Apple’s “Time Capsule” Takes it to Court

The debate regarding fragility encompassing non-tangible media has taken yet another toll. This time around, it is Apple’s Time Capsule that which has done the damage and has failed to live up to consumer expectations. Perminder Tung, a lawyer by profession has sued Apple, alleging the incapability of the Time Capsule causes severe personal losses.

According to CBC, Tung has backed up two laptops and an iPhone to store personal photos. Upon failure, he got in touch with Apple to assist him in retrieving the lost data. His query did not reap expected results as Apple informed that the desired data was lost and could not be retrieved. Tung is infuriated and says the data included the birth certificate of his child. He has demanded a compensation of $25,000!

The failure of the Time Capsule is not anything new. Back in 2010, the device literally failed over and over again and received plenty to negative remarks from consumers which prompted Apple to offer free replacements. Tung purchased the product in 2008 and claimed he was outside the recall period.

Stories as such have started to pop up quite frequently in the digital age. People are giving up on the conventional physical storage method and are going and going to the more contemporary non-physical media. While this phenomenon has been on the up, the debate regarding data security is likely to elevate to new heights.

Let’s wait and see if the cloud is the answer to this dilemma.