Brother Rapes and Kills His Sister – Shocking Video – Facebook Scam

A new Facebook scam is underway which promises to show a video of a brother raping and murdering his sister. Well, this is one of the most inane and violent scam that is being spread on Facebook of late. Falling under the same category, there was another scam that was reported earlier – Girl Killed Herself After Dad Posted On Wall which was quite violent and absurd.

The new scam titled – Brother rapes and kills his sister Shocking Videocarries a description that reads WARNING: For mature audiences spreading rapidly on Facebook. This scam will click-jack and like-jack your Facebook account if you click on the link provided.

Brother Rapes and Kills His Sister  Shocking Video  Facebook Scam

Clicking on the link will lead you to a page that says you need to click on “jaa” twice to confirm your age before you can view the video. However, there is no such video once you have clicked “jaa” instead the scam message will be liked and posted automatically on your Facebook wall. Once it is posted on your wall, a survey is displayed offering you a free $1,000 Wlamart Gidftcard or a free gift if you send the scammer a feedback on Facebook.

Brother Rapes and Kills His Sister  Shocking Video  Facebook Scam

Do not click on “jaa” whatsoever else it ¬†will click-jack and like-jack the scam message by automatically posting and “liking” it on your Facebook Wall.

Scammers force users to complete surveys by promising to show a video or giving away a free gift in order to earn some bucks. These scammers are paid money as commissions if they get users to complete a survey.

Scammers create such scams with titles and descriptions that make users curious to click on links and complete surveys. Sometimes it may lead to downloading malware programs on your computer and thus puts your personal information and identity to risk. It is always advised and recommended that you avoid such scam messages and report them as spam.

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