptop or a netbook from a retailer, your OS does not come for free, no matter whether they give you Windows or Linux.

OS manufacturers make money no matter what you use out of the final retail cost, so the concept of a free OS is largely a flawed medium when it comes to buying computers.

Keep this in mind, no Linux distro comes free when you buy a OEM laptop, desktop or netbook, it is a largely wrong concept people are used to.

Google OS Is Still Not Here, So Why This Discussion?

That is why we are here, to discuss and analyze things before they leave their stables, to analyze and let you know your technology head on.

Of course things may not turn out as we discussed it here, however it may happen and it is our honest opinion.

Go ahead and let us know your thoughts, the post is incomplete without them.

We want to know your Favorite Browser [User Poll]

In this every competing world of Internet there are several browsers available to users for browsing the Internet. Each browser have their own good and bad and users tend to have their own favorites.

In this ever going trend, we are truly amazed on how browsers keep on becoming better and better. We are more than curious about what our readers favorite browsers are.

So go ahead tell us through your comments, which browser is your favorite and why you think it is better than the others, we will compile a list from the comments and let the world know why they should use any particular browser based on your feedback.

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