That Old Delicious Tree is Spreading Roots Beneath The Surface

youtube-foundersRemember one of Yahoo’s popular products which eventually got acquired by YouTube founders because Yahoo decided to shut it down during late 2010. Since April 2011, there has been no news or hints on why YouTube founders acquired a service which was dying anyway. Turns out, Chad Hurley and Steve Chen were busy preparing the blueprints of a new Delicious and a re-launch of the service seems imminent.

We are trying to introduce a new Delicious to the world and make it mainstream, Mr. Hurley said in an interview to New York Times. Twitter sees something like 200 million tweets a day, but I bet I can’t even read 1000 a day.There’s a waterfall of content users are missing out on. There are a lot of services trying to solve the information discovery problem, and no one has got it right yet.

Interestingly, Chad and Hurley’s new venture has a couple of job listings for the position of a web developer, application developer and a browser extension developer. This is a strong hint that Delicious might just re-launch itself this fall and a complete overhaul of the old bookmarking giant is being prepared in the garage.

Mr. Chen confirmed that the foundation for overhauling the site’s design and the software system has been laid out. A team of 15 developers are working to reorganize bookmarks and links into browseable stacks,or collections of related images, videos and links shared around topical events.

We want to simplify things visually, mainstream the product and make it easier for people to understand what they’re doing,Mr. Hurley said.

From the interview transcript, it is clear that Delicious will still remain a bookmarking destination and will not turn out to be another social site for sharing photos, videos and regular updates with friends. The new Delicious will allow users to club similar links and pages together in a bundle, which someone else can browse. The site would also make personalized recommendations for users, based on their sharing habits.


Well that’s the current trend of every other social site. YouTube, Facebook, Google Plus they work on the same principle of keeping the user in the center and encircle him with content he has interest on. I am not sure how the new Delicious is going to attract its lost flavor, web users are already overloaded with dozens of social sites and they don’t really care about something which made a fuzz and turned off to smoke months ago.

Delicious still attracts half a million visitors a month and YouTube founders are clever enough not to piss them off.

Time will tell.

Delicious Acquired By YouTube Founders

It has been a tough past few months for Yahoo and Delicious in general. The turmoil started out in December 2010 when a leaked PowerPoint slide showed that Yahoo was sun setting Delicious. This led to several users switching to Delicious alternatives.

Delicious Logo

Yahoo later on confirmed that Delicious was not shutting down and would be kept alive while they looked for potential buyers. They did have a hard time finding any buyers but have finally been able to sell Delicious to the founders of .

According to a blog post and help page on Delicious, Yahoo will continue transitioning the property and will operate it till July 2011 after which it will be handed over to the new owners.

Today, we’re pleased to announce that Delicious has been acquired by the founders of YouTube, Chad Hurley and Steve Chen. As creators of the largest online video platform, they have firsthand experience enabling millions of users to share their experiences with the world. They are committed to running and improving Delicious going forward.

Providing a seamless transition for users is incredibly important for both companies. Yahoo! will continue to operate Delicious until approximately July 2011. When the transition period is complete, your information will be moved over to Delicious’ new owner.

Chad Hurley and Steve Chen acquired delicious as part of their company AVOS. They have promised users the same great service as they are accustomed to.

As a part of the transition process, users will have to login to Delicious and then transfer their account to AVOS. Users will have to convert their Yahoo accounts to Delicious accounts as part of this process. Users would have to either create new usernames or continue using their old Delicious accounts.

It’s definitely going to be a long journey for both Delicious and AVOS along with users of the service. If you think that you want to pack your bags and move out of Delicious here are some articles which might come in helpful to you.

So are you going to stick around with Delicious or move on to another alternative? Do let me know.

Import Delicious Bookmarks To Google Bookmarks

Back in December, Yahoo almost created chaos and destroyed a popular product; Delicious, with a leaked PowerPoint presentation. Many people freaked out and tried to export their Delicious bookmarks out so that their data would remain safe.

Delicious Google Bookmarks

We also wrote about several Delicious Alternatives for Bookmarking and ways to import your Delicious bookmarks into Google Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera, Diigo and Xmarks, but it looks like Google too now wants your Delicious bookmarks and have launched a tool to import your bookmarks into Google Bookmarks.

As reported by Mashable, the Delicious to Google Bookmarks tool will help you import your Delicious bookmarks to Google Bookmarks. The import tools uses Yahoo’s OAuth validation to fetch your bookmarks from Delicious and then adds it to your Google Bookmarks account. You will have to provide your username and password if you haven’t migrated your Delicious account to a Yahoo account. Google will not store any of your credentials after the import process is complete.

Deliciously Disastrous: Diigo Has 30 Million Delicious Bookmark Imports

Looks like Delicious is going to lose a lot of users come what may. Diigo, which is gaining more popularity in the bookmarking and cloud storage in general have processed 10 Million Delicious Bookmarks in a day and they still have to process 20 million more thanks to the disastrous leak about Delicious closing down, which is still going to survive though.

Delicious Logo

According to a couple of tweets from Diigo, the have migrated over 10 million Delicious bookmarks in a day and are still migrating 20 million or more bookmarks from the service which was once a crowd favorite. And boy the folks at Diigo are definitely struggling at keeping up with it.

10m bmk imports from delicious processed, 20+ m still in queue. Getting new servers & improving codes to try speeding up! Sorry for the wait

Normally, we import 100k bmk/day. With 30m from delicious, that’s about a year worth of normals. Getting new servers and codes to speed up!

The past two days have been definitely a nightmare for Yahoo and Delicious in general. There are ways to export your Delicious bookmarks and import Delicious bookmarks into Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Internet Explorer, Xmarks and Diigo themselves, heck there are so many Delicious Alternatives too.

Whatever the case, I do believe that the valuation of Delicious has hit rock bottom right now. I mean there are so many alternatives for Delicious right now that no one would put enough money for Yahoo to say yes. To top it, creating a bookmarking service is a child’s play these days.

Back in the days Delicious was a really good way of garnering traffic and getting bookmarked, but those days are not out of question. And who might I say ruined this? Yahoo! of course, they should probably shut shop and leave us alone. Do they care for our fingers and how often we have to write about them shutting down a service? Automatically Bookmarks Your Tweets On Delicious, So You Can Find Them Later

Do you tweet a lot of links all day long ?

Ever wondered whether there is any service which can automatically bookmark your Tweets that contain links?

Enter – a brilliant web service which makes bookmarking tweets as easy as child’s play. Using, you can bookmark all of your Tweets that contain links, can convert Twitter hashtags to Delicious tags and label a unique Delicious tag to each tweet. Everything on Autopilot.

Wait…. isn’t Delicious Shutting down? No It isn’t, the service will continue to run as earlier.

How To Bookmark Tweets That Contain Links In Your Delicious Account ?

Following are the steps involved to get started with and connecting the service with your Delicious account:

1. Head over to the homepage, and sign in with your Twitter account. After you have granted permissions, you will be asked to enter an email address where the service can send you future notifications.

2. Enter your email address and hit “Save and Continue”. Fall back to your email inbox and click the verification link to continue to the next step.

3. Now you will be asked to connect your Delicious accounts with There are two types of Delicious accounts – the independent Delicious account and the older Delicious, which works with a valid Yahoo ID.

Make sure you choose the correct type of Delicious account or else the service won’t be able to bookmark the tweets. As for me, I have a yahoo linked Delicioius account, hence I chose the first option.

4. On the next page, hit the “Authorize” button.

5. All done, now you will be redirected to the page where you can tweak certain options as shown underneath:

There are basically 5 options which you may configure:

  • Expand URLs: Selecting this checkbox will automatically expand all the shortened links embedded in your tweet and post it to your Delicious account.
  • Replace Bookmarks: Self explanatory, selecting this checkbox will automatically remove the duplicate bookmarks from your Delicious account.
  • Convert Hashtags: This setting takes care of whether you want to convert Twitter hash tags to Delicious tags or not.
  • Remove These Tags: If you use a lot of hash tagged tweets, you may define some of the hash tags to be ignored by the service.
  • Add A particular tag: You may define a particular tag in this text box to make sure each link that that is sent via Packarti is accessible through that particular bookmark tag.

All done, but don’t forget to hit that “Save” button once you are done with the settings.

Now you can continue using Twitter and Delicious as before. Any of your tweets which contain a link will be autosaved as a bookmark in your Delicious account.

For example: I posted this tweet on Easter Egg In Google CR-48 Netbook and it was immediately sent to my Delicious account.

Techie Buzz Verdict

Lifesaving !

Using, I can automatically bookmark and archive all the links which I tweet everyday. Later I can simply export the bookmarks from Delicious and import it in Google Bookmarks or to my preferred browser.

Techie Buzz rating: 5/5 (Perfect).

Official: Delicious Remains Alive As of Now, Might Swap Hands Later

If you are busy exporting your bookmarks out of Delicious; thinking that the company might close shop any day, you can stop.

Yahoo has confirmed through a blog post that Delicious isn’t shutting down as of yet,   the company might swap hands in future.

The irony here is that the official statement from Yahoo could not be read for some time, because the page throwed an internal server error.

Now don’t draw any conclusion about the future of Delicious, just because their official blog was down. It came back live after a few minutes so we managed to read Yahoo’s explanation on the future of the most popular bookmarking website.

The post is more like a general FAQ page with some common questions and their answers. Following   is the summary of Yahoo’s declaration:

  • Yahoo isn’t shutting down Delicious yet. They have determined that there is an ideal home for Delicious outside of Yahoo.
  • Yahoo is currently in talks with several other companies who are interested in buying Delicious.
  • Users can still export the bookmarks if they want. Delicious continues to work the same way as earlier.

If you ask me, I have two names in mind. Google And Microsoft.

We will have to wait and see which one of the above companies manages to get their grip on Delicious.

Top Delicious Alternatives To Hop Onto

Delicious is winding up, you can export your bookmarks so that you have a backup copy. You could also import your delicious bookmarks into Diigo, Xmarks, Chrome, Opera, Firefox and Internet Explorer, however, what now? Which bookmark service can you use to store your bookmarks in the cloud? Logo

Thanks to the internet you will at-least find a few options for something you want to do, some of them might be free, some not. Here is a list of alternatives you could use for bookmarking in the cloud.

Google Chrome Sync – If you use , it has a handy feature which allows you to sync your bookmarks in the cloud. You could make use of it and have your bookmarks available on any PC running Google Chrome. If you don’t have Google Chrome handy, you will find all those bookmarks in . Alternatively you could also use Google Bookmarks.

Firefox Sync – Just like Google Chrome, also has an option to sync your bookmarks to the cloud. Use this service if you are a heavy Firefox users.

Opera Link – Another browser based backup service, but this time for . I guess I wouldn’t even have to tell Opera users about this. Use this service to backup and sync your bookmarks across Opera.

DiigoDiigo is another good service which provides with an easy way to bookmark web pages on the web. It also has some cool apps which allow you to read those bookmarks on a device like and read the webpages while you are offline. Diigo also offers a called "Read Later Fast" which allows you to store webpages in Google Chrome and read them later.

Xmarks – Many of you might be aware of Xmarks which was recently acquired by LastPass. This service has been very popular and is used by thousands of people. Xmarks also provides users a way to discover new webpages using information stored by other users, something similar to what Delicious provided users with.

I find that these three alternatives should be able to get you over your Delicious hangover, however, if you are looking for more you can always try out one of other options available below.

What’s your favorite bookmarking service? Were you a core Delicious user and are shifting to a new one. If so which one do you prefer to shift to.

How To Import Delicious Bookmarks Into Xmarks, Diigo, Chrome, Opera, Firefox or IE

Delicious is closing down, the first thing you have to do is export your Delicious bookmarks so that you have access to it. Now, what do you do with those bookmarks? Well there are several things you could do now with your Bookmarks.

Few of these include importing them to your favorite browser including , , or Internet Explorer. You can also import your Delicious Bookmarks into Xmarks, however, more on that later.

Also Read: Top Delicious Alternatives to Hop Onto

Import Delicious Bookmarks To Google Chrome, Firefox or Internet Explorer

For Google Chrome

Import Delicious Bookmarks to Google Chrome

Click on the Setting icon in Chrome and select Bookmark Manager. In the bookmark manager click on Organize and select Import bookmarks. Now select the HTML file you downloaded from Delicious and it will be imported to Google Chrome.

For Firefox

Import Delicious Bookmarks to Firefox

Click on the Bookmarks menu and select "Organize Bookmarks" from the menu. Alternatively you can also use the shortcut key "Ctrl + Shift + B". Click on the "Import and Backup" and select "Import HTML" option. Now navigate to the HTML file you downloaded and import it into Firefox.

For Opera


In order to import your delicious bookmarks to Opera, click on the "Menu -> Bookmarks -> Manage Bookmarks". In the Bookmarks manager, click on the File Menu and select "Import Firefox Bookmarks" from the list. Now navigate and select the downloaded HTML file from Delicious and import it into Opera.

For Internet Explorer

Import Delicious Bookmarks to Internet Explorer

Go to "File -> Import and Export" and select Import from a file. Click on Next and select "Favorites" on the next screen. Click next and select the downloaded HTML file and then choose the folder you want to import the bookmarks into.

Done, you now have your Delicious bookmarks in your favorite browser. Now how about moving it to Xmarks? Turns out it is easy, check the steps below.

Import Delicious Bookmarks to Xmarks

Import Delicious Bookmarks to Xmarks

Xmarks provides an easy way to import your bookmarks from Delicious to your account. Login to your Xmarks account and then head over to Now click on the "Tools" menu and select "Import Bookmarks from". Provide your Delicious username to Xmarks and it will download your bookmarks and add it to a new folder.

The downside of this feature is that it only supports 100 public bookmarks, so your private Delicious bookmarks and those which are above 100 won’t be imported. To get over this problem you can simply download a sync tool for your browser from here and then sync your imported bookmarks in the browser to Xmarks.

Import Delicious Bookmarks to Diigo

Import Delicious Bookmarks to Diigo

Another good service for bookmarking is Diigo. You can also import your delicious bookmarks to this service. To import your bookmarks to Diigo, sign in to the service and head over to this link. Now navigate to the downloaded HTML file and upload it to Diigo.

Using these import guide will ensure that your Delicious bookmarks are not lost.

Note: This article was updated to add instructions for Opera.

How To Export Delicious Bookmarks and Tags

Yahoo is going to shut down the popular bookmarking service Delicious. Though this is not going to go down well with users, here is your chance to get your bookmarks out of Delicious in time for the impending shutdown.

Export Delicious Bookmarks

So here is how you can export your Delicious bookmarks and keep them safe with you. I will try and update the post on how you can import these bookmarks into other services like Xmarks soon.

Step 1: Login to your Delicious Account.

Step 2: Head over to this Delicious bookmark exporter page.

Step 3: Choose the options you want to export or you can also export selective tags. Once you have entered your choices, click on the Export button and your bookmarks will be exported as an HTML file.

Yahoo Shutting Down Delicious?

Yahoo has been shutting down tons of its products including MyBlogLog and Geocities and also laying off employees to restructure the organization. However, there is some buzz going around that Yahoo might be shutting down Delicious, one of the most popular bookmarking services in the world.


As you can see from the image above, Yahoo has clearly marked Delicious as one of the products in the Sunset section along with MyBlogLog and Yahoo! duds like Yahoo! Buzz and Yahoo! Bookmarks. If the above image is a true reflection of what Yahoo thinks about their products, then they should seriously start looking at the usage statistics.

Closing Delicious could be one of the biggest mistakes made by Yahoo and there is no way that regular users are going to take this news lightly. I for one am appalled at the way Yahoo is dealing with this.

(Image via @waxpancake  h/t @ginatrapani)