Followed by Airtel, BSNL Doubles Broadband Speed of all Customers under Unlimited Plan

Recently Airtel announced that it will double the internet browsing speed for all its customers free of cost (i.e. if you have 256 kbps connection, it will automatically be converted to 512 kbps plan) and it seems like BSNL has followed Airtel’s strategy and has rolled a similar plan wherein broadband speed of all BSNL customers with any unlimited plan will be doubled without any extra charges.

BSNL Speedtest Results

As a proof, you can check out the speed test results of my 256 kbps unlimited plan on the image above. My home unlimited 256 kbps plan has automatically been upgraded to 512 kbps plan. Though, as per BSNL, this is just a promotional offer and will last until 26th April but, personally I am quite sure that this offer will be extended for an indefinite period considering the falling broadband tariffs of competing ISPs.

Besides this, BSNL also has several freebies for new dataone broadband customers such as waiver of activation charges, unlimited free data usage for first 15 days at a speed of 2 Mbps, etc.

BSNL Plans to Take Over The Broadband Market

BSNL has recently laid out a new and exciting offer to its Broadband Customers. The Telecom giant and broadband provider has offered a 15 days test period for its 2 Mbps connection and has allowed free unlimited downloads within this period of time.
The official note at the BSNL website says,

All the customers registering their new Broadband connection till 31st March 2010 under any BSNL Broadband Plan of up to 2Mbps speed (limited/unlimited) shall be provided unlimited free download at 2Mbps for first fifteen (15) days, irrespective of the speed of the plan applied for.

This comes as a promotional offer from BSNL in times when all Indian broadband giants like Airtel, Reliance and MTNL are planning for expansion.

Those customers applying for an unlimited connection will get a 2 Mbps connection for the first 15 days. After the first 15 days, they will be reverted back to the previous plan. Those opting for a any other new connection will be given a grace period of 15 days to try this service free of charge.

BSNL is the broadband provider with the largest penetration in India and this test of a new speed is indicative of some progress in the field of broadband, where India keeps failing badly. This promotional offer by BSNL will let it penetrate better with the punch being the free trial. BSNL is also expecting a good conversion to the higher speed from current plan users.
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BSNL Not Yet Ready For MNP

Last time we blogged stating that operators are ready for the Mobile Number portability (MNP) to be  implemented by March 2010  , but it looks like that isn’t true anymore.  This time it is BSNL to be blamed for the delay.

“We have asked mobile operators to stick to the March 31, 2010 deadline for rolling out the MNP and we are confident that the March 31, 2010 deadline would be met by them. We will continue to review their preparedness,” Telecom Secretary P J Thomas told PTI.

“We got security clearance for MNP gateway only in February 3 which cause a two-month delay in our preparedness. We have issued the advanced purchase order but supply of equipment, installation and testing would take time till mid-May.. March 31 deadline looks difficult as fas as we are concerned”, BSNL CMD Kuldeep Goyal told PTI.

The MNP was to be implemented by 31st  December  2009, but it was delayed until March 2010 because the operators weren’t ready. We can safely comment that nothing in Telecom industry in India can be achieved without delay.

BSNL, MTNL Finally Ready For MNP

If you remember, Mobile Number Portability (MNP) was to be introduced back in December 31st, 09 but that didn’t happen cause the operators weren’t ready technologically back then. The deadline was then extended to 31st March and now state owned telecom operators BSNL and MTNL are ready to meet the deadline. If you turned in late, MNP allows users to change their service provider without having to change their number.

Trai has fixed Rs 19 as the charge to be paid by a subscriber to avail the MNP service. The whole process of shifting from one operator to another would take a maximum of four days and you cannot shift between operators within four months after the first MNP shift. This is quite useful considering Google Voice is yet not available in India, which is a free service. Google Voice, allows users to add multiple number to Google account and all you need to do is give out your Google number to people. So, it wouldn’t matter if you change your service provider the next time, just log in to your Google account and change number. People would still be able to reach you at your Google number. Pretty neat. But that gets a bit technical for average people in India.

Currently, we have seen the call rates war between the operators and that’s just about to get more intense with introduction of MNP.

Indian Telecom Weekly Roundup 3

We yet haven’t heard about the next 3G auction date. As a matter of fact, in a public poll many voters suggested that the government should drop the 3G auction and concentrate on bringing in the 4G technology in India, so by the next 2-3 years we could actually use 4G connection and we could cope up with the latest technology. And to think of it, by that time I am sure everyone would also be flaunting a 4G mobile device with them.

While we talk about 3G and 4G, Airtel has launched an interesting GPRS plan for prepaid customers. With a recharge of 98 INR you will now be able to get 2GB free data usage plan and with multiple recharge you can extend the limit in multiples of 2. To counter attack BSNL launched five new plans with an unlimited download plan. The coming week, I expect Vodafone, Aircel and others to join the flame. It’s always better to have options.

As if caller tune was enough irritating on wireless connections, Airtel wants to cash on its 2.9 million fixed line connections with similar service. Airtel has launched a new service called Family Namewhere you can set your Family Name as caller tune for Rs.15 one time download and Rs.30 monthly subscription. Thousands of standard’ family names are available and more would be added soon.

Last week, we saw some astonishing figures and statics. Indian operators collectively signing up 19.1 million new subscribers for wireless services in December 2009. This is the highest figure so far for new subscribers in a month. India’s mobile subscriber base now touches 525.15 million. So by March 10 we could definitely cross the predicted 529 million subscribers. With this we have achieved the overall tele-density of 47.89. Take a look at the Net addition of wireless connection in the month of December 2010 in percentage.


Dec 2010 wireless addition statics

Apart from that, we saw the launch of three new handsets last week. RIM introduced Blackberry BOLD 9700 in the Indian market with the price tag of 31,990 INR. It will be available on Airtel, Aircel, BSNL, Idea Cellular, Loop Mobile, MTNL, Reliance, Tata and Vodafone. Acer introduced it’s first Android based phone: Acer Liquid. This touch screen handset is priced at 24,990 INR. Nokia, launched Nokia 5233 a cheaper version of it touch screen Nokia 5230, just without 3G. Nokia 5233 will be available for 7500 INR which is almost 1000 INR cheaper than Nokia 5230.

That’s all for this week. See you Next week and Enjoy the weekend.

BSNL Introduces 5 New GPRS Plans


Has the data plan war just begun in the Indian market? Last week we saw Airtel launched its 2GB free GPRS plan. Today, we have BSNL launching not one, not two but five new GPRS plans for its 2G subscribers.Along with limited download plan, BSNL also offers an unlimited day and night plan for just Rs.274 for prepaid and Rs.249 for the postpaid customers.

Plan 1 Details:

Voucher: NIL 
Benefits: 3paise for per 10KB download

Plan 2 Details:

Voucher: Rs.54 for prepaid and Rs.49 for postpaid customers
Validity: 30 days
Benefits:2 GB free download during night hours and 100 MB during day time

Plan 3 Details:

Voucher: Rs.108 for prepaid and Rs.99 for postpaid customers
Validity: 30 days
Benefits: 4 GB free download during night hours and 300 MB during day time

Plan 4 Details:

Voucher: Rs.219 for prepaid and Rs.199 for postpaid customers
Validity: 30 days
Benefits: 4 GB free download during night hours and 1 GB during day time

Plan 5 Details:

Voucher: Rs.274 for prepaid and Rs.249 for postpaid customers
Validity: 30 days
Benefits: Unlimited download during day and night time.