NASA Orders Nikon Cameras For Use at ISS

The folks at Nikon were apparently very happy last week, because NASA had ordered some photographic equipment from them for use at the International Space Station. I bet it must be thrilling to hear that your product will be used in space, in the ISS, by astronauts taking pictures of their drinks flowing out of their esophagus, up in the air. OK, cut that esophagus part.


So apparently, NASA made an order for eleven Nikon D3s cameras and seven AF-S NIKKOR 14-24mm f/2.8G ED lenses to be used for photographic documentation. Nikon reported that no modifications will be made to the equipment and they will be used as-is like consumer products sold to any one else. This is perhaps not the first time when NASA has done shopping with Nikon. Nikon made their first sale to NASA in 1971by selling them Nikon Photomic FTN which was used on Apollo 15. Just last year, NASA also bought Six D2XS cameras for shooting inspection and maintenance activities in the space. Moreover,

Already about 15 types of NIKKOR lenses (more than 35 lenses all together) are kept aboard the International Space Station for intravehicular and extravehicular photography to provide continued support for NASA’s space activities.

Nikon certainly feels so cool about it’s top-class regular customer.

The Nikon D3s is a 12.1 mega pixel full-frame camera. It was announced in October this year and also features HD video recording. It would probably be used by astronauts to shoot amazing Discovery Channel like pictures of earth, if not pictures of Transformers or aliens.

New Casio Cameras: EX-FC150 P&S And EX-FH25 Superzoom

Casio today announced two new digital cameras that supersede their previous models. The announcement was made in Japanese so we have to rely on Google Translator’s clemency to understand the press report. Thanks Google.

The EX-FC150, apart from the befuddling name, is a pretty good point and shoot compact. It is a successor to the equally wickedly-named EX-FC100 and features a new backlit CMOS sensor with 10 million pixels. The EX-FC150 retains  the 5x optical zoom and sensor-shift image stabilization from its predecessor. With a 2.7 inch LCD screen, the camera will also sport 720p video recording at 30 frames a second.


On the other hand, the EX-FC150’s big brother EX-FH25 is a superzoom camera. (Do you notice the similarity of names of these brothers? I assume their whole family has such out of the world names.) With a similar backlit CMOS sensor, the EX-FH25 can zoom upto 20x at 10MP. Like its younger sibling, it can also shoot 720p HD video at 30fps and both cameras can shoot video at a mouth-staggering frame rate of 1000fps at a mouth-shut resolution of 224×34.


You can find both of these cameras in the stores on November 27. We can’t tell you about the prices though, because that’s supposed to be surprise. Oh, no wait. Even Google Translator didn’t know that, so how can we?

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Samsung Unveils Ultra Slim Camera: ST45

samsung_st45_1Samsung recently revealed an ultra slim camera, adding to its compact camera line up. The ST45 is a 12 Megapixel camera and features a 3x optical zoom. The best part about it? It’s just 16mm in thickness.

This zero figure camera from Samsung will be enclosed within an aluminium body and will sport a 2.7 inch LCD on the back for live view. Samsung won’t let you complain of grainy or shaken images, for Image Stabilization is included with ISO going upto 3200 for highly sensitive pictures.

Other features include Smart Scene Recognitiontechnology, which according to Samsung, will give you 11 optimized picture settings such as Portrait, Night portrait, Macro, Macro Colour etc.. and help people take the perfect shot regardless of the conditions the press release says.

The Samsung ST45 will be available by late September in colors Red, Black, Blue and Grey. The camera is slated for a UK release first and US model should appear shortly after that.

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Samsung’s WB5000 Shoots Raw, Zooms 24x at 12.5MP

Samsung has just announced it’s latest superzoom camera, the WB5000 compact. The uncanny long name aside, this camera boasts of a lot of up-market features. The Samsung WB5000 is loaded with the most powerful lens ever outfitted on a (Samsung) digital compact, featuring a whopping 24x image stabilized zoom and a resolution of 12.5MP.

samsung-wb5000The camera also offers shooting in RAW as well as video recording at 720p (H.264) and is fitted with 26mm wide angle lens. On the back, you’ll find a 3-inch LCD for Live view and a optical view finder. The WB5000 was announced in Korea yesterday, with a price tag of around $550 and will ship later this month. No word on extensive specs as of now.

But by looking at the specifications already made available, this camera is surely gonna give some tough competition to Canon and Panasonic, and other superzooms in the market. Canon’s SX 10IS offers a 10MP resolution and a 20x zoom, whereas Panasonic’s FZ35 (also coming in September)  will bolt in a 18x zoom at 12.5MP. It will be interesting to see where these supercharged superzooms supercameras go.

Press Release on Korea Press Release Network | Via

HD Webcam From Microsoft: LifeCam Cinema Does 720p Video at 30fps

Tired of having blurry, grainy or bad quality video chats? Not immune to Microsoft’s PR department? You’re sold. Microsoft recently launched LifeCam Cinema, an HD webcam that does 720p high definition quality video at 30 frames per second. This thing is actually, umh, drool worthy.

Lifecam Cinema

LifeCam Cinema will give you a full 1280×720 resolution video and includes a 4x digital zoom. Also, there’s a noise-cancelling microphone that is present on the top of the cam. Microsoft has also put in something called as a ClearFrame’ technology that makes smoother and better video. We will have to see what this ClearFrame does, as no one currently knows!

The body of the camera is made of aluminium and thus can be recycled when you get bored of the gadget. Moreover, the stand is built to work with both desktops and laptops. The camera has also got a quick start button for Windows Live Messenger to initiate calls faster.

Microsoft mentions that the LifeCam Cinema is compatible with it’s Windows Live range of products, including Live Messenger, Movie Maker and Photogallery but what’s worth noting are the basic system requirements of the camera. Pocket-Lint observes:

The system requirements are quite high though, as you need at least a dual core 1.6GHz processor, but Microsoft recommends a 3GHz dual core processor and 2GB of memory, which are unusually high specifications for a webcam.

Moreover, not many video clients support video at 720p so you may not be able make the best use of the camera. We’re not sure about Skype, but Windows Live Messenger should be able to harness the best quality off the LifeCam Cinema. It’s not compulsory to use the camera for video chats or conferences, you could be making awesome youtube videos with this, after all, it’s 720p!

Microsoft is not the first one in the race to bring up a 720p camera that cranks out video at 30fps. The Logitech Webcam Pro 9000 has been there for some time now and it forks out 720p video at 30fps as well, albeit at a native resolution of 1600×1200.

Microsoft LifeCam Cinema will be available on September 9 for $80. It will be worth checking out its quality then, and how it stands against others in the bandwagon (like the Logitech counterpart, which is available for $89 currently).

So How Do You Like a 37.5 Megapixel Camera That Ain’t Cheap?

It is often said that megapixels are not everything. Well yes, there’s truth in that statement. But you can’t just ignore a camera that boasts of megapixels no other camera has ever dreamt of, right? Behold, this is the Leica S2.


This battleship blows the bubbles of every other drowning ferry. This full-frame DSLR mounts 37.5 Megapixels atop an enormous 30×45mm sensor that is astronomically 56% larger than most common DSLR cameras. Though not many specification details have been released yet, more information is expected to be released by early August. The S2 is expected to be in the market by September/October.

Now let’s check out the point that’s creating the most buzz, second to the megapixels. Price.

Although, the price hasn’t been officially finalized yet, the Leica S2 is expected to sell for a mind-boggling £16000 or ~$27000 (body only)

All things can’t be bought from money, for the rest like these, you’d have to dig your credit card pretty hard, pretty hard!