Bug Ridden Players of Test Drive Unlimited 2 Get Free DLC as Apology

Yes, I know that was one horrible launch. What Eden Games promised was the seamless integration of single player and multiplayer experiences.   What players got was a glitchy permanent loading screen, corrupted save files and horror of horrors the saves not loading at all (without them being corrupted). So for all those who paid the $50 for the game, it was a heartbreaking (and wallet-shrinking) experience.


So what does Eden Games do? Supply free Downloadable Content (DLC), of course! After taking down a solid chunk of game breaking network components, and slave driving the entire studio force to get the game patched up, the game was somehow salvaged into a working…piece of software. Instead of just an apology, the yet-to-be-released DLC pack will be a free download for everyone who bought the game.

I wonder how long this entire charade of making a buggy-as-hell release of a huge game, patching it up with profuse apologies and then offering free DLC will continue with game studios. It happened with Assassins Creed: Brotherhood (where players got the two Animus Project packs for free), and Fable III players got a free pack of weapons (for the game!) from the game developers. A late, but relatively bug-free experience is infinitely better than a rushed release that has game-breaking bugs. If only someone told those publishers that…

Bioshock 2’s DLC Has Had a Premature Birth

I see all of you have been awaiting Bioshock 2‘s DLC for the PC. It seems so unfair that us PC gamers have to wait for quite a long time to get this downloadable content while our lesser brethren (cue console/PC flame war here) get to play it on their lesser systems (cue console/PC flame war II here) for quite some time now. Protector Trials DLC for Bioshock 2 is now available on the Games for Windows Marketplace! It sells for $5.75, and allows you to play six new single player maps that are apparent fan favorites and absolutely thoroughly definitively does not work on your copy of Bioshock 2.


Did I hear you outrage? That was quite a muffled outrage, yes? Well, it seems that the main game needs to be patched before Protector Trials can be played on it. The adrenaline-rush-inducing mode of the Proto-Daddy (that’s you) defending a Little Sister as she… er… sucks ADAM from corpses worked well with the fan base. However, the original game needs to be patched before the expansion pack can be installed. This came as quite a shock (get it?) for the gamers who were expectantly awaiting this DLC.

A representative of 2K on the 2K forums said that the patch was not ready yet, and that users should wait a while before buying or installing the DLC. The next update from the representative is due on Tuesday it seems:-

It’s the weekend now, so I won’t have an update for you until Tuesday at the earliest, but I assure you I’ll be coming here with a full report and let you guys know the state-of-the-state when I get the official rundown on what’s going on.

Facebook 1st January Birthday Bug Celebrates Non-Existent Birthdays on New Years

Happy New Year. A birthday is a special occasion, and to be frank I use as my birthday calendar so that I don’t forget my friends birthdays. However, it looks like a bug in Facebook might have gotten people to wish several of their friends Happy Birthday (wrongly) on New Year’s day.


Oh wait, wasn’t my friends birthday on January 1st? Not for all, here is what the problem is. By default, all profiles have a birthday on 1st January and many people do not change it. Now, when you logged into Facebook on 1st of January, you might have seen birthdays for tons of friends, this is not their actual birthday but a bug in Facebook, since Facebook auto-fed this information into their profiles.

People who didn’t update their profile information will automatically have their birthdays on 1st January. This is true for at-least 9 out of the 10 friends whose birthdays Facebook promoted to me. I personally know all of them and they don’t celebrate their birthday on the 1st of January.

Why is this a bug? Because Facebook is not using user inputted data and is instead storing information by default for each and every profile. So, if a user does not update their profile and change their birth date, their birthday will be termed as 1st of January.

This bug is widespread since I saw a lot of friends on my timeline complain about it, and I believe that Facebook might have marked wrong birthday days for anywhere between 50-100 million people on 1st January.

I am pretty sure that many of your friends might have been upset with the fact that you don’t remember their actual birthdates. You can safely blame it on Facebook Smile. Hopefully, next year you’ll see far more lesser friends celebrating their birthday on New Years.

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Free Public WiFi is A Zombie Network

In our residential apartment building my usually connects to a network called "Free Public WiFi" whenever I step into the lobby. The same "Free Public WiFi" is also available below my office building and it turns out that it is available in several other places including airports and restaurants.

Caution Zombies Ahead at Free Public WiFi

However, connecting to this "Free Public WiFi" does not give you access to an internet, puzzling? Well, the Free Public WiFi is not actually a internet network and is a bug which exists in an older version of Windows XP.

According to a blog post from NPR, Free Public WiFi is a bug which has been lurking around in Windows XP, where it creates an ad hoc network with the same name it previously connected to, in this case "Free Public WiFi".

When a computer running an older version of XP can’t find any of its "favorite" wireless networks, it will automatically create an ad hoc network with the same name as the last one it connected to – in this case, "Free Public WiFi." Other computers within range of that new ad hoc network can see it, luring other users to connect. And who can resist the word "free?"

So what happens when you connect to this network?

Free Public WiFi isn’t set up like most wireless networks people use to get to the Internet. Instead, it’s an "ad hoc" network — meaning when a user selects it, he or she isn’t connecting to a router or hot spot, but rather directly to someone else’s computer in the area.

The origin of "Free Public WiFi" networks is not known, however, it does exist in Windows XP. To get rid of this bug, you will need to update to Windows XP Service Pack 3.

Free Public WiFi does not cause any harm as such, but it has been spreading like wildfire considering the amount of networks you see as Free Public WiFi across the United States and other places. Connecting to this network may not cause you any harm, but it would be wise not to do it considering that it does not give you access to the internet anyways.

Gmail Priority Inbox’s First Bug, An Invisible YouTube Video

Looks like Google had to rush through to release the Priority Inbox feature to users because of a broken embargo. The release faced a small glitch where a automatic video started playing when a user loaded , apparently only in .


This is happening to users for whom Priority Inbox has been enabled for. Here is what the problem users are (or were) facing:

Whenever I sign into my Gmail using Chrome, music automatically starts playing. This is a new issue. It’s like old time dance music. Occasionally there will be a sound effect like a click, a bubble, cards shuffling, a dog growling. There is no music running on my computer. It only occurs in Google Chrome on one of my Gmail accounts, it does not occur in Firefox on anything.

And what was causing it? Apparently this:

Hey, I figured it out. Weirdly, that little "New! Priority Inbox (Beta)" automatically starts playing a youtube video that you can’t see. when you click on it you’ll see that.

It looks like Google employees are aware of this issue are working on a fix as per this thread on Google support forums and the suggested fix is to use for time being (Hotmail Part Deux?). Nevertheless, looks like Google panicked because of the broken embargo by eWeek and rolled out a code with an auto-play YouTube video. Nothing major, but goes to show that even the biggest company can make mistakes in haste.

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Google Chrome Keeps Crashing After PC Comes Out of Sleep

If you are using the dev version (6.0.408.1 dev) of , you might have come across a mighty annoying bug where Chrome crashes every time you put the PC into sleep mode and then bring it out of sleep.

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This has been happening for quite a few days and has annoyed me to no end. In fact, I have started to save the Chrome session and then close the browser and then restore the session whenever I bring the PC out of sleep mode.

If you have been annoyed too, you are not alone, several users are facing this problem. I did file a bug with Chromium, however, my bug was merged with another bug since many users have reported the issue.

Though it looks like the issue will not be rectified soon, at-least not until Tuesday after the long weekend. Till then try using the session saver extension to save your session before you put the PC into sleep or switch to using the Google Chrome beta or stable releases.