Twitter + Facebook + Google Plus =; A New Social Networking Site by UberMedia

Entrepreneur and investor Bill Gross, the CEO of UberMedia, a social media company that specialized in creating social networking apps like Echofon and UberSocial/Twidroyid, has officially launched a new social networking site, which is supposedly the clone of – Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus – called is basically, well yet another social networking tool, which is about connecting people with same/similar interests. The fact that the newly launched social networking site is someway similar to Twitter, and this fact is being dodged by the CEO, making it a point that the project is all about enabling people to join and build dynamic communities around topics of similar interests, which easily enables users to create and engage with relevant media content. -  Connect around your interests

“Social media is the future of all electronic content and transactions,” said Bill Gross, CEO of UberMedia. “It will be everywhere, just like oxygen. However, now that a billion people are using social media, it’s easy to get lost in a sea of content that’s irrelevant to you., by focusing on your interests, and not just people, makes it much more relevant and engaging.” is all set to have a direct competition with the four major social networking giants Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+. Yet, the question strikes my mind do we need another social networking site? I don’t really think so.

Here are some basic features of –

  • One can easily integrate media in every post. However, the good thing is that it does not allow you to post GIFs.
  • You have an option to either follow a specific category of a user or the user as a whole (includes all his/her categories)
  • Everything on Chime is public. There are no direct messages or PMs. This however, is a limitation which hopefully should be added when it is out of beta.
  • You can place ads on community pages and makes some bucks.

How different is from Twitter and other social networks?

Chime has two unique and different features, which are

Chime is all about interests and topics. People stick around to topics that they are interested in, and all the discussions that take place are called as Chimes. These Chimesare automatically organized by Chime which will appear on your something called as Chimeline(a timeline).

The next feature is that you can post ads to the communities you create. For instance, you can pin Google AdSense advertisements to the communities that you create and make some money out it while you keep people engaged with topics. Alternatively, you have an option to let populate it with advertising and give you a portion of the profits.

Chimes and Chimeline

Just like Twitter and Facebook, Chime also provides you with vanity URLs, where you append your own name or alias along with the domain. Profile

Updating a post on Chime is pretty simple and easy. The approach of adding a post is very much similar to Google Plus. You can add a link, post an image, upload/add a video, and even add a poll. However, the post box consists of two sections – Headline, which is optional and the “Chime”. The Headline is limited to 65 characters while the content (Chime) is limited to 2000 characters. You can enter up to 5 categories which you post could be related to.

Post Updates on

You can as well connect your Chime account with Twitter and Facebook accounts. Just click on the “connect” buttons to authorize your accounts with Chime –

Connect with Twitter and Facebook

Like Twitter, you can add/change the background image for your profile. - Background Images

Verified Accounts verifies celebrity profiles, which will avoid scammers and users to create fake celebrity accounts to attract followers. Here’s a verified account of Ashton Kutcher

Ashton Kutcher Verified Account

Yet another similar like Twitter, you can share, like or save a Chime to your favourites and view the same by clicking on the “Saved” option on the left sidebar.

Mobile Apps supports iOS, Android, and Blackberry for its mobile apps and allows you to compose Chimes, reply to Chimes, upload photos, browse your Chimeline and view profiles.

Click here to download the official mobile apps Mobile Apps

According the site, Chime is a place to learn and share with others who have the same interests. Where one day, your every interest, no matter how big or small, serious or silly, will have its own vibrant community of people who are just as passionate about it as you are.