Nokia Unveils The Purity Pro Wireless Stereo Headset

Nokia has just announced its latest addition to its Purity series of headsets, the Purity Pro Wireless Stereo headset at IFA in Berlin.

The new Purity Pro Wireless Stereo headset provide wire-free music experience thanks to Bluetooth. The headsets also pack NFC for one-touch connectivity with NFC enabled smartphones.

The Purity Pro Wireless headset have been made by Monster, the creator and founder of ‘Beats by Dr. Dre’, and features noise cancellation and will be available in a bunch of colors including red, yellow, white and black. The Bluetooth on the headsets are automatically

Monster CEO Noel Lee said: “With our Purity Pro, users can now enjoy unprecedented audio performance and advanced capabilities, with all the added benefits of a pure and seamless wireless connection.”

The Purity Pro wireless headset will be available sometime in the fourth quarter of 2012 for around €299. Readers can find more information about Nokia’s Purity Pro Wireless headset over at its official product page.

Belkin India Launches Bluetooth Keyboard for Tablets

Belkin India has launched YourType Bluetooth keyboard, a sleek and stylish keyboard available for Android tablets and Apple iPads.

The keyboard is designed with comfortable well-spaced keys and facilitates a convenient typing experience. A spring mechanism underneath each key ensures a tactile response with every stroke, ensuring faster and error free typing. Belkin claims that the keyboard allows 6o hours of active usage and comes with a 2,000 hour standby battery life. The device comes with an integrated stand to place the tablet at your preferred viewing angle. It also offers function-specific keys for copying and pasting text, volume and music control. Belkin’s YourType™ Bluetooth keyboard is priced at Rs. 3699 and comes with one year limited warranty.

“It gives us immense joy to innovate products that are inspired by the needs of our consumers. Belkin strongly believes in creating technology solutions that add great value without altering the technology lifestyle of its users.”

Mohit Anand, Managing Director, Belkin India Sub-Continent

Belkin has taken rapid strides establishing itself as a leading tech and digital lifestyle brand since 2009, and has become one of the fastest-growing tech brands in the Indian subcontinent.

Intrestingly, several companies have released Bluetooth keyboards in the recent past (I wrote about Microsoft’s Bluetooth Mobile Keyboard 5000 couple of months ago). While a lot of users have given up on desktops and laptops for tablets, typing long documents on a touchscreen isn’t very convenient as yet. A lot of my blogger friends use tablets mainly as a consumption device but use keyboards or alternate devices to research and author articles. Taking a cue, Microsoft’s upcoming tablet device – Surface – includes a physical keyboard as part of the cover panel.

Nokia Announces A Bunch Of Accessories, Including an NFC Equipped Portable Speaker

Along with the Nokia N9, Nokia also announced a bunch of news accessories, dubbed as Gears.

First and foremost, Nokia announced a new charger, the Nokia AC-16. This new charger comes in white, with a detachable micro-USB cable. This new charger will be shipping with the Nokia N9, and can also be purchased separately.

Nokia also announced a new Bluetooth Stereo headset, BH-111. Nokia quotes a stand-by time of 120 hours, and up to six hours of music playback. The BH-111 will be available in five different colors, and will start shipping this summer for €39.


The most interesting and unique accessory which Nokia announced today is the Nokia Play 360. The Play 360 is a portable Hi-Fi speaker, and as its name suggests, pumps out music in all direction (Omni-directional, instead of one-directional).

The most interesting feature of the Play 360 is the support for NFC. Users can easily play music on the 360 by just tapping their NFC enabled phone to the speaker. The portable speaker also has a 3.5mm audio port for connecting your phone to it in a traditional way.

Google demonstrated the same piece of technology at the Google I/O this year, but said it was only a prototype. However, Nokia has gone ahead and made the prototype a reality! However, the speakers are pretty costly at €149, and will start shipping in the third quarter of this year.

Sony Ericsson Rolls Out Firmware Update For The Aino, Adds 3 New Themes

Sony Ericsson has just rolled out a new firmware update for the Sony Ericsson Aino. The Sony Ericsson Aino is a slider phone with a 3 inch 240×432 resolution capacitive touchscreen. This is the second major firmware update for the Sony Ericsson Aino. The first firmware update brought with it a new game Loco Rocco and better battery life. This new firmware update also focuses on better battery life, and improves performance and

The new firmware update also includes 3 new themes, along with a new game the Bubble Town 2. The Aino now also supports MIME-type MPEG4-generic video codec. The WLAN and Bluetooth performance of the phone has also improved. Sony Ericsson has been doing a good job by providing major firmware upgrades for all the phones present in their portfolio.

It was just yesterday, that Sony Ericsson had announced that they will release the Android v2.1 update for the Xperia X10 in Q4, this year. The new update will bring with it HD recording, and improvements in the proprietary MediaScape and TimeScape applications from Sony. Sony Ericsson will soon release another update for the X10 which will double the phone’s battery life.