Dell Launches The WM311 Optical Mouse

Dell is a company which many people think only sells LCDs, computers andDell WM311 laptops. Well Dell also manufacturers mice for computers and laptops . Their mice might not be as popular as that from Logitech, Razor but nevertheless they still manufacture them. Dell has just released a new wireless optical mouse. The mouse has a density of 1000 dpi and features 3 buttons. The mouse is named as the WM311. The plus point of this mouse is that the mini USB receiver of the mouse can be stored within the device itself.

The WM311 is available in Red, Blue and Black colours. The device has a two tone colour, and the base of the mouse will be in black irrespective of the colour users choose. Users can purchase the mouse from Dell’s Online shop for $29.99 excluding shipping and taxes.


Dell Thunder Is Set To Thunder Its Way In To The Android World

Dell will be releasing a series of phones this year. First the Lightning, and now the Dell Thunder. While the Lightning runs on WP7 OS, the Thunder runs on the Android OS. The specifications of the Dell Thunder are similar to thedell-thunder Lightning. The Dell Thunder features a 4.1inch WVGA OLED display (AMOLED or Super AMOLED?), and has a 8MP camera. As of now, no other information about the hardware of the device is available. Looking at the specs, it is very likely that Snapdragon processor will be used on the Dell Thunder as well.

The Thunder will have a custom Dell UI named Stagerunning on top of the Android OS. At the time of its launch, the Thunder will have Android OS v2.1. The leaked document also suggests that the Dell Thunder will feature Flash 10.1 support. There is also a mention of an   “integrated web video Hulu app.” Hopefully, this will be the mobile Hulu application everyone has been waiting for so eagerly. The phone will be sold under the AT&T network, and the HSDPA version.

The phone is expected to be available from around Q4 of this year. The LTE model of this device will also be released at the end of Q4, 2011.


Dell Lightning Leaked, All Set To Strike The Mobile World!

Dell is one of the world’s largest PC and laptop manufacturers. Dell has been selling a few low to medium end handsets in the Chinese market. But now it looks like Dell will beDell Lightning striking the whole world with the Dell Lightning. The Dell Lightning is a WP7 based phone and features a 4.1 inch OLED display. It is not known whether the display is an AMOLED or a Super AMOLED. We   hope its the latter, because of its better sunlight legibility.

The CPU is the 1Ghz monster from Qualcomm the Snapdragon. The Lightning has a portrait slider form factor and features a full QWERTY keyboard. The phone has 512MB of RAM and 1Gb of ROM. It also packs in 8gb of internal storage. The device also features a 5MP camera, and can playback DivX files natively.

Flash and Silverlight are also supported by the device. The usual GPS, FM Radio, Accelerometer are all present. The launch date of the device is pegged at Q4, of this year. It is also believed that the device will be getting a hardware upgrade to support LTE networks, in Q4 of 2011.


Dell Streak Series Of Tablet Devices Leaked

Engadget reports that Dell will soon be announcing the Dell Streak 7 inch and 10 inch tablets. The rumored launch date of the 7 inch Dell Streak is late 2010, while that of the 10 inch one is early 2011. It is possible that the device may initially be launched under the AT&T network. Engadget also reports that Dell’s Aero – the lightest Android handset to be ever announced – will be released in June, this year.

No other details about Dell’s Streak series of tablet devices are known. When the folks at Engadget contacted Dell regarding the Streak series of tablets, they got a very “insightful” reply :

“Dell continually develops and tests new products that extend the mobile experience. We have not made any product announcements and do not comment on speculation, rumor or unannounced products.”

It will be interesting to see whether the Dell Streak series of tablets run on Android OS or Windows 7. As of now, no further information about the specifications of Dell Streak tablets are available. The processor, amount of RAM, and the hard disk capacity, all remain a mystery. Since Android OS now supports the Intel Atom processor, it might very well be possible that the Dell Streak tablets use the new Atom Sandy bridge processors.

Dell Moving China Operations To India, Following The Google Bandwagon

In a severe jolt to China, Dell has announced that it will be moving almost $25 billion of operations from China to India, following Google and GoDaddy, who recently quit China this week.

Dell India

According to reports from Indian newspaper Hindustan Times, the Chairman of Dell, Michael Dell has assured Indian Prime Minister, Manmohan Singh that Dell will be moving its $25 billion operation out of China to India.

Dell reportedly told the India Prime Minister that they were looking for a safer environment with [a] climate conducive to enterprise. However, Dell will not be a new entrant into India as they already have an office there and moving there would just bring more business India’s way.

This is definitely bad for China since this is the third big company to have already walked out or are planning a walk out of an industry which is notorious for its sanctions and censoring.

I would definitely not be surprised if several more companies start to walk out of China after having enough of the monopolistic nature of the government. The coming weeks will be pretty crucial on how things pan out. However, all we can do is keep an eye to see how many companies have the itch to start packing their bags and moving onto more liberal shores.

[via Nexus404 and Gizmodo]