Seven Indie Games for $10. Steam Midweek Sale


Time once again for the Steam Midweek Sale. This time it’s a sure-fire winner. Steam has released seven Indie games for a great price of $9.99. Yes, 7 games, 10 dollars. This steal of a deal has some great games in the bundle that, though not visually as pleasing as Braid, have addictive gameplay and unbelievable style. Did I mention that you will be getting seven games in the Midweek Madness sale of Steam? Oh, and each game is separately available for $2 as well. Go buy!

And what precisely are these games you ask? Well, the seven games are:-

1. Altitude: This little multiplayer dogfight-em-up has already stolen about 4 hours of my life in a day. Extremely addictive, choose from five different planes and play a game of plane-football, team deathmatch, free-for-all or team base demolition. Addictive after the first few minutes and an insane amount of fun. This one is a must buy (get it for $2 during the sale!) and goes above and beyond the expected.


2. Bob Came in Pieces: Bob has a problem. He has crashed on a strange planet and broken his ship into crazy pieces, and he is late for work. Rebuild Bob’s ship in any way you like as you use the ship and your custom attachments to solve physics-based puzzles in a beautifully crafted environment.

Bob Came in Pieces

3. Bullet Candy: An arena shooter that is basically asteroids on steroids and acid. Psychedelic environments notwithstanding, this game is tons of fun with addictive gameplay and an excellent online leaderboard system. Also, Steam cheevios!

Bullet Candy

4. Galcon Fusion: Conquer the Galaxy with 38564 triangles! This simplistic galaxy conquest game has you controlling planets with their triangular ships. Though the game sounds simple, it gets progressively harder and has frantically large amounts of triangles on the screen at any time. A must buy, just because of its addictive nature.

Galcon Fusion

5. Gridrunner Revolution: The next step in Gridrunner evolution. Featuring several game modes and several levels across 4 difficulty levels, this game promises to waste a large amount of your time. Also, procedurally generated backdrops and enemies make it a great companion for your Pink Floyd playlists.

Gridrunner Revolution

6. Space Giraffe: Simplistically presented as a shooter, this game takes you to new heights (especially if you already are high). Flashy graphics synthesized in real time make every game of Space Giraffe unique.

Space Giraffe

7. Super Laser Racer: Geometric racer with weapons and a crazy techno soundtrack and very simple controls. I need say no more.

Super Laser Racer

I bought this pack as soon as I found out. Do buy this pack if you liked more than a couple of games. You are helping independent devs with their work. Also, Steam achievements! (Ha)

Get the Midweek Madness Sale off Steam now!

Complete Majesco Catalog 50% off on

Our favorite DRM-free classic games digital distributor is at it once again! Good Old Games is offering the entire Majesco catalog they posses for a jaw-droppingly low price of $15.96. Four really awesome games are on sale here, namely Advent Rising, BloodRayne 1&2 and Psychonauts. This offer will end on the 1st of March at 11:59PM EDT.


What are these games, you ask? Well, without further ado, here the brief descriptions of the four games (as is the norm!)


Advent Rising is a third-person science-fiction game about good aliens and bad aliens and the really ugly aliens (namely us!). Follow Gideon Wyeth through his important mission of alien contact and more in this masterful yet flawed gem.


BloodRayne puts you in the shoes (and sexy clothes as well) of the dhampir known as Agent BloodRayne. As an unholy child of a human and a vampire, you get to drink pre-Nazi cultist’s blood as well as kill a host of unearthly creatures in style. MUCH better than the movie, trust me.


BloodRayne 2 is the sequel to the much loved BloodRayne and will have you hunting vampire siblings who have procured a new substance that makes them immune to the sun’s rays. Hack n slash fun!


Psychonauts has seen Techie Buzz before in the great sale. Play as Raz, a cadet at psychic summer camp and solve mysterious disappearances in this game that got almost everything perfect.

Do remember that each game has a 30% off tag as well if you buy it separately. This is a great collection for anyone looking for a long holiday with games!

Get the Majesco collection here!

Steam-Exclusive Worms Game will be a Console Copy

What is Worms you ask? If you had asked that question to me in person, my cold stare would have given you frostbite. Worms is the amazing turn-based blow-things-up game where you control a pack (/army/collection) of worms on a mission to annihilate the other team[s] of worms. In the process of annihilation, you also get to blow other things up, like the environment for example. But this is not the best part of the game. The best part of the game is blowing things up with really wacky weapons, like flying SuperSheep that explode when they touch ground.


Now, after a successful bout of sales in the console market, the developers of the Worms series (Team17) are looking to sell another 2D variant exclusively on Steam. This game, entitled Worms: Reloaded will be an extended edition of the console versions of lateand thus will be similar to Worms: Open Warfare or the Worms for XBLA and PSN.


However, that is the end of conjecture as there has not been any sufficient development where news is concerned. Stay tuned for more updates as Team17 irons out issues and eventually launches it on Steam. Until then try not to kill yourself in the excitement!


Spellforce Franchise Sale on Steam.

Well, it’s time for the weekend deal from a whole lot of places, and here’s the one from Steam something that actually piqued my interest enough. The entire Spellforce series is available for 75% off until Monday. Yes, for a cumulative price of $11.24 you get the Spellforce: Platinum and Spellforce 2: Gold editions equivalent to over a hundred hours of RPG-Strategy fun!


Spellforce: Platinum Edition encompasses three games, Spellforce: The Order of the Dawn, Shadow of the Phoenix and Breath of Winter. With these titles, Phenomic established their slightly buggy, nevertheless endearing group of RTS-RPG hybrids firmly into gamers’ hearts.


Using six races (simultaneously, might I add) the player gets to fight over thirty different kinds of enemies in the Real Time Strategy part of the game, while the high degree of customization and identification with the hero character allows the player to delve into the Role Playing slice of this game. In all a fantastic fantasy setting that any RPG fan can jump straight into!


Spellforce 2: Gold Edition was the sequel to the surprising but tacky Spellforce series which had become quite the favorite with many gamers because of its gameplay. It fixed several issues while introducing new possibilities. It also featured multiplayer battles (whereas the previous only featured cooperative multiplayer) with up to 6 opponents. The Gold edition contains both the original, Shadow Wars, and the Dragon Storm addon.


Adding to the original both graphically and features-wise, Spellforce 2 was quite an achievement for Phenomic and did lots of good for JoWood.

So will you buy these two game-packs on Steam? If yes, do let me know why because I am in two minds about this; I have quite a few games in queue and I fear I’ll be buying this only for the sake of buying it. Convince me in the comments section please!

New Steam Client Opens for Public Beta

Steam is by far the best commercial digital distribution website around. It does have the advantage of being more visible than the other digital distributors and being Valve’s platform. That company makes games that can only be described in a word as awesome, and nothing else. The Steam client is the one portal through which you can play games that you have downloaded.


Valve has apparently become bored of the original user interface (UI) and has decided to release a new UI. The result is like playing Counter Strike 1.6 and then switching to Counter Strike: Source. The revamped UI, though marginally slower than the previous, looks slick and functions very well. If you have the Steam client installed, you can click this link and choose 2010 UI Update’ under the Beta Participation dropdown menu.


The UI update requires a restart of the client and revamps it entirely. The interface looks far more modern than the previous one, fitting with my Windows 7 decals. The store page itself looks far better than on the browser. The browser performance was marginally better than earlier (though I can attribute that to my faster connection today) and it looks really slick.


The library can be sorted according to your wishes by grouping them into custom categories. This is especially useful when you have a really large collection of games on Steam.


The game page is really cool. It shows you the number of friends currently playing the game, and all your friends who play that game. Recent news pertaining to the game is also shown below the friends section. Valve had always wanted to make the Steam platform social and it seems that they have come close to that.


The in-game overlay has also been drastically changed, allowing you to access Steam in a more streamlined fashion.



The news and community links have largely been left untouched (as they are merely web pages).

In all, Valve has launched a pretty decent update to their client. They will therefore be hoping for a positive reaction from most of the users and only time (involving a lot of gaming) will tell if they have struck gold. Nevertheless, I advise you to go ahead and switch to the new UI, it does look great!

Shattered Horizon Free to Play This Weekend

Futuremark Games Studio took the not-so-novel concept of the First Person Shooter and eliminated Newton’s meddling altogether in this fantastic multiplayer-only game. With the familiarity of the firmness of land beneath you eliminated altogether, the coldness and haunting of space encroaches upon you in Shattered Horizon. However, you have intuitive controls and intense 32-player action around you to forget all that and just press on the attack! Steam is selling the single-user game for $9.99, while the Clan Pack is available for $29.99! But, of course you cannot judge all that by the screenshot itself, so Steam is offering this game for free this weekend.


Shattered Horizon will test your agility, reflexes as well as a general sense of direction in a brilliantly built environment. This comes at a price this game is DirectX10 only. Yes it does require a DirectX10 capable video and Windows Vista or Windows 7 running on your computer apart from the other requirements to play. Yes, fighting in zero gravity has its price. Nevertheless, feast your eyes on the eye-popping visuals below:-



If your computer can support this game, you have the money to spend and you have a decent internet connection, not to mention if you are a fan of FPSs, grab this game off Steam before the weekend is up. If not, just download it and play it over the weekend (1262MB Download).

NecrovisioN: Lost Company Available for Pre-Purchase on Steam and Impulse

When NecrovisioN, the original game featuring shocking horror mixed with First Person Shooter (FPS) elements, was released it received mixed reviews; the game was mostly praised for its run-and-gun nature and criticized for its relative lack of anything more complicated. Nevertheless, it was priced well and told the story of a young American soldier during the Great War. As Simon Bukner and his men were pushed deeper and deeper through a series of dark trenches on a particularly bloody battle, they discovered that war truly was hell. Combining magic, demonic powers and the good old Springfield .30, this game kept several players happily occupied especially because it was cheaper than quite a few other games out there.


NecrovisioN: Lost Company aims at recreating that spectacle of gore, magic and vampires in a prequel to the original. However, the perspective is switched you play a German soldier who discovers and fights the monstrosities from underground. You will lead troops from every country as they are gathered around in the front on a massive assault against these evil beings until finally you succumb to the evil powers and become the first Necromancer who opposes Bukner from the original.


With ten new levels, fifteen new characters and quite a few special upgrades in addition to six new weapons, this one will definitely appeal to all those who enjoyed the original.


NecrovisioN: Lost Company is available on Steam and Impulse.

Bonus for Steam buyers: Those who preorder Lost Company get a free copy of the original NecrovisoN if they pre-order! This offer ends on the 20th of February! Hurry!

Pre-Purchase DoWII Chaos Rising on Steam and Get Saints Row 2 Free

Blood Ravens or the Chaos Marines of the Black Legion you choose in this exciting new sequel to Dawn of War II. Yes, we all hunger for this game it has become the object of our fantasy, and about three weeks before its release date, Steam has decided to egg us on with a juicy pre-purchase offer on Chaos Rising. The $29.99 price tag notwithstanding, Steam is ready to give away Saints Row 2 for free if you pre-purchase Chaos Rising.

Chaos Rising

So why would I buy Chaos Rising anyway, you ask? Well, in addition to the usual gimmicks of a sequel (new missions, units, maps, level caps) a new Chaos corruption mechanic adds to the brooding flavor of the atmosphere. Devastating weapons laced with the corruption of the Chaos Gods influence this story which (as always) is full of the brutality that has become the trademark of the DoW series.


And while you are waiting for the game to unlock, what would be a better way to spend those nail-biting days and nights than playing an open-world action game? That is exactly what Saints Row 2 is. With complete customization and great combat not to mention multiplayer support to go with the story missions that span the entire free-roaming world, this is a game for all of you Fallout 3, Oblivion, GTA lovers who would prefer a more down-to-Earth setting.

Dawn of War II: Chaos Rising is available for pre-purchase on Steam here.

Shadowgrounds Pack Deeply Discounted on Steam until 4PM PST today

Steam’s Midweek Madness sale has put up the Shadowgrounds pack for the deeply discounted price of $4.99 only until 4PM PST today (Thursday, 18th February, 2010). What is this Shadowgrounds thing, you ask? Well, it is the spiritual successor to Crusader: No Remorse and Alien Syndicate, top-down shooters that featured amazing environments, powerful weapons and blood, blood, goo and a little more blood. The Shadowgrounds pack consisting of the original Shadowgrounds and its sequel Shadowgrounds Survivor breathes new life into this action-packed genre and aims to waste hours of your time!


The first game offered only a glimpse of gory madness with an innovative weapon upgrade system, a realistic lighting system that ensured that the aliens you battled came out sneakily from the shadows in a haunting Alien-alien manner. Sure to shock you while making your eyes pop! There are little tidbits here and there that will maintain the atmosphere and influence the behavior of the aliens and your character very well!


The second game added on to the atmosphere and lighting of the first with realistic physics (thanks to AGEIA PhysX technology) featuring breakable objects as well. But as the Steam page says, surviving is only half the game. This game comes bundled with modding and editing tools that will have definitely piqued the interest of the community.


Well, what are you waiting for? This great top-down shooter collection is available for five dollars at the Steam store. Get it now!

D2D Deal of the Week: Hammerfight 50% off

Hammerfight in one line is a Steampunk game featuring mouse-dependant fighting controls of a gyrocopter with dangling weapons from an indie Russian developer. Well, this line does not say much, but with a little bit of explanation, I’m sure you will understand what this is all about.


Hammerfight is a Steampunk game: A subgenre of SF and alternate history, with fictional inventions and outlandish technology that runs off steam. Think Wild Wild West and you have steampunk. This 2D game features the typical iron-made gyrocopters that you fly around in a dense, if a little low-res backgrounds.

Hammerfight Screen1

Hammerfight has a gyrocopter with dangling weapons that are controlled by the mouse: Realistic physics merged with fantasy was done best in Trine, and Hammerfight aims to do the same with flying iron houses with weapons that are handled by the mouse. The extent to which you move your mouse and hit the target governs the amount of damage given so frantic sideway motions with the mouse are commonplace in this game and can be said to be the essence that defines the game. And it does so excellently.

Hammerfight Screen2

Hammerfight is an indie game from Russia: Konstantin Koshutin developed this game under KranX Productions and scored. This beautiful game, reminiscent of the classic top-down shooters with a twist is highly worth it for $9.99.

Hammerfight Screen3

However since this is a deal post, I guess you are waiting for the deal price. Well, over at Direct2Drive, this game is selling at the 50% off price of $4.99, DRM-free. That is a sweet deal, if you ask me!

Hammerfight Screen4

Nevertheless, if you wish to try a demo before buying this game with about 50 weapons, breakable objects, great art and setting with a story to boot, head over to Steam for the free demo!