Microsoft Intends to Inspire Artists with ‘The Art of Touch’

Microsoft is inspiring artistic creativity through the launch of an international project called The Art of Touch. The campaign provides a free digital toolset and canvas to easily create, save, and share digital artwork.

The Art of Touch

The Art of Touch app is inspired by the natural movements of the Microsoft Touch Mouse family of products. The Arc Touch Mouse is the first mouse designed to flatten for portability and pop up for comfort. The app pushes modern browsers to their limit and the canvas feature of HTML5 is combined with JavaScript libraries to draw the strokes and computer-generated animations in real-time to the Web browser. The app is quite different than a traditional drawing program and requires you to anchor your creativity around the intelligence and style of the tool.

The project invites artists of all ages using a modern HTML5-capable browser to use the digital palette and canvas. The Art of Touch site,, transforms a visitor’s mouse into a paintbrush to allow them to paint using six different effects to create their artwork, and show off to their friends online and through Facebook where they can earn votes to win prizes in The Art of Touch Sweepstakes. The top vote-getter will be showcased on The Art of Touch site as a featured artist.

Test Websites In Different Fonts From Google Font Directory

As a designer or website developer, you would want to try and vary the fonts you use on a webpage to get the best typography for it, however, doing this through CSS could take a little effort.

Google Font Directory API Tester Chrome Extension

Google Font Directory provides users with several fonts which they can use on their website by embedding JavaScript code on your website. The fonts provided through the directory are open source and will be served through Google’s servers.

Google Font API Tester is a extension which will allow you to test the fonts made available through Google Font Directory on any website without having to make any physical changes to the code.

Techie Buzz Verdict

The Google Font API Tester is a pretty neat extension which will save developers and designers some work when they want to make use of fonts from the Google Font Directory, however, this extension is not useful for testing other fonts.

My advise to the developer would be to extend this extension and allow users to somehow also use other popular fonts currently being used on websites, that way it could be used by people who want to test websites with fonts like Arial, Verdana and so on without having to make physical changes to the code.

Techie Buzz Rating: 3/5

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