Ultimate List Of Firefox 4 Tips; Tricks And Hacks You Should Learn Right Now

is definitely one of the best versions of Firefox I have seen over the last couple of years. Firefox is one of the browsers I use since it was launched, but there were a few features and annoyances which needed to be fixed. Some of these were high memory hogging, no easy sync of bookmarks, passwords or browser preferences, no feel of a modern browser, unnecessary UI clutter and so on.

Firefox 4 Tips and Tricks

Thankfully, the Mozilla team has learned that this is the age of cloud computing and have introduced some rich features in Firefox 4. This includes Firefox Sync, Site tagging, Instant search, smart folders, tab groups and more.

Last time we tipped you with a comprehensive list of Internet Explorer 9 tips and tricks. Now here is another featuring Firefox 4 tips, tricks, hacks and more which will help you get a better and flawless Firefox experience.

Download, Installation And Getting Started With Firefox 4

Download Firefox 4

If you haven’t tried the newer Firefox 4 yet, we suggest you download Firefox 4 final version or try the RC download here (our review of Firefox 4). Yesterday, along with the final version of Firefox 4, Mozilla also released the RC version of Firefox for Android and Maemo on the Android Market.

Prerequisites For Installing Firefox 4

It’s always a good idea to first check your system requirements and the prerequisites of a software program before installing it on your operating system. This system requirements page at Mozilla details all the software and hardware requirements required for Firefox 4 to run on Windows, Mac or Linux.

Firefox 4 Installation Guide And Screenshot Tour

If you’re no geek and need step by step instructions for installing Firefox 4 on your computer, the screenshot tour by Howtogeek should be a good start.

Best Places to Find Black Friday Deals

Black Friday 2010

Everyone from the East to the West coast is waiting for Black Friday, right? You’re not? Stop lying! Smile with tongue out. That’s right, mark 26th November Black Friday falls on this date and it’s the perfect excuse to get that gadget you’re craving for! Bonus points go for not spending as much as you would usually. With that in mind, we have devised a small list of the best places to find Black Friday deals.

Black Friday @ GottaDeal.com

Black Friday Gotta Deal

Touting itself to be the official Black Friday deals site, this website has collated mostly every ad from AAFES to Walmart for Black Friday and promise to send you email notification as soon as they get to know about the latest deal. They also have a really useful Deal of the Day sidebar arranged by shop.

BFads.net: The guys over BFads have also collected all the major (and some minor) Black Friday deal ads and have conveniently organized them for the sake of you, the Black Friday Shopper! They also have a neat monthly giveaway for users of their site. Their blog also publishes about some fabulous deals that you must go for!

Black Friday Info

BlackFriday.info: This site also claims to be the official site dealing with Black Friday ads. The minimalist, streamlined site posts high quality ad scans as and when they are released along with a friendly icon of the store.

Amazon: Though technically not in Thanksgiving mood yet, Amazon has already put up a huge Holiday Savings toy list for shoppers. They have also put up a "Prelude to Black Friday" video game deal list with a new game up on sale everyday.

Newegg: The good folks over at Newegg have had a blowout November deal list, with a new 24-hour-only deal throughout the month. They also have some special deals lasting for more than a day.

Best Buy: The retail giant has put up the preview of all the great deals that will be valid on Black Friday. Named "Doorbusters", I wouldn’t be surprised if their doors are busted with the influx of deal-crazy shoppers!

SavyGamer: This video-game-deal only site is regularly updated with all the latest digital distribution and retail discounts on video games. It’s sure to be well updated throughout Black Friday. Hang on to this site!

Apple Black Friday Deal

According to Apple Insider, Apple has also posted a sale teaser for this Black Friday where they will be having a one day sale at the Apple Online Store. It couldn’t get more exciting that this, could it?

So do you have any other sites you shop or watch Black Friday deals at? Join the club and add your favorite Black Friday deals to the comments.

25 Places to Get Creepy Halloween Wallpapers

Is Halloween a popular holiday in your neighborhood? It’s certainly a fun and exciting day for millions of kids who are dreaming of all the candy they can grab. Trick or Treat!

In case you are curious, here’s some facts about Halloween from Wikipedia.

Halloween (or Hallowe’en) is an annual holiday observed on October 31, primarily in the United States, Canada, Ireland, and the United Kingdom. It has roots in the Celtic festival of Samhain and the Christian holiday All Saints’ Day, but is today largely a secular celebration.

Below you’ll find links to 25 websites that will lead you to weird and spooky wallpapers to help you get into the Halloween spirit. I’ve checked these sites using the Web of Trust plugin, so the sites are safe to visit. However, please be careful, because you could still be led to sites that are less than trustworthy. I also recommend using the free OpenDns Family Shield service while surfing for free stuff.

First, here are a few examples of what you’ll find.

Happy_Halloween_by_QueenOfDorks Halloween_Kitten_by_vladstudio Halloween_wallpaper_by_Danime_chan

halloween_by_overdeliver I_Luv_Halloween_Wallpaper_by_DarkJak Halloween_Ghosts_by_vladstudio

Guild_Wars_Halloween_part_2_by_zazB Halloween_2005_by_RPGuere Sinister_Visions_Halloween___05_by_SavageSinister

A_Halloween_wallpaper_by_vladstudio Halloween_wp_by_TwistEd_Ky0 Halloween_by_JipJive

The_Gathering_Storm_Halloween_by_vladstudio Think_Halloween_by_Zefhar Halloween_Decorations_by_JenZee

Mushrooms___Halloween_Night_by_vladstudio Creepy_Halloween_by_altergromit Halloween_2005_by_bartholomew

25 Halloween Wallpaper Sites

  1. Download High Quality Halloween Wallpapers For Your Desktop or Mac

  2. Halloween Wallpapers

  3. Beautiful Halloween Wallpapers And Halloween DIY-Tutorials …

  4. Halloween Wallpapers, Halloween Desktop Backgrounds on Kate.net …

  5. 50+ Be-Bewitched Halloween Wallpapers

  6. Halloween Wallpaper, Halloween Wallpapers

  7. 25 Killer Halloween Wallpapers « PSDFan

  8. 75+ High-Quality Halloween Wallpapers for your Desktop | Tutorial …

  9. Halloween Round-Up: Wallpapers And Tutorials – Smashing Magazine

  10. Halloween Wallpaper Originals – Halloween Desktop Wallpapers – Mac …

  11. 65+ Beautiful and Scary Halloween Wallpapers

  12. Free Halloween Wallpapers, Halloween Wallpaper, Halloween Desktop …


  14. 1920×1200 Halloween illustrations – Halloween Haunts – Wallcoo.net

  15. 60 cute Halloween wallpapers HQ | Garmahis

  16. Halloween Wallpapers and Social Media Icons from TNerd.com

  17. 55+ Amazing Halloween Wallpapers to Charm Up Your Desktop …

  18. 50 Exquisite Halloween Wallpapers for Your Desktop

  19. Free Wallpapers CSS Creme

  20. Freaky Halloween Wallpapers « INDEZINER

  21. Halloween wallpaper | Vladstudio.com – free desktop wallpapers …

  22. Celebrate Halloween with Hershey’s: Halloween Wallpapers

  23. Think Halloween by ~Zefhar on deviantART

  24. Free Halloween Wallpapers – The Best Free Halloween Wallpapers on …

  25. Halloween 2010 – halloween, halloween ecards, halloween wallpapers …

Have a happy and safe Halloween.

Games You Can Play Using Google Chrome Extensions

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. As this famous saying goes, sometimes you have to take a break and give yourself some play time. Now, you could load up that Medal of Honor CD or even start playing Call of Duty, but what if you could just play a quick game while you are browsing the web in ?

Super Mario Google Chrome Game

Yes, I am talking about which allow you to play games from within the browser without even leaving the current website you are browsing. You can play these games while you are waiting for a download or waiting for task to finish in the browser and then continue doing what you do. So without further ado, here is another one of Techie Buzz’s featuring Chrome Extensions which you can use to play Games on the browser.

Please note: Though these extensions do not turn the browser into a gaming device and some times they use popups to open the games. That said, the quick access to games is definitely worth it.

BLOONS, The Game! – Alert, this is a very ADDICTIVE game. I remember playing it once and never stopping. With BLOONS, you play the role of a monkey bursting balloons.   Find that easy? Just play some levels and you will see that it isn’t as easy as it seems. And like I said this game can hook you, so make sure you have the time before starting to play this one. They also have a big selection of Tower defense games. If you are more into Tower Defense Games, check out our list of Top 5 Tower Defense Games.

Mario Game – Who hasn’t heard about Mario. Oh yea those new genre gamers. But this classic will keep you hooked for awhile. If you want to play Super Mario, yes there is an extension for that too. Download it here.

Pacman – Another classic arcade game which will keep you busy for awhile. Control your pacman and eat all the dots before the monsters have you for dinner.

Snake Game – The game that probably started the mobile gaming revolution. The snake game has been there and done that, now you can also play it on Chrome.

Chess Game – Show the computer your better brains by challenging it in a Chess game while you wait for something to download or just don’t have anyone else to play Chess with.

Chrome Mini Golf Game

Mini Golf – Have some time before heading to the golf course? Just load up this game and practice your putts. However, don’t expect it to improve your score card at the course Smile.

Chrome MineSweeper – Another classic games I started playing when I had Windows 98. This game has stayed around for a long time and you can continue playing it in Google Chrome now.

Ping Pong 3D – Play Ping Pong against the computer and see if you can win. This is one of the hardest Flash games I have played and winning is not a joke.

Tetris – Another classic Arcade game which can keep you hooked. Go build.

Copter Game – Keep the copter from hitting obstacles while you make sure to not hit the terrain, the more you fly, the tougher it gets.

Boys Vs Girls Tic-Tac-Toe Game – Aha those classics, this games lets you play Tic-Tac-Toe from right within the browser. The only difference is that it replaces the X and O with a boy and girl doodles. If you want to just play the classic game, download this Tic-Tac-Toe game extension.

Games for bored people – Waiting for a slow webpage to load? Then make the balls bounce with this completely USELESS game that will keep you busy for a while.

Game Button – This extension allows you to play tons of games in a new popup window. Just select your genre, choose your game and start playing.

Free Online Games @ Gadget Runner – This Chrome extension provides you with a set of games that can keep you hooked for a while. The Games include Sim Taxi, Mini Pool, Solitaire and Bowling among others.

Phew, that’s quite a few games and it doesn’t make Jack a dull boy anymore. If you have your own favorite games, do share them with us. I will add them to the list.

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5000 Free Icons at the Open Icon Library

Most web searches for free icons will lead you astray. You will often end up at sites that offer a few free icons, just to show off their paid icon collections. Other times you’ll find that the icons have license restrictions that don’t allow you to use them online or for business use. Do you need a good source for free icons?

open-icon-library-logoI discovered that the free icons at the Open Icon Library are not only free, but are free to use anywhere for any purpose. Here’s what they say about their collection:

A free and open Icon collection. Over 5000 Unique Icons. Free for anyone to use on you computer, website or any other project. The library is not a theme. Its a centralized source for icons to cover all your needs. The goal is to cover all common apps, operating systems, mimetypes, devices, and country flags.

You can easily browse the Open Icon Gallery by using the three main categories of Flags, Icons and Pictograms. If you don’t have time to look through them all online, you can always download the entire collection to your computer. There’s also an additional collection of icons specifically designed for use on web pages.

If you need even more free images, be sure to check out these pages:

IconArchive, Christmas Icons,  OpenClipArt, MorgueFile and Wallpapers.

Free Online Services to Create and Send Invoices

Freelancing is very popular and it is not just limited to programming these days. So how do you ensure that you get paid properly and on time? By sending invoices. However, creating and sending invoices in excel spreadsheets is passé. In this age of web2.0, it is more appropriate to make use of online services to create and send invoices for the work that you have done.


In this post, we will take a look at few of the best online invoice services available today.



CurdBee is a very easy to use online billing system for small business and freelancers. CurdBee has a simple to use interface and tracking system to track the invoices you send out. In addition to that, CurdBee also directly integrates into your PayPal account, making it easier to receive payments.

CurdBee is absolutely free to use, you can also go through the CurdBee demo to get a feel of the service before you can actually sign up for a free account.

Bamboo Invoice


Bamboo Invoice is a free and open source billing and invoicing software which can be installed and run on your own servers.

The best part of using Bamboo Invoice is that all your client and invoice data will sit securely on your own servers. Downloading and install the software is pretty easy. You will require to have a web server with PHP 5 and MySQL.

Invoice Dude


Invoice Dude allows you to create unlimited invoices and recurring payments and send them out to your customers. In addition to that, they also have support for multiple currencies and adding your own logo and branding to the invoices.

Invoice Dude is currently in closed beta, so you will have to apply for an invitation before you can use it. In the meantime you can checkout a demo of Invoice Dude.

Billing Boss


Billing Boss is another free invoicing system for small business and freelances to create, send and track the status of invoices.

Billing Boss also has a mobile interface for iPhone and Android devices along with the ability to share your data with your bookkeeper or accountant. You can take a 2 minute tour of Billing Boss before you decide to sign up for it.

Working Point


Working Point is a complete solution for small business. You can invoice your contacts, manages bills and expenses, manage contacts, inventory and more.

Working Point has both free and paid solutions, however, the free solution should be more than enough for your basic needs. You can take a tour of Working Point before you can start using it.

Fresh Books


Fresh Books is another online invoicing and billing service which provides you with an easy way to bill and invoice your customers. Fresh Books boasts of over 1 million users making it one of the largest online invoicing service.

You can sign up for a free account at Fresh Books and manage up-to 3 clients. For more information take a tour of Fresh Books.

Zoho Invoice


Zoho Invoice is another free invoicing system which will allow you to create and send up-to 5 free invoices every month.

Take a tour of Zoho Invoice before you can sign up for the service.

Other Worthwhile Invoice and Billing Servicers

Do you use any other tools or services for invoicing or billing your customers? Do let us know through your comments.

Ultimate List of Google Wave Tips and Tricks

Now that is out in the wild, we are back with another . This time around we are doing a ultimate list of , which will help you get started out with Google Wave, and also look at some really useful features and tools that you could put to use.


What Is Google Wave?

Before you even get started with Google Wave, here is a short and sweet video which answers the question What is Google Wave?.

While you are getting started out, watch a cute little video that attempts to make Google Wave simpler for end users.

First Look at Google Wave

Haven’t look around Google Wave yet? Our team at Techie Buzz have written about their first impressions of Google Wave, and a Hands-on review of Google Wave developer edition.

In addition to that, my favorite editor Gina Trapani, takes a first look at Google Wave. Mike Keller from PC World has some more insights with his Hands-on review of Google Wave.

11 Wave Tools That You Thought Never Existed

So you have been using Wave for quite sometime now, but do you know all the tools that exist? Orli, from Go2Web20 has put up a list of 11 Wave Tools You May Not Know Exist, which lists out tools that are really useful but haven’t reached the popularity level yet.

Google Wave Shortcuts, Filtering and more

Gina Trapani takes a look at Google wave shortcuts, filtering, bots and more in her extensive article, Google Wave 101.

Complete Guide to Google Wave

Ben Parr from Mashable, has written an excellent post about the what, why and how of Google wave. If you have just begun using Google Wave, don’t forget to read the Complete Google Wave guide.

Best Features in Google Wave

Once again, Gina Trapani who is definitely one of the experts using Google Wave, takes a look at several features and goodies in Google wave in her post, Google Wave Highlight Reel.

Google Wave Use Cases

Lifehacker readers responded to a poll to tell us the best use-cases of Google Wave. Check out, how users are using Google wave for education and collaborative learning, Healthcare, transportation and more at Google Wave’s Best Use Cases.

3 Google Wave Searches Worth Saving

Gina Trapani tells us about 3 searches that will come in pretty handy in Google Wave. The search keywords helps you to sort out waves that have only been sent to you, waves that have been created by you and your personal notes. Check out the post about 3 Google Wave Searches worth saving at Smarterware.

Educational Google Wave Videos

Here are some videos, which delve into several features of Google Wave, making it simpler to work with.

Dr Wave’s Intro to Google Wave

Live Collaborative Editing with Google Wave

Upload Photos and Embedding Images in Google Wave

Editing Waves in Google Wave

As always, this ultimate list of Google wave tips and tricks is non-exhaustive. We will keep adding new tips and tricks as and when we come across them. If you want to contribute your tips and tricks to the list, please feel free to leave a comment for us to consider.

Best Twitter Plugins for WordPress

Quite recently WordPress.com users got the ability to automatically tweet posts to twitter, but what about other self-hosted users? Well, there are tons of plugins and tools available for WordPress.org users.


In this post, we will take a look at some of the most useful twitter plugins for WordPress users.

Twitter Tools – Twitter Tools is a plugin that creates a complete integration between your WordPress blog and your Twitter account.

TweetSuite – TweetSuite is a Twitter-WordPress integration plugin that includes retweet buttons, digg like tweet button, automatic tweeting of new posts and more.

Twitter Widget Pro – A widget that properly handles twitter feeds, including @username, #hashtag, and link parsing. It supports displaying profiles images, and even lets you control whether to display the time and date of a tweet.

TweetMeme – The TweetMeme retweet button easily allows your blog to be retweeted. The button also provides a current count of how many times your story has been retweeted throughout twitter.

Tweetbacks – Allows you to pull in comments from twitter and displays it as tweetbacks on your blog (requires manual editing of theme).

BackType Connect – Allows you to pull comments related to your blog from twitter and other websites.

TwitterCounter – Allows you to integrate TwitterCounter.com badges on your site.

Do you know of any other plugins that can make it to this list? Do let us know about them through your comments.

Image Credit: TechCityInc

4 Cool Free Online File Converter Sites

Whether you have a video file and want to change it to an MP3, or your boss needs a Word document to be sent in PDF format, there are sites that will handle the conversion for you.


You don’t want to install fancy software that you’ll rarely use, and some of the programs out there don’t even work. Luckily, there are free sites that will do all the work for you. All you have to do is click a few buttons.

PDF Online (http://www.pdfonline.com)

You can turn Word documents into PDFs for a more professional presentation, and the conversion also comes in handy if you are sending the file to someone who does not happen to have Microsoft Office on his or her computer.

You can also turn text PDFs into a Word document, which can make copying and editing the PDF text that much easier. Once you’re done, you can convert it into a PDF again. PDF Online emails you your new document within minutes, and there are no pesky watermarks on the finished product.

Vixy (http://vixy.net)

YouTube videos are great, but the lack of a download option to keep your favorite clips is annoying. Vixy was created for the fanatics of streaming videos, like those on YouTube and MegaVideo.

You can save the video file in a variety of formats compatible with Windows, Mac, iPods, or your phone, meaning that you can take your favorite clips and show them to anyone anywhere. There’s even an MP3 only conversion option, so if all you want is the sound file, you can have that too.

Media Convert (http://media-convert.com)

This all-in-one website will change nearly any kind of video or sound file into any other video or sound file. If you have an FLV-format of a video or song, like from YouTube or Imeem, you can change it into a WAV, MP3, MPEG, or AVI file, among others.

There are also a plethora of other files Media Convert can handle, such as ringtone, text, presentation, and mathematics files. Just keep in mind that with some conversions, the quality of the finished product will be diminished, such as converting MP3s to WAVs.

Online Conversion (http://www.onlineconversion.com)

This isn’t a file converter site, but it will convert any unit of measurement to another unit of measurement. If you’re struggling to calculate how many pints are in five gallons, Online Conversion can help. There are U.S. as well as U.K. measurements, so metric and standard need confuse you no more.

This post was contributed by Hannah Watson, who writes about the distance learning colleges. She welcomes your feedback at [email protected] yahoo.com. Want to see yourself featured here? Just fill up the guest post form and you are on your way.

10 Online Service/Websites to Send Free SMS Worldwide

All of us rely greatly on our cell-phones for staying in touch. With so many of us hard-pressed for time, we often have to settle for shorter and quicker ways of communicating text messages, which works as the perfect savior to our needs of keeping it short while keeping in touch!

However, there is a flipside to this situation. When you keep letting those SMS fly from your fingers one after another, you could end up with a pretty high bill from your network provider.


The good news is that there are several websites online which provide the services of sending free SMS throughout the world. As a result, you can easily send SMS to your friends worldwide from a place as convenient as your computer. Now most of these free SMS services have a character limit, but when you are more worried about the sheer number of text messages that you are sending, it is something you can easily deal with.

Summing up the names and special services provided by various such online websites, here are 10 online websites that let you send free SMS worldwide:

Send SMS Now


SendSMSNow is a free service that lets users who sign up at the website, send free SMS to individual mobile numbers worldwide. Services are also free for organizing phonebooks and groups and also receiving replies. However, there is a fee of 5 cents for every SMS sent to a group.

Jungle SMS


Another such service is JungleSMS which allows registered users to send free SMS from their website as well as Internet-enabled mobile phones to people all over the world. As mentioned in the website, the SMS service is free owing to the sponsorship of advertising partners, because of which, each SMS sent has a short advertisement tailing it.



Wadja is another online free SMS service provider which lets users send 80 character SMS to friends in almost 200 countries. The site also supports the sending of SMS using mobile Internet.



There is another online free SMS service called Nimbuzz, with which, clients having the Nimbuzz application installed in their mobile phones can not only send free SMS to each other, but also engage in Instant Messaging. Mobile Internet is the only requirement.



A free account at SeaSMS is another option for sending free International SMS from a computer or mobile phone that is connected to the Internet to any cell-phone in the world. You could also try a walk down SMSLane if you wish to send 1-160 character bulk SMS. However, although this service is initially free, you would need to buy new SMS credits once you run out of them.

If these do not work out to your liking, some other options that you could try out would be Text4Free, SendFreeSMS, WeTextFree and FreeSMS2World. Of these, WeTextFree, and FreeSMS2World do not require any registration before use.

The websites mentioned here should serve as a guide that will help you choose the right free SMS service based on your needs and text messaging requirements.