Broadband is Now a Legal Right in Finland

Finland has taken its citizen further on the verge of civilization with a new law that guarantees Broadband access to one and all. This right places a 1 Mbps broadband Internet access at the same level of healthcare and education.

Finland and Spain are the two countries to have passed this kind of legislation. This is just the beginning though. The Finnish government is all set to provide a 100 Mbps connection to its citizen by 2015. With the current rate of broadband usage standing at 97%, we can safely assume this goal can be achieved.

The law passed in France has received considerable appreciation from the European Union, which sees broadband as a fundamental right.

The source on this news writes,

Finland’s operators have pushed ahead with high-speed next-generation network (NGN) deployment, with all three mobile operators deploying UMTS900 technology, and the government has now taken the significant step of making access to broadband mandatory.

Comparing to the condition in countries like India where a large number of people still struggle to get a working Internet connection and an even larger number has not even used it already, Finland seems to be a tech-haven.


BIG TV To Launch 60 New Channels, Plans To Sell 20% Stake

As if BIG TV is not already providing a lot of entertainment to it’s customers through their own entertainment channels and HD Content in addition to other channels, BIG TV now plans to launch 60 more channels which will include entertainment content and more HD content in addition to all other existing channels that it has already been offering.

Currently BIG TV uses eight transponders to broadcast over 200 channels. The company now plans to use a superior compression technology (MPEG 4 for instance) that would help them broadcast up to 35-40 channels per transponder. So, BIG TV is planning to introduce two new transponders that will enable them   to broadcast another 60 channels, including the existing HD movie and entertainment channels over next three months. The number of channels can be taken upto 400 in the future with 12 total transponders in place.

Talking of investments, BIG TV’s chief executive officer, Sanjay Behl said that the company is also open to selling up to 20 per cent stake in the company to a strategic partner. And with this a possibility of FIIs (Foreign Institutional Investors) getting interested cannot be ruled out.

MTS India`s MBlaze broadband services now in Jharkhand

MTS India has announced the launch of High Speed Mobile Broadband Internet Service in three cities in Jharkhand. With this launch, MTS`s MBlaze service is available in 48 cities across India. In Jharkhand, the services will be available in Ranchi, Dhanbad and Jamshedpur under Bihar Telecom circle.

MTS India`s MBlaze is brought to you in two schemes- Mblaze Premium and Mblaze Standard. Mblaze Premium data card is available for Rs 1,999 while Mblaze Standard data card costs Rs 2,299. As a part of the inaugural offer, MTS Subscribers in Jharkhand can download 15 GB data, worth Rs.1500 for the first month. The service offers downloading at an emphatic speed of 3.1 Mbps.
MTS `s MBlaze service also offers free web browsing for news, sports, travel etc. by allowing free access to using popular websites like Yahoo India,Wikipedia, etc.

At the launch of the MBlaze service, Mr. Leonid Musatov, Chief Marketing Officer of SSTL said,

We are happy to bring the high speed internet access services to Jharkhand for the first time in Jharkhand. Data services are going to expand beyond the metros with people demanding real time information and knowledge.

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BSNL Plans to Take Over The Broadband Market

BSNL has recently laid out a new and exciting offer to its Broadband Customers. The Telecom giant and broadband provider has offered a 15 days test period for its 2 Mbps connection and has allowed free unlimited downloads within this period of time.
The official note at the BSNL website says,

All the customers registering their new Broadband connection till 31st March 2010 under any BSNL Broadband Plan of up to 2Mbps speed (limited/unlimited) shall be provided unlimited free download at 2Mbps for first fifteen (15) days, irrespective of the speed of the plan applied for.

This comes as a promotional offer from BSNL in times when all Indian broadband giants like Airtel, Reliance and MTNL are planning for expansion.

Those customers applying for an unlimited connection will get a 2 Mbps connection for the first 15 days. After the first 15 days, they will be reverted back to the previous plan. Those opting for a any other new connection will be given a grace period of 15 days to try this service free of charge.

BSNL is the broadband provider with the largest penetration in India and this test of a new speed is indicative of some progress in the field of broadband, where India keeps failing badly. This promotional offer by BSNL will let it penetrate better with the punch being the free trial. BSNL is also expecting a good conversion to the higher speed from current plan users.
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Airtel Broadband Upgrade To 2MBPS For IPL 2010 YouTube

Considering that is underway, it is more appropriate for Indian service providers to cash in on the frenzy. However, one provider is actually giving away more to users to enjoy the IPL 2010 season on their personal computers.

Airtel Broadband

Bharti Airtel India is offering free upgrades to a 2MPBS connection to enjoy the IPL frenzy. The upgrade is available specifically for for Airtel Broadband customers so that they can enjoy live cricketing action from IPL 2010.

Current or new users of Airtel Broadband will get the free upgrade to a 2MBPS connection between March 12th and April 25th, which is the IPL 2010 season tenure.

Users will be able to watch the matches from the 3rd season of IPL on their computers in high speed, the package will include all the 60 matches from IPL 2010.

However, the upgrade is only available for the IPL channel on , the other content on YouTube will be entitled to regular broadband charges. Also, no other sites are being offered in this package.

Nevertheless, considering that IPL has gained a cult status in India and elsewhere in the world, this move is definitely a smart one from Airtel.