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Nvidia Unveils The Fastest Mobile SoC – Tegra 4; Quad-Core Cortex-A15 And 72 GPU Cores

Today, Nvidia unveiled its next generation SoC at the CES 2013 in Las Vegas. The company released its successor to the quad-core Cortex-A9 based Tegra 3, the Tegra 4 codenamed Wayne. The Tegra 4 is Nvidia’s aim at offering an SoC that competes with the Exynos and other high-end SoCs directly.

The Tegra 4 packs in a quad-core Cortex-A15 which is accompanied by the company’s patented 5th core to save battery. The SoC is also based on the 28nm fabrication process that should greatly help in improving battery life compared to Tegra 3. On the GPU side, the Tegra 4 packs in a 72-core GPU which should provide at least 10x boost in gaming performance compared to its predecessor.

Nvidia has also worked on improving the imaging capabilities of its SoC, which the company calls “Nvidia Computational photography engine”. The new ISP allows Tegra 4 based devices to take HDR photos in realtime along with live HDR video recording.

The Tegra 4 will also be accompanied by a new i500 Icera modem from Nvidia. The only downside here is that there is no integrated LTE modem on the Tegra 4. This will lead to a higher manufacturing cost for the OEMs, and also higher power consumption. The company aims to release a Tegra 4 variant with integrated LTE modem sometime in the second half of this year.

Nvidia’s CEO also showed some live demo prototypes of Tegra 4 powered tablets, but did not comment as to when Tegra 4 equipped devices will hit the shelves.

Corning To Unveil Gorilla Glass 3 At CES 2013

Today, Corning announced in a press release that it will be showcasing the successor to the massively popular Gorilla Glass 2, the Gorilla Glass 3, at the upcoming CES in Las Vegas.

Corning’s Gorilla Glass series has been massively successful and is used in nearly every smartphone or tablet today including the Galaxy S series, iPhone, iPad and the HTC One series.

While Gorilla Glass is tough to scratch, it is not impossible to do so. According to Corning, Gorilla Glass 3 will be up to 3 times more resistant to scratches and will also reduce the visibility of scratches by 40%. Apart from this, Corning also states that even after Gorilla Glass 3 is damaged or has a major crack, it will still be 50% stronger than its previous versions.

Corning will be unveiling Gorilla Glass 3 at its booth in CES at Las Vegas on January 7th. The company expects Gorilla Glass 3 equipped devices by the middle of the year.