Google Video Playback Shutting Down on April 29; Download Videos Till May 13

Google started out Google Video with the intent of getting into the video business. However, they bought out for more than a billion and everything changed for good.

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Today, YouTube accounts for a good chunk of Google revenues and attracts more than 2 billion video views per day. Now, that YouTube is Google’s main video business, Google Video is definitely not something they would want to continue developing. And that is exactly what Google thought too, because they will be shutting down Google Video on May 13, 2011.

In an email sent out to Google Video users, Google has detailed their intention, read the entire email below.

Dear Google Video User,

Later this month, hosted video content on Google Video will no longer be available for playback. Google Video stopped taking uploads in May 2009 and now we’re removing the remaining hosted content. We’ve always maintained that the strength of Google Video is its ability to let people search videos from across the web, regardless of where those videos are hosted. And this move will enable us to focus on developing these technologies further to the benefit of searchers worldwide.

On April 29, 2011, videos that have been uploaded to Google Video will no longer be available for playback. We’ve added a Download button to the video status page, so you can download any video content you want to save. If you don’t want to download your content, you don’t need to do anything. (The Download feature will be disabled after May 13, 2011.)

We encourage you to move to your content to YouTube if you haven’t done so already. YouTube offers many video hosting options including the ability to share your videos privately or in an unlisted manner. To learn more go here.

Here’s how to download your videos:

  1. Go to the Video Status page.
  2. To download a video to your computer, click the Download Video link located on the right side of each of your videos in the Actions column.

Once a video has been downloaded, Already Downloadedwill appear next to the Download Video link.

If you have many videos on Google Video, you may need to use the paging controls located on the bottom right of the page to access them all.

Please note: This download option will be available through May 13, 2011.

Thank you for being a Google Video user.


The Google Video Team

Google will basically stop playback for hosted content on April 29, 2011. However, you can still download the videos you uploaded till May 13, 2011. Google Video will not completely shut down and will continue to focus on being a video search engine for all the videos hosted on the Internet, including those from YouTube too.

So if you have uploaded any videos to Google Videos, go ahead and download them and move them to another video service like YouTube.

Google Shutting Down Directory Services 1-800-GOOG-411

Back in 2007, Google had launched a voice based directory service 1-800-GOOG-411 which allowed users to connect to businesses across the US and Canada. This service will be shut down on November 12, 2010.

Google’s 1-800-GOOG-411 became quite popular as a voice based search service which gave you directory assistance to find business around the US and Canada. However, since then Google has improvised this service and also integrated it closely with their mobile OS .

Google now has several improvised services such as Google Voice Search for Mobiles which works on , and along with Android. They also have several other integrations with Android which allows you to fill in text fields or control your Android device.

Though Google has decided to discontinue the 1-800-GOOG-411 service, users can still find information about businesses by sending a text message to their short number service at 466453 (GOOGLE). In addition to that you can also use the new Phone Calling feature which allows you to call anyone in US and Canada for free while charging you a small fee for international calls. Shutting Down on October 22nd

It looks like it is the month of deadpool for several services which were once popular. After Windows Live Spaces and XMarks, popular video sharing network is now shutting down on October 22nd.

12seconds which was dubbed as the of videos, was a popular service which allowed users to record and upload 12 second videos with their friends. The service took off in the earlier stage along with Twitter, however, sadly they are now wrapping up and shutting shop.

In an email sent by Sol Lipman, the founder of 12seconds, the company stated revenue generation as the main reason on why 12seconds was shutting down;

Today we are announcing the end of 12seconds.

Why?  As you probably know, everything has a life cycle.  12seconds is in its twilight.  After all the new product launches and attempts at a revenue model, fundraising with VCs and late night coding sessions with Jacob hunched over his monitors – it’s time to call it.  It is time to end 12seconds.

Users will be able to download all their videos in the coming weeks. Make sure to download them before October 22nd, which is when 12seconds will cease to exist.

So long then, adios to 12seconds. Stops Web URL Shortening, Continues API

The owners of have been through quite a saga, first raising a hue over using as the default URL shortening service (which it does not know), then trying to sell it, and then going Open Source.

However, it looks like the final nail has been hit into the coffin now. According to a new notice on the site, will no longer be shortening URLs anymore, so users will have to use services like or the other URL Shortening services.

The notice on the site says this: is no longer accepting URL shortening requests via its website. May we respectfully suggest that you choose one of the many other wonderful alternatives available.

Please understand that this does not affect any software that has available within it.’s API is available, and redirections are working normally.

This means that only tools or services which make use of the API will be able to use it, for the rest of them it is goodbye.

For me, URL shortening was never going to be a huge business, and there are literally tons of services which will do the job, it is just that did not get their business model right and did, which is why they are now the leaders in the URL shortening market.

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