Apollo – The CyanogenMod Music Player Hits The Play Store; Re-written From Scratch!

Remember the beautiful Apollo music player that a CyanogenMod developer released earlier this year? The music player was eventually included in CyanogenMod 9 and 10 builds. However, the development of the music player pretty much stopped from Andrew soon after.

Today, Andrew Neal has released an updated version of the Apollo Music Player on the Play Store — Apollo+. The new version has been completely written from scratch and contains lots of under-the-hood enhancements and bug-fixes. He will also merge the updated app with CyanogenMod sometime soon.

However, the version of the app included in CyanogenMod will be different from Play Store one. The latter will be updated more frequently and contain more features.  The app also comes in two versions – a free, ad supported version and a paid one for a mere dollar.As of now, the app is not optimized for the tablet layout, but Andrew is working on it and expects to add it sooner than later.

The developer is eagerly responding to all feedbacks, including negatives ones and feature requests, over at Reddit. So head over and directly give him your feedback!

CyanogenMod Team To Release ‘M-Series’ Build Every Month Now

CyanogenMod’s user base has been growing at a break neck speed. Once a new version of Android is released to AOSP by Google, the Android community impatiently waits for CM nightlies to start rolling out for their Android devices.

However, the official CM nightlies take quite sometime to roll-out, which leads many developers to kang the CM’s gerrit and release unofficial CM builds. Also, there is a gap of quite a few months between the official nightly builds and the first RC or stable release from the CM team.

Keeping this in mind, the CyanogenMod team has announced that it will be doing M-Series build monthly. The ‘M’ does not stand for anything in particular here. The CM team will be releasing a new ‘M’ build at the starting of every month.

Before the starting of every month, the CM team will soft-freeze the codebase in order to ensure no new buggy features are added that affect the stability of the M-series builds. Another popular ROM, AOKP, has been doing similar ‘Milestone’ releases from time to time ever since Ice Cream Sandwich.

The first M-series build are already available for download, and is available for most of the popular Android devices including the Galaxy S3, Galaxy Nexus, Galaxy S2 (I9100G), Nexus S, Nexus 7 and more.

Via – CyanogenMod

Final Version Of CyanogenMod 9 Released

With CyanogenMod 9, the CM team decided to go back to the drawing board, do some major code clean-up so that future Android releases won’t cause them too much of a headache. Due to this, CM9 was under development for quite a long time. ICS was pushed to AOSP sometime around mid-December, and the CM team started rolling out nightlies sometime around early-March for a bunch of devices.

The first RC was released sometime in June with the RC2 following it after a month. Now, nearly a month after the RC2 was released, and more than 6 months after nightly builds started rolling out, the CM team has silently released the final version of CM9. As of now, the final version is only available for the GSM variant of the Galaxy Nexus.

There has been no official announcement from the CM team about the release of final version of CM9, which should hopefully happen once the stable builds for other devices are available. Galaxy Nexus (GSM) owners can download the stable build of CM9 for their handset from here.

Now that the final build of CM9 has been released, official CM10 nightlies based on Jelly Bean are imminent.