Top Paying Best CPM Advertising Networks To Make Money From Your Website

This is a part of a series of which I will be writing in order to help people to learn from my experiences and use those on their own websites.

CPM or cost per thousand is a good way to make additional income from your website based on the number of users who visit your site. Unlike , CPM ads do not require users to click on your ads for you to make money and only ad impressions do fine.

CPM Ad networks can also be used as an alternative to Google AdSense. Though they might not work as well as AdSense, they will still help to make revenue from your website.

However, CPM ad networks also employ a quality check based on the number of clicks the ads get to make sure that they display the best possible and highest CPM ads on your website. For more information about this you can read my earlier post about Making more money from CPM ads.

In the past 5 years, I have used several ad networks which have often made me money and have sometime missed the mark. In this post, I will list out some of the best CPM ad networks that you can use today. You have to understand that my experiences may not help you always, so make sure to pick and choose the best one which works for you.

In addition to reviewing the CPM networks I have used, I will also post links to other networks which you can use, however, since I won’t be able to review them as I haven’t used them.

Tribal Fusion

Tribal Fusion has so far been the best performing ad network for me. Getting into the network is not that easy, but the dividends it pays to get in is definitely good.

Tribal Fusion

Over the past few years, Tribal Fusion has been the second highest earner for me. It has continued to grow CPM wise and earnings wise. Though I won’t disclose the earnings or CPM explicitly, I can tell you that you will earn $1+ if you tweak it accordingly. More tips on tweaking it will be coming up in a future article.

That said, I have definitely had a very smooth and pleasant experience with Tribal Fusion. Their ads are top notch and the support is top notch too. I once had to block certain ads, and even though they had this feature in their interface, their support staff did it for me.

Tribal Fusion Hits

  • Ads from top companies
  • High CPM rates
  • Good support staff
  • Timely payments
  • Not much load on website
  • Supports multiple size ads
  • Users can easily block intrusive creative
  • Can be used as an alternative ad-server to display ads from other networks when Tribal Fusion does not have ads to display
  • User can set a base CPM to ensure that ads are only delivered if they are above a certain CPM

Tribal Fusion Misses

  • Reporting is not up-to the mark, lacks country and specific size reports which can help you optimize ads
  • No way to browse inventory and block advertisers unless you see ads
  • No option for PayPal payments
  • Does not support email reports

Overall Rating: 8/10

Minimum payment: $50

Payment terms: Net 45. You will be paid 45 days after your minimum payment has accrued.

Payment methods: Check and NEFT.

Minimum Requirements: 500,000 unique visitors a month. Only top-level domains supported.

Revenue Share: 55% for publisher, 45% for TF.

How To Get In? Send an application to become a publisher at

Technorati Media

I started using Technorati Media fairly recently, but it has proven to be a good ad-network which can pay you well for displaying their ads. Though the CPM rates for Technorati are not on par with Tribal Fusion, they do run some campaigns in between which are of really high CPM value.

Technorati Media

Getting into Technorati is fairly easy and their traffic requirements are not as high. Once you have been accepted into the network, Technorati will send you ad-codes which you can then insert into your website.

Payment wise, I have never had an issue with Technorati and they have been sending me timely payments.

Technorati Media Hits

  • Good ad network with a large inventory
  • Works great as a default for your main CPM network
  • CPM rates are good
  • Runs targeted campaigns frequently which have very good CPM rates
  • Good reporting interface; Users can drill down reports by size and country among other things
  • Excellent support staff
  • Supports Email reports

Technorati Media Misses

  • Does not perform very well in certain countries, some filler ads are bad
  • No way to browse inventory and block advertisers unless you see ads
  • Does not have an option in their interface to block ads. You have to send a request to get this done

Overall Ratings: 6/10

Minimum payment: $50

Payment terms: Net 60. You will be paid 60 days after your minimum payment has accrued.

Payment methods: PayPal or Check.

Minimum Requirements: Not posted.

Revenue Share: Not Posted.

How To Get In? Send an application to become a publisher at

Burst Media Network

I have been using Burst Media Network since I started out this website. It has been one of the oldest CPM networks I have used. Burst’s performance is also good and does not disappoint.

Burst Media

Over the years, I have seen burst give me CPM rates of around $1, however there are times when it also reaches CPM of $2. In addition to that, Burst also runs direct campaigns on your site which earn high CPM rates.

I have never had any issues with payments from Burst Media and they have always sent the payments on time.

Burst Media Hits

  • Good steady CPM rates
  • Has direct campaigns for websites
  • Supports variety of ad sizes
  • Provides an option to users to block certain ads in the inventory
  • Good inventory for countries like US, Canada and UK
  • Excellent support

Burst Media Misses

  • Does not have good inventory for certain ad sizes and shows unpaid for them
  • No support for email reports
  • Has a 50-50 sharing agreement with publishers
  • Does not work for traffic outside US, Canada and UK

Overall Ratings: 6/10

Minimum payment: $50

Payment terms: Net 45. You will be paid 45 days after your minimum payment has accrued.

Payment methods: EFT (available for US/UK/Canada), PayPal, or check.

Minimum Requirements: Minimum traffic of 25,000 monthly page views or 5,000 monthly unique views

Revenue Share: 50-50. Provides 55-45 terms if you use Burst Media exclusively for a year.

How To Get In? Send an application to become a publisher at


I have been using Adtegrity for over a year now and have found it to be pretty decent. The CPM rates for Adtegrity aren’t that great though but you can make decent money from it if you use it as a filler network.


I use Adtegrity as a filler network for Tribal Fusion and the earnings are not bad at all. My overall experience with them has been good and I have had some great experience with their support staff too.

Adtegrity Hits

  • Decent network with good ads
  • Provides flat rate CPMs for Unique US Traffic
  • Good reporting interface
  • Good support
  • Timely payments

Adtegrity Misses

  • CPM rates are on the lower side

Overall Ratings: 5/10

Minimum payment: TBD

Payment terms: TBD.

Payment methods: PayPal, or check.

Minimum Requirements: Minimum traffic of 500,000 monthly page views with 50% US traffic.

Revenue Share: TBD.

How To Get In? Send an application to become a publisher at

ValueClick Media

ValueClick Media is an advertising network which I have used for over a year. The earnings from this network is not something I will brag about, but it definitely acts as a good filler ad network.

ValueClick Media

One of the things I like about Value Click is that it allows you to pick and choose which ads will be displayed on the site. That said, the interface is really clumsy and it takes a lot of time to sit through and sift through all those ads.

The CPM rates are pretty low on this network right now. I would suggest that you use ValueClick media as a default filler network for your higher paying CPM network. I have never faced any issue with the network for payments.

ValueClick Media Hits

  • Provides an interface to view current advertisers and block lower paying ads
  • Good network to fill up your inventory
  • Decent CPM rates, stays around 50 cents or more
  • Provides lot of ad formats including full page ads and popunders

ValueClick Media Misses

  • You have to block a lot of low quality ads
  • No reports for country wise performance
  • CPM rates can be increased but it takes a lot of effort and moderation to sift through and block ads

Overall Ratings: 4.5/10

Minimum payment: $25

Payment terms: Net 25. You will be paid 25 days after your minimum payment has accrued.

Payment methods: PayPal, or check.

Minimum Requirements: Minimum traffic of 3,000 page views per month.

Revenue Share: Not posted.

How To Get In? Send an application to become a publisher at

Other CPM Networks

While I listed out some good CPM ad networks out here, there are several more which you can make revenue from. I won’t go into much detail about these since I have either never used them or used them for a short period of time.

CPM Networks for Indian Traffic

If you get a lot of traffic from Indian users, most of the above ad networks won’t work very well. Previously I had written about the Best CPM Network for Indian traffic called Komli. You can sign up with them to monetize your Indian traffic. Additionally you can also try out Tyroo ( and Axill Media/Globe 7 (

Though these networks don’t perform as well as the other CPM advertisers, you will at-least make some money out of it instead of nothing at all. I have found that Tyroo is the worst performer among these three networks.

That’s it, hopefully this post will help you to make more money from your website. I would be interested to know which ad networks you use and how they perform for you. Do feel free to share your thoughts about them with me.

Using Multiple CPM Ad Sizes To Increase Your Earnings

I have been a webmaster for a long time now and understand the nuances of increasing earnings through subtle changes. You might have already read my tips to increase your AdSense income, so today I will try and put some effort into explaining how you can increase your CPM advertising earnings.

CPM Advertising

First of all, CPM earnings are based on per thousand impressions (read Wikipedia definition). This means that you get paid a certain amount of money for every 1000 visitors who see those ads. This is a standard way of looking at CPM ads. However, what many don’t know is that the CPM of ads are also based on the number of clicks those ads get.

Let me make this clear though, you don’t get paid for the clicks on CPM banners, but those clicks help in increasing the CPM rates on your website. It also helps in attracting better advertisers to your website. After all, no one would pay you if the advertisement money they put in does not gain them any customers, would they?

Important Note: Just like , clicking on your own CPM ads or asking someone to do it for you will not help you. Let it happen naturally and you will benefit in the long run.

I would like to now elaborate on the topic this post is about. First of all, IAB (International Advertising Bureau) have certain standard ad sizes which are common to all ad networks. You might be familiar with those ad sizes, let me list it out if you are not.

IAB Ad Sizes

  • 728×90 (Banner)
  • 468×60 (Banner)
  • 120×600 (Leaderboard)
  • 160×600 (Leaderboard)
  • 300×250 (Rectangle)
  • 300×600 (Half Page)

You might have used all these banners on your site at some point or the other. As you can see, some of sizes of the ads are small while some are large. The common misconception among webmasters is that larger the banner the more they will get paid.

However, this is a wrong. The banner size does not really determine how much you will get paid , it is based on several factors including the click-through rates of the banners you have.

For example, in some cases a 468×60 banner will pay you more than a 728×90 banner and so on. In many other cases, you will earn more based on how many clicks you earn. However, if you have 10 such banners and don’t get any clicks on most of them you will end up earning 0.01 CPM on them.

Making the calculation as to which banner will pay you more is definitely a hard and tedious process. More often than not you might lose out on earnings because you decided to ignore a higher paying banner because of it’s size.

This is the reason why several ad networks provide users with an option to club multiple banner sizes together. It means that you can club a 728×90 and 468×60 banner together and leave it up to the advertising network to display the best possible ad size with the highest paying CPM.

So it is better to choose ads which serve multiple sized banners based on best CPM rates. For example, most ad providers provide users with either a 728×90 ad or 468×60 ad, a 120×600 ad or 160×600 ad or a 300×250 ad or 300×600 ad.

I would suggest that you use these combinations if you have appropriate ad space on your site, because it would mean that the advertising network will always display the highest paying ad in any of the sizes provided in these combinations. I have always used this mantra to make sure that I don’t have to deal with managing which ad size works best for me and which one pays higher.

If your ad network does not provide you with combination ads, you could always email them to ask them about it. You will always find the best CPM ad networks (coming up shortly) around and use it.


I am pretty upbeat about the tips in this article and can tell you that I am confident enough that they will work. However, there is something I should let you know.

Don’t take anything at face value. It takes a lot of tweaking to get the best performing units for your individual website and more often than not you need to analyze your own performance yourself.

Me saying that these things will work should be taken as a tip, however, you still need to check your statistics to understand whether something is working or not. All ad networks provide you with useful statistics which will help you determine the best performing units. So put an effort to learn and understand your advertising networks performances before you just jump ahead and start searching for the best ways to make more money from your website.

I would definitely be interested in learning your strategy on ad placement and whether or not you find these tips useful. Also, if you haven’t been using these tips make sure to tell me if they work or don’t.

I am planning to do a lot more posts about effectively earning more money from your website and you will find all of those under section, so make sure to keep checking back for more tips and tricks in making your website a success.

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Komli Ad Network Review, Best CPM Network For Indian Traffic

komli_logoOf late, I have been finding ways to monetize unsold inventory and have been looking for some decent Ad networks in India. That is when I landed up on Komli ( which is a premium ad network for Indian users.

Komli provides both a CPM based network as well as performance based network for Indian traffic. They have allowed me to fill in inventory which was unused and make money from it, which I wasn’t making earlier.

In the past couple of weeks that I have been using them, the revenue is pretty decent and on par with several US CPM publisher network like Technorati Media and ValueClick. The ads are usually targeted towards Indian users and most of the times are relevant. Overall, my experience with Komli has been pretty nice and I would recommend it to users.

Komli pays on a Net45 basis, which means that they will pay you 45 days after the month ends if your net publisher earnings is INR 800 ($25) or more. Though I haven’t received my payments since it has been hardly a month since I joined, I am impressed with this network.

Other than that, Komli uses Yield manager (Right Media) from Yahoo as a backend market place. Reporting is pretty similar if you have used networks such as Technorati Media. In addition to web based reports, you can also setup Komli to email you reports on a regular basis.

Have any of you used Komli? What has your experience been with it? Do share your experiences in the comments.