YouTube Streaming Gulf Of Mexico Oil Spill Live

A few days ago, Google had released some imagery to track the Gulf of Mexico Oil spill through Google Earth. Now another Google product is allowing users to track the Gulf of Mexico spill through a live streaming video.

Gulf of Mexico Live Oil Spill

Right now, if you visit the PBS NEWSHOUR site on YouTube, you will be able to see a live video of the Gulf of Mexico Oil spill as it happens.

One thing I can say is that the oil is definitely spilling out at a very fast rate. Hopefully, the new tactics to be employed will once and for all shut down the spill.

Track Gulf Of Mexico Spill With Google Earth

Google has just released new data, which users can download to view and track the oil spill that has been engulfing the Gulf of Mexico for the past month.

gulf_oil_spill gulf_oil_spill2

The new images that have been made available by Google have been taken by NASA’s MODIS satellite and illustrates the growth of the oil slick over the past few weeks. It is estimated that about 6 million gallons of oil has been leaked into the ocean and might probably affect the oceans in the west coast and east coast.

If you are a Google Earth user, you can download this KML file to view the imagery of the oil spill in Google Earth. In addition to downloading the KML file for Google Earth users can also track the spill by visiting the Crisis response page at More info is available at the official Google blog.