BSNL Website Hacked by Pakistani Hacker

BSNL just can’t get enough of the negative lime-light. It has not even been two months since we reported BSNL getting compromised, and here we are again. A self-proclaimed Pakistani hacker has defaced a public BSNL page. Last time, we revealed a serious security flaw in an internal application at BSNL called Dotsoft, and funnily enough, the vulnerability still exists.
Apparently, Dotsoft became a hot topic with ethical hackers earlier in 2009, here is a clear proof-of-concept hack attempt aimed at Dotsoft. Though, this time, the situation is even worse. Today, a sub-directory on the BSNL website was hacked by a Pakistani hacker. The hacker, who calls himself ‘KhantastiC haX0r’, placed an index.html file on the sub-directory to prove that he has write-access to the web server.   He has also stated he has copied and removed all logs of the intrusion, as well as copied the databases — possibly being held for ransom? The defaced site is available at and doesn’t seem to affect any other pages within the same sub-directory, like


It is worth mentioning that although ‘Khantastic haXor’ claims to have connections with the PCA, he was actually thrown out of the PCA according to online reports. The situation was so bad that his personal details were exposed by a rival online ‘crew’. They went so far as to include personal photographs of the person in question. In any fashion, KhantastiC haX0r doesn’t seem to take his online anonymity very serious, as his Google+ account features pictures in high detail.

BSNL seriously needs to strengthen itself against attacks like these, with over 90 million subscribers, it’s a wonder they’ve managed to stave off theft of credit cards, passwords and other internal databases. It would seem like this is an online turf-war and BSNL was simply caught in the middle, perhaps their state ties can help them with building a more robust and secure network.

This makes for a good Diwali gift for BSNL from Pakistan.

Huge Security Hole Discovered in BSNL Internal Application Dotsoft

BSNL is India’s largest telecom provider, a game changer in the telecom industry in India and probably the  only organization that drives competition in this sector by going out of its way. The success of BSNL in India can be attributed to a number of factors, the primary one being its ties with the Government. The Government of India owns BSNL and it also forms a strategic partner for the Government of India. This makes BSNL a powerful organization when it comes to the telecom industry and as the good old saying goes, “with great power comes great responsibility”.

BSNL has been hacked numerous times in the past. Last year in August, Pakistani hackers pwned BSNL India’s Punjab website and managed to get hold of user data. There was a déjà vu in July (last month) when the Pakistani Cyber Army hacked a BSNL website (again!). Now, we are seeing another security hole in a BSNL website, which can compromise numerous employee accounts inside the organization.


The Dotsoft application used by BSNL for its internal operations is a flawed one when it comes to security. As you can see, the application allows public access, for anyone to modify any internal user account at BSNL. The Dotsoft project page (probably) at BSNL explains it as,

Dotsoft  is in-house developed software, integrating the Commercial Activities, Telecom Billing & Accounting,  FRS and Directory Enquiry. It has been implemented  in  171  SSAs (Districts) across the country.
All the SSAs of Andhra Pradesh,  Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Assam, Punjab, Chhattisgarh and  Gujarat Telecom Circles  have implemented it. Rest of SSAs is from states of  Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan,  J&K and Haryana. Many Telecom Circles like Bihar Telecom Circle,  Orissa Telecom Circle and Uttaranchal  Telecom Circle  are in various stages of finalizing the plans for implementation of Dotsoft in their SSAs.

Clearly, this application holds extreme value inside the organization as it forms a critical part of their business. Severe security vulnerability like this should be fixed immediately. Any plans to extend this application across more states, without fixing this vulnerability might put BSNL in jeopardy.

BSNL Slashes Data Card Prices; Launches Conference Software

India’s telecom major Bharat Sanchar Nigam Ltd (BSNL) has taken a step forward in makeing the Internet more available for to the masses in India. The internet data cards which the company sells will now be available at a cheaper price as BSNL has announced new reduced the prices for it’s Internet data cards. The standard Edge/GPRS data card will now cost Rs. 1600 (Rs. 400 less as compared to the previous price of Rs. 2000) and the cost of the 3G Triband data card has been reduced to Rs 2,000 from Rs. 2,500.

However the real reason behind the reduction in the prices of these data cards are the fact that the Chennai division of BSNL has lost more than 15,000 subscribers from the ongoing Mobile Number Portability scheme. The company feels that reduction in these prices may result in some new connections. Chennai alone has a subscriber base of 17 lakh BSNL users.

Apart from this, BSNL has also launched a audio/video conference software suite called Meeting Junction in association with it’s partner – Silk Media. This software is available only for the post-paid subscribers of BSNL. This new offering from BSNL takes advantage of Internet data and clubs it with video and audio to provide a true Conferencing experience.

BSNL Automatically Downgrades Postpaid Customers on Rs. 4200 Unlimited Plan, Issues Massive Interim Bills

Even as the rest of the world is getting ready to move on to 4G, people in India are just beginning to get a taste of 3G. However, the mobile service providers seem hell bent on playing spoil-sport by imposing ridiculously low data limits on pretty much all 3G plans. The state-owned BSNL used to be among the better 3G carriers, courtesy of its 6 months unlimited plan (without any fair usage policy) for Rs. 4,200. However, that promotional plan expired on January 29, and soon after, BSNL withdrew all unlimited plans, and replaced them with new capped ones. One can’t really blame BSNL for that move as, at this moment, the competition is simply not there. Even the more expensive limited bandwidth plans offered by BSNL are much better than what most private mobile operators are providing.


The change was announced in the second week of February, and the new plans came into effect on the 18th. However, BSNL being the master of mess-ups, messed it up big time while making the change. In their infinite wisdom, BSNL switched all postpaid customers from existing plans to the new ones. Users who had paid Rs. 4,200 in advance for six months of unlimited data connection were transferred to the revised plan with a 15 GB usage limit, without any prior notification.

This situation came to light, when earlier this month, BSNL started issuing interim bills amounting to thousands (and even lakhs) of rupees to these users, followed by disconnection of their mobile services. As you might expect, users flummoxed and worried by the massive bills have been taking to online forums and discussion groups to voice their anger and concern.

When I reached out to BSNL customer care, I was told that BSNL is aware of this issue. Services of all disconnected users have been restored. However, a final decision on this matter is still pending. The customer care representative was optimistic that the interim bills will be revoked; however, she declined to confirm that.

The lack of professionalism and poor service has been one of the reasons BSNL Cellone has been struggling to compete with the likes of Idea, Airtel and Vodafone. This incident is just another example. Let’s hope that BSNL will at least be swift in resolving the situation.

Private Telcos May Use BSNL’s Network To Provide Broadband Access

Currently it is only BSNL that provides broadband internet facilities in rural areas of India. However, things are going to change soon. In order to make broadband internet available to millions of subscribers, the Department of Telecom (DoT) has suggested that BSNL’s   last-mile copper lines could be unbundled to private operators.

BSNL has a huge and extensive copper network that caters to 30 million subscribers and this can be ramped up to support millions of more customers. Since BSNL’s fixed line subscribers are gradually declining, unbundling the last-mile local loop in the copper lines will allow private operators to use BSNL’s nationwide fixed line network for offering broadband services to more customers.

Doing this has two benefits. First is, it will bring in additional revenue for BSNL and the Second benefit is that more new consumers can now expect to use fast broadband internet connection. The DoT has also suggested that the excess capacity should be provided to the private players only after BSNL’s own requirement is met.

BSNL Slashes 3G Prices, Unlimited Usage At Just Rs.1359

Here is a good news for all the BSNL subscribers across India. BSNL has announced up to 45 percent reduction in their current 3G tariff. BSNL have finally triggered another price war in the 3G Mobile service segment, even before the private operators have started their 3G services in India. BSNL has not only reduced the price of its 3G service, but they have also launched new prepaid and postpaid plans for its 3G subscribers in all the telecom circles.

bsnl 3g plans

BSNL has significantly reduced the price of its Unlimited 3G Data Plan from Rs.2,499 to just Rs.1,359 for postpaid subscribers and also reduced the price for their prepaid subscribers from Rs.2,756 to just Rs.1,499. They have also reduced the price of the existing data Plans of 500 MB, 1 GB and 2 GB data plans to a great extent.

Apart from that, BSNL has launched three short term validity plans which offers 1 days, 3days and days validity at just Rs.10, Rs.25 and Rs.50 respectively. BSNL subscribers can enjoy the lightning speed of 3G services with their High Speed Wireless Broadband which provides up to 7.2 Mbps in Home and Roaming circle anywhere in India without any extra charges. Currently BSNL offers their 3G services in more than 500 cities across India.

[ via. Telecom Talk ]

Hackers from Pakistan Hack into Indian Telecom Giant BSNL Official Website

India took a big blow today as a group of hackers from Pakistan hacked into the official website of BSNL. BSNL is the largest telecom provider in India and this hack has been carried out by a group that likes to call itself the “Urdu Hackers”.

The attackers have claimed that they have been able to download private data from the website database as well. This has compromised BSNL users and has compromised the government as well as BSNL is also the government’s official telecom provider.

The video can be seen here:

Follow this link if your video does not appear.


BSNL Launches BlacMail – Innovative Pushmail Service

BSNL has launched a next generation pushmail service called BlacMail that eliminates the need of any GPRS connection in order to receive e-mail notifications the moment an e-mail arrives in your inbox. Currently BSNL plans to launch the service only in the BSNL Karnataka circle with plans to rollout the service to all BSNL circles nationwide soon. BSNL customers can download BlacMail onto a compatible phone by sending the following SMS (BM ACTIVATE) to 50046 (toll-free) and following the simple instructions for activating the service instantly.

BlacMail enables customers having accounts with most public email systems to instantly receive email notifications on a wide variety of phone models from inexpensive and popular models to smart phones – with a user experience available today only on high-end pushmail services on expensive smart phones.

BSNL Introduces New SMS Packs For Gujarat

BSNLBharat Sanchar Nigam Ltd (BSNL) has announced two new SMS packs for prepaid GSM subscribers in the Gujarat telecom circle.

For Rs. 55, BSNL subscribers will be able to send 3000 local and national SMSs to any network across India. In addition, they will also receive talk time worth Rs. 20.

If your messaging needs are really heavy duty, then you can opt for the bulkier message pack worth Rs. 110. This package bundles 7,500 local and national SMSs, along with Rs. 40 worth of talk time.

These message packs will be available only through paper vouchers i.e. you can’t avail these special packages through easy recharge. Additionally, you must utilize your free message quota within 30 days. Any leftover talk time will be carried forward; however, the free SMS quota isn’t transferable.

BSNL Launches Life Time Prepaid at Rs.20 in Maharashta-Goa

Bharat Sanchar Nigam Ltd (BSNL) has announced the launch of Life Time 2G GSM Prepaid card at Rs.20 in Maharashtra-Goa telecom circles. The card is also accompanied with a talktime of Rs 15.
However, to continue enjoying the lifetime validity, you will have to make a minimum recharge of Rs.50 in every 6 Months.
BSNL also introduces 2 new FRC applicable for all new GSM Mobile service subscribers. It allows you to enjoy BSNL`s Pay Per Second Plan and [email protected] plan at Rs.42 and Rs.48 respectively.
FRC 42
The call charges will applicable according to Pay Per Second Planfor 365 days from the date of recharge.
FRC 48
The tariff will be applicable as [email protected] planfor 365 Days from the date of recharge.
[email protected] plan allows you to talk to any network (STD or Local) at 49p/Min.