How to Create CBR, CBZ, CB7, CBT, CBA Comic Book Archives?

We have been tellings users on how they can open CBR, CBZ, CB7, CBT or CBA files on Windows or Mac, open CBZ, CBR, CB7 CBT or CBA files on Android and open CBZ, CBR, CB7, CBT or CBA files on iOS or iPhone. However, what if you want to create your own Comic book archive?

Well, creating a comic book archive is definitely easy and you can do it yourself easily. The only hard work in creating a CBZ, CBR or CB7 file is first scanning or downloading the images and then naming them in sequence. We’ll take a look at what the exact process is below.

How to Create CBZ, CBR, CB7, CBT or CBA Comic Book Archives

The most important step in creating a comic book archive is to first collect all the images you will be using to create the images. You can either download the individual images or scan them and store them some where.

Once you have all the images in place, you will have to rename them so that they are in sequence. For example, you can use the naming convention comicbookname-01.jpg, comicbookname-02.jpg, comicbookname-03.jpg and so on according to the page numbers of the book. Please note that the image extension may wary, so rename them accordingly.

Now once you have arranged the images you are ready to create a comic book archive. Please read the information below to understand how CBZ, CBR, CB7, CBT and CBA comic book archives differ.

Important Information for CBR, CBZ and CB7 files

  • CBZ file is also known as Comic Book Zip file and are renamed from a .zip extension
  • CBR file is also known as Comic Book Rar file are renamed from a .rar extension
  • CB7 file is also known as Comic Book 7z file are renamed from a .7z extension
  • CBT file is also known as Comic Book Tar file are renamed from a .tar extension
  • CBA file is also known as Comic Book Ace file are renamed from a .ace extension

Once you have understood the above conventions go ahead and create either a zip file, rar file or 7z file and then rename the files to .cbz extensions if it is a zip file, .cbr file if it is a rar file and .cb7 if it is a 7z file (See: How to Rename File Extensions).

That’s it. Once you have renamed the archive, you can then view the comic book archives on Windows, Mac, Android or iPhone devices.

Bonus Tip: CBZ files are supposed to be the best for viewing comic books. However, you can experiment with different formats to see which one works out for you.

How to Open CBR, CBZ, CB7, CBT or CBA Files on Android?

Last time around we told you on how to open CBR, CBZ, CB7, CBT or CBA files on Windows and Mac. However, what if you want to open in on your Android device? Well, worry not, because there are several apps out there which will allow you to open CBZ, CBR and CB7 files on your Android mobile and tablet.

Comic Book Viewer Android

The files with these extensions are basically comic book archives which contain images in sequence and can be read using a compatible software. In fact, you can actually create your own CBR, CBZ, CB7, CBT or CBA files as well.

If you want to read these comic book archives on an Android phone or tablet, you will require a dedicated app. One of the best app to view comic books on Android is “A Comic Viewer“. The app is a lightweight comic, image and manga viewer which can open cbr, cbz and cb7 comic book archives.

Additionally, you can also use another app called Komik Reader to open those files on an Android device. So go ahead and live that kid in yourself by reading those comics on your device.

Android vs iPhone [Comic]

While we have seen advertising between Apple and Blackberry in the past and also between Apple and Microsoft, we have seen a full fledged advertising from either Google or Apple taking potshots at each other.

Thanks to some smart guy, we now have an vs war, guess who wins? Take a look at the image below to find out. By the way, who do you think is the winner between Android and iPhone?

Android vs iPhone

(h/t @oldmonkMGM)

Which Angry Bird Is Most Likeable?

have taken over the universe, almost literally. I have yet to find a single   person who has a smartphone and hasn’t heard about them. Most of the Angry Birds are angry because the pigs stole their eggs, but who is the most likeable Angry Bird?

Well, we might all have our favorites, but comic drawing and illustration champion Oatmeal has created a comic to illustrate which Angry Bird is the most liked and which is the least likeable. Take a look at it below.

Angry Birds Like Meter

So do you agree with the Oatmeal or do you have your own preference? Do feel free to tell me about it and don’t forget to kill the pigs Winking smile.

Using a Comic Book Viewer and Not Growing Up

[Windows, Mac, Linux]

Did you ever read comic books when you were younger? Maybe, you are like me, and you will never grow out of enjoying a good comic book. If that’s the case, you may want to read and collect comic books on your computer.

Recently, I spotted a post at How To Geek about a great comic book viewer for Ubuntu Linux, called Comix. I tried it out and I was not disappointed. Comix is already in the Ubuntu Software Center, and you don’t have to work hard to find it.

Typically, I spend most of my time on Windows computers, and I wondered if there was a good comic book reader for XP, Vista and Seven. I found the answer very fast on Google. There’s a great viewer for Windows and Mac, called Comical. It’s an Open Source project, and fairly new, but it makes viewing comic book files pretty simple.


Here is the description of Comical from the readme file.

Comical – The Comic Book Archive reader

Finally – a cross-platform, open-source CBR and CBZ reader!   Read your favorite scanned comic books and graphic novels with Comical’s absurdly easy GUI and in-your-face double page display!

Nifty Features:

  • Single-Page or Double-Page display modes.
  • Several zoom modes – Fit, Fit-to-Width, Fit-to-Height, Original, and Custom.
  • Crisp image scaling with algorithms adapted from FreeImage 3.
  • Autodetects double pages scanned together and displays it accordingly.
  • Page rotation.
  • Full-Screen mode.
  • Left-to-Right or Right-to-Left browsing.
  • Displays JPG, GIF, and PNG images.
  • Supports RAR(.cbr) and ZIP(.cbz) comic book archives.
  • Supports all encrypted RAR archives as well as ZIP archives with pkzip 2.04g

I’ll take a moment to explain the two file types .CBR and .CBZ, that are mentioned above. CBZ means Comic Book ZIPped, and CBR means Comic Book RARed. Both of those are simple archives of images. Therefore, the Comical viewer is a great tool for viewing any collection of images that is archived as a ZIP or RAR file.

Do you need to know how to open ZIP, RAR, ISO or other archives?

There are very few places that offer truly free comic book files. Here is one place that will help you find some.

Free Online Comic Books

Searching online, you’ll find that most of the comic books there are pirated copies and are located in places that are not always safe to visit. Please be extremely cautious while looking for free comic books. I recommend using the WOT addon for filtering out risky search results.

arrow-down-double-3Download the Comical viewer

Techie Buzz Verdict:

The Comical viewer is small, easy to install, and simple to use. If you need an easy way to read CBR and CBZ comics, this is a great solution.


Techie Buzz Rating: 4/5 (Excellent)

Ubuntu Linux Gets a Manga Fan Magazine – Ubunchu!

How many Ubuntu fans also like Japanese Manga comics? My guess would be that it’s a pretty high percentage. The author of this comic series, Hiroshi Seo, is apparently a big fan of Ubuntu, the Linux operating system that many of us have come to love.


The love for a great free operating system plays the main role in this Ubuntu Romantic School Comedyseries. I leafed through the first two of the six episodes available. The graphics are well done and the plot is typically adolescent, as I had expected. There’s no need to worry about this series though, I’d rate it as safe for kids to read.

If you are a Linux fan, and you also like Manga, you may want to waste a little time reading Ubunchu.

animals-penguinVisit this site to read Ubunchu! in English and several other languages.

[Via HowToGeek]

Vodafone Launches "Chhota Comics" For Vodafone Live Users

Vodafone has launched a new service called "Chhota Comics" which will allow their customers to access popular Indian and International comic strips from Suppandi, Chacha Chaudhary, Mickey and Donald, Akbar Birbal, Winnie the Pooh and Hanuman.

Chacha Chaudary Suppandi

Vodafone Essar Chief Marketing Officer Kumar Ramanathan said:

With the launch of "Chhota Comics" service, we aim to further enhance our customers experience by providing them with advanced features and more comic categories.

Vodafone will sell the Chotta Comics strips for Rs 2 per comic strip. Users can also purchase an entire full length comic for Rs 15. There are more than 35 popular titles under various categories which are a mix of both popular Indian comic characters and foreign comic characters.

The Chotta Comics service will be accessible to both post paid and prepaid customers through Vodafone Live. These comics will definitely make people relive their childhood days. I personally remember reading a lot of Tinkle, Chandamama and Chacha Chaudhary comics, what about you?

How To Create Your Own Comic Site In Minutes [Webcomics]

The literary meaning of comicis pertaining to comedy. If we look back at our childhood, we’d all remember how much we used to love comics. We’d all love and some may fanatically collect strips of Spiderman and X Men. Times have changed, mediums have shifted but the love has not.

The newest rage and most preferred way to start a new comic these days is through the internet. It’s called a Webcomic. If you haven’t been living under a rock, you probably are aware of the popular xkcd. There are also other popular comic publications/sites like Doghouse Diaries and Explosm. To give expression to your thoughts in a graphical form, you no more need a publication house. It can all be done through the internet, in minutes, all by yourself. Even better, you’ll be saving paper!

So if you have got the artistic talent to draw and the capability to put people into fits of laughter, this is where you should be starting out. Read on to see how you can create a comic site, or a webcomic in minutes.


fa442c55cf0f4497bec28cb30d515d49 Webcomic is a plugin for WordPress that helps you set up and manage comic sites in little time. It is inspired by the ComicPress theme that was probably the first theme specifically built for a comic site. It works together with its sister theme Inkblotand surpasses ComicPress with features like Flash comic support, user-submittable transcripts, multi-comic support, support for loading entirely different WordPress themes based on the current comic, advanced storyline navigation, WordPress MU support, and internationalization support. The plugin also provides support for independent comic libraries. With ComicPress, people often complained about the lack of flexibility. Webcomic won’t let you feel that. If you decide on this, don’t forget to checkout the video tutorials.