iOS 5 Beta 2 Now Available for Developers

On Friday, Apple released iOS 5 Beta 2, the next version of its mobile operating system for iPhones, iPads, and iPod touches. You will need a paid ($99/year) developer account to download this beta, and you can sign in with your developer credentials to gain access. The latest beta release brings WiFi sync to the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

iOS 5 Beta 2 release screenshot

WiFi Sync was one of the features touted at Apple’s WWDC event, and allows iOS 5 users to sync their devices to their iTunes libraries without a computer. As of now, you can use WiFi Sync only with iTunes for Mac.

Other important updates, as reported by 9to5 and BGR are:

  • iCloud logo becomes silver in settings

iCloud Silver Logo

  • Lockscreen notifications got an update from the UI department

iOS 5 homescreen

  • Notifications on the lockscreen are redone — they’re much, much bigger for a single alert, then shows in list view for multiple alerts.
  • iMessage only works with iOS beta 2 both ways, but it’s super fast now. We’re guessing Apple changed the servers they used for this.
  • When creating an iCloud account you can use any Apple ID provided it is a full email address and not a MobileMe account. If you have a MobileMe account, you can copy data from that account to an iCloud account to use during testing. You can find more information on iCloud at:
  • When signing in with a Classic MobileMe account via iOS 5.0 Setup Assistant, it offers iCloud Backup.

Apple will be releasing iOS 5 this fall, and we are expecting more beta releases before final release is ready.

You can checkout full change log here.