WordPress Celebrates 7th Birthday

WordPress the popular blogging platform used by millions of users, both on wordpress.com and self-hosted WordPress installation has completed 7 years today.

WordPress 7th Birthday

WordPress in itself has grown over to become one of the best blogging and CMS platforms today with several improvements over the years, and with WordPress 3.0 slated to release shortly, it would definitely grow even more.

I have been personally using WordPress for over 5 years now, and have found the platform to be easy to use and adapt. I bet that several of you might have the same thinking.

If you want to be a little nostalgic, you can visit this blog post on the WordPress blog announcing the release of the first ever public WordPress version.

Guest Bloggers And Contributors For Techie Buzz

Of late we have been getting a lot of requests from guest bloggers who want to contribute and write permanently for Techie Buzz, however, we often have to reject those offers due to several reasons.

We don’t like to deject users, so we are starting out with a new way to have your posts published on Techie Buzz through permanent contributor accounts at Techie Buzz. Contributor accounts will be able to write posts for Techie Buzz and get them published to a wide audience of readers.

Contributors on Techie Buzz can write any number of posts for the site which is related to our niche. However the posts they write will be credited to them instead of us having to publish guest blogger posts.

In addition to getting credited for the posts you write, you will also get to work with our editorial team and improve upon your mistakes (if any), and also get help to write posts in a better way.


Contributing editors will also get to add a Bio and link to their own websites on the posts they write for Techie Buzz as pictured in the screenshot above. The best part is that you will join the Techie Buzz team and be part of the community.

Interested? Oh yea I hear you, send out an email to keith [@] techie-buzz.com with a brief profile on where you write currently and why you want to become a contributing editor for Techie Buzz.

Please add “Contributor Application” to the email you send out so that I can easily find out for what the emails are being sent for.

Note: This is not a paid gig and will not involve any revenue sharing, any posts you contribute to Techie Buzz will become the property of Techie Buzz and cannot be republished elsewhere. We also reserve the rights to not publish the articles you contribute, however, unpublished articles can be used on any other site.

Blogger Introduces Pages for BlogSpot Blogs

WordPress has a feature to add pages to blogs, the pages are basically static HTML content which does not need to change very often and serves certain purpose for the site. For example, we have an About page, a Contact us and an Advertise Page. WordPress has always had this feature, however, today the Blogger platform has introduced Pages for Blogspot blogs too.

Add Pages to Blogger/Blogspot

Blogspot users can now start adding static pages to their own blogs just like WordPress blogs. To add or edit a page on your Blogspot blog, go to Posting and click on the Edit pages tab. However, unlike WordPress, Blogger has a limit of 10 pages. Blogger has also provided users with a template to display all the pages on your blog. Users can customize the widget to select which pages appear on the widget, along with the option to automatically add future pages to the widget.

So it looks like Blogger is finally looking at adding some much wanted feature to their platform as they lag way behind on features with WordPress. Do you have a Blogspot blog? Do you find this feature useful? Let us know through your comments.

After The Deadline is a Spell Checker With Brains

After the Deadline Spell Checker Natural Languages are complex. Depending upon the context, a single word can have multiple meanings. Although spell checkers can easily spot misspelled words, most of them can’t distinguish ‘knew’ from ‘new’.

After the Deadline is a Spell Checker with a difference. It is designed to improve your writing by utilising artificial intelligence and natural language processing technology. Some of the features which sets it apart from other spell checkers are:

  • Detection of Misused Words: AtD claims that their database includes more than 1,500 commonly misused words and they can automatically detect and correct common contextual errors.
  • Checks Style: AtD attempts to improve your writing by automatically identifying usage of passive voice, clichés, redundant phrases, unnecessarily complex words etc.
  • Checks Grammar: AtD also includes a sophisticated grammar checker for spotting common grammatical mistakes like determiner agreement errors and agreement of the verb with the subject errors.

After the Deadline for WordPress So does it work? We tested After the Deadline for a couple of days. We found the Context Checker to be a bit of a hit and miss. It was able to distinguish ‘knew’ from ‘new’ but failed to spot incorrect usage of ‘now’ (instead of ‘know’) and ‘hour’ (instead of ‘our’). The grammar checker worked better and was quickly able to spot incorrect usage of ‘its’ (instead of it’s) as well agreement of verb with the subject errors. Not only does AtD identify potential errors in your writing, it also offers detailed explanation so that you can learn from your mistakes.

After the Deadline is available as a plugin for WordPress (Visual Editor only), RoundCube, TinyMCE and PHPList. The plugin is free for personal use. If you want to get can idea about their service before installing the plugin you may do so at polishmywriting.com.

TweetMeme’s Competitor ReTweet.com Launches

With the growth of Twitter, a lot of services related to it also experienced the glory. TweetMeme is one such service that, due to its excellent service saw a phenomenal growth in popularity. Almost every other technology blog has a TweetMeme button installed that users use to retweet an article.

Today though, a competitor has launched with full vigor and force. ReTweet is a new service that is trying to compete with TweetMeme in retweeting links. The major advantage that ReTweet has is their domain name ReTweet.com

Their website and functionality appears to be very similar, infact just like a clone of TweetMeme. However, unlike TweetMeme they only offer one way to add their button to your website, that is by copying the Javascript. Thats’s right! No plugins yet for WordPress but they are promised to be coming soon.

To strengthen themselves, ReTweet has launched a $10,000 lucky draw in which all the bloggers who swith to ReTweet can participate.

Techie Author Introduction: Elise Hines

Here at Techie Buzz we are always trying to give you the best news and views about technology. We have a belief that multiple authors adds more variety to a site and there are always people who join our team to give you the best views from their perspective.

Today we are proud to introduce a new author Elise Hines who has joined the team to bring you the latest tech news and help you know your technology head on.

Continue reading Techie Author Introduction: Elise Hines

15 Must Do Tweaks For A (New) WordPress Blog

I would like to thank Keith for this awesome opportunity to meet some new folks and engage in a conversation at one of my favorite blogs! I write about Technology & cool finds in the Internet at ShanKri-la.

I just recently helped a friend move from WordPress.com blog to a self-hosted blog. As I was implementing little tweaks in it I figured that it will be great to have a list of things I did so others can use it too. Here are the tweaks in no particular order.

Although most of these tweaks are aimed at a new WordPress blog, I still have a couple or more in this list that I need to implement in ShanKri-la. I hope you will find one or two that you can use too even if you have blogged for a while.

  1. WWW or no WWW: It is best to make up your mind to use www or not in your URL. Once you have made up your mind, you should set it up to redirect so whatever a reader types in, they will be redirected to the one of your choice. Continue reading 15 Must Do Tweaks For A (New) WordPress Blog