Nvidia Tegra 4 Leaked, Features 72 GPU Cores

Qualcomm’s Snapdragon S4 and Samsung’s Exynos might be the current champions of performance in the mobile arena; however, if leaked slides are to be believed, their reign might not last long. Nvidia’s Tegra 4 will be six times as powerful as the Tegra 3 and feature as many as 72 GPU cores.


Tegra 4, which bears the superhero-themed codename Wayne, will use 28 nanometer process that is already being used by Qualcomm’s Snapdragon and Apple’s A6X. The improved 28nm architecture should lower power consumption, but will require enhanced heat dissipation. Nvidia is also updating its mobile powerhouse to ARM’s Cortex-A15 design. The Tegra 4, will retain the quad-core CPU setup, with an additional power saving core. The chip will be capable of powering displays up to 2,560 x 1600, with 1080p output at 120Hz. The slide also mentions 4K or Ultra-HD (UHD) output. The other exciting development is the inclusion of support for USB 3.0, which should give a bump to read and write speeds.

If the leaked slide is accurate, then Nvidia will again jump to the front of the pack and raise the bar for mobile computing. We will know for sure within a couple of months it is almost certain that Nvidia will show off its newest creation at either the CES or the MWC.

Samsung Orion – The Successor To The Hummingbird CPU

The Samsung Galaxy S series of handsets are one of the best performing Android handsets out there. The credit for this goes to the 1 GHz Hummingbird processor and the PowerVR SGX540 graphics processor inside the handset. Samsung No other Android handset out there can come close to the Galaxy S in terms of pure graphics performance. The Galaxy S has the best combination of CPU+GPU found in an Android phone right now. Now this is all set to change with the Orion the successor to the Hummingbird CPU from Samsung.

In an official press release, Samsung unveiled the successor to the Hummingbird CPU the Orion. The new Orion platform features a dual-core 1Ghz Cortex A9 processor and a GPU which is 5 times more powerful than the current GPU on the Galaxy S. The Orion platform also supports HDMI 1.3a and multiple display support (up to three). It also allows for 1080p video decoding and encoding.

The CPU will be available to selected customers’ later this year and mass production of the CPU will begin in early 2011.

World’s Fastest CPU IBM z196 Clocks 5.2 GHz

I purchased my own computer back in 2000 something and that gorgeous beauty had a Intel Pentium3 1.1 GHz processor. Since then, I have changed several computers which have simply grown in speed and processing power.

Using the same 1.1 GHz processor would definitely make my work look like a chore today, however, thanks to hardware manufactures like Intel and AMD, I am assured of getting a better experience every time I use a PC. But here is something that will engulf all the currently available CPUs in the market, an IBM processor name z196 which clocks in 5.2Ghz.

The IBM z196 processor can execute 50 billion instructions per second, which makes the current generation of desktop processors look like a pauper. The CPU also has 1.4 billion transistors. The CPU also has a 64KB L1 instruction cache, 128KB L1 data cache and a 1.5 L2 cache.

However, don’t expect this CPU to make to desktops anytime soon, it costs several hundred thousands of dollars and was designed for IBM’s mainframes.

(Source: Tom’s Hardware)