Gmail Lets You Print Documents From Your Mobile Using Cloud Printing

Google has been working on using Cloud printing in their browser and . The Cloud printing feature allows users to add their current printers to the cloud and then print to it from anywhere.

Print Gmail emails using Cloud Printing

This feature is currently in beta mode and it does not work many times. However, looks like Google is now trying to make this feature more mainstream by allowing mobile users to print their emails on the cloud printers they have setup in their accounts.

First off, the cloud printing technology is tied up to your Google account and you can set it up here. Secondly, you will have to leave the connected PC on for this to work. Thirdly, this only works with Windows based PCs right now, although support for Linux and Mac OS X is on the way.

Once you have set up your printers to the cloud, you can then visit from any mobile device and choose Print from the dropdown box to print a document. The document will be printed on the Cloud Printer you choose from.

The new feature is currently being rolled out to US English users only. There is no timeline on when this will be available for other countries and languages.

Google Chrome 9 Dev Channel Adds Cloud Printing and Background Apps Manager

dev channel has been updated to version 9.0.597.10 for Windows, Mac and Linux and includes Cloud Printing feature and an option to view apps running in the Background.

Google Cloud Print

Cloud Printing is Google’s new technology to allow users to print documents from any computer or smart phone regardless of where you are on a printer you add to the Google Cloud. Using this new technology users will able to print documents from anywhere you are without having to be physically present near the printer.

You will need to visit Settings -> Under the Hood and scroll down and sign in with your account to the Google Cloud print service to start using this feature.

Google Chrome Background Apps

In addition to the Cloud Printing technology, Google has also introduced a feature which display the Background Apps running currently, this coincides with Google’s new Web store which went live earlier today. To view the Background apps, Go to Settings -> View background apps. Once you click on the option you can view details of the apps/extensions which are currently running along with memory and CPU usage.

This is definitely a good addition because you can quickly identify processes which are using up too much memory or CPU usage and then End the process using the background apps manager. Since Chrome runs all apps and extensions as separate processes killing an individual process should not affect the rest of the browser.