How to Run Windows Live Writer in Linux

Last week, an online buddy of mine told me that he’d use Linux more often if he could run Windows Live Writer in it. I had to agree, there are many different blog editors in Linux, but once you’ve gotten used to using Live Writer, you’ve been spoiled and won’t want to use anything less satisfying.

After a bit of searching around online, I finally figured out that the best solution might be to run a full copy of Windows inside a virtual machine. Then I’d have the best of both worlds within easy reach. After trying it, I discovered that it works quite well. In fact, this article was posted from Xubuntu Linux, using Windows Live Writer.


virtualbox_logoI decided to use VirtualBox as the virtual machine server, because it’s open source, but mainly because it’s already in the Ubuntu Software Center. Installing it was as easy as searching for VirtualBoxand marking it for installation.

An old, unused copy of Windows XP was my choice for a guest operating system. I was familiar with the steps needed to set that up, but if you need help, you can find a great tutorial on installing XP in VirtualBox at Linux Journal.

After I had XP running the first time, I did have a few problems. I kept receiving warnings that I didn’t have the Automatic Updates enabled. Since this was virtual machine, I really didn’t want it to update. If I had any problems, I could always use VirtualBox’s snapshots to return to an older state when needed. I finally opened XP’s Services manager and turned off the Automatic Updatesand the Security Center.

You can launch the Services manager by clicking Start, Runand then typing services.mscinto the run box (without quotes).


I also noticed that I couldn’t copy and paste between Linux and Windows. I found out that I needed to install the Guest Additionsin XP. You can find these in the VirtualBox Devicesmenu while the virtual machine is running.


There are two versions of Windows Live Writer. One version is for XP, while the most current version is for Vista and Windows 7.

Once you have Live Writer installed this way, you are ready to blog with ease, no matter what flavor of Linux you’re using. If you have your own favorite blog editor, let us know in the comments below.

Nonprofit 101: How Not to Deceive

bag-of-moneyIf Shahrukh Khan and sex influence movie sales, then the feeling of helplessness and the desire to change it influences nonprofit donations.   The idea of making the world a better place is a huge driving force. The most important question for a charity organization is, how can they best portray their cause and the plight of the situation to their public?

This brings us to Nanhi Kali, the brains behind The Girl Store. They also work with different NGOs (Non-Governmental Organizations) to implement education for girls at the grass root level. It’s a noble cause, indeed! Having said that, the obvious problem is out there: The life of a girl child in India is not easy. If they are not facing the sex trade, they face discrimination and/or violence.

Getting back to the question, how does an organization portray the plight of these young Indian girls? Answer: The Girl Store. I urge you to take a look at the website. Make sure you record your very first impression and then come back to read the rest: The Girl Store

When I saw the site, my first impression was discomfort. It was almost scary looking at those girls, who clearly have dampened spirits in their eyes and are all fidgeting with the helm of their shirts or kurtas. It gives you the feeling of despair – you want to just go hug them and say … Please smile … please! Once that emotion overrides you, you will see what I saw.

First you see   9 girls and their plights, so openly, almost nakedly, being portrayed to the world. Now I ask you to look closer. It is not 9 girls – there are just 4 girls dressed differently. Look at the images below. (click for larger)



Feel deceived, don’t you? That feeling of despair almost gets overwritten with a feeling of What the F*ck!.   Take for example, this donor’s good intention in giving Binny a chance to go to school. But is it Binny, Nairit or Chandini?

This, by all means, crosses ethical boundaries. Not only is the company deceiving its viewers, they are essentially playing with our emotions. This is not to say that the company doesn’t do good work. They probably have done some great work for education of girls in India, but this blatant deception undermines all the work they do.

The first class that they should take is:

Nonprofit   101: Do Not Deceive


shahpriyaAbout the author:

Priya is a social media enthusiast who works in the Bay area. You can connect with her on twitter @shahpriya.

Google PageRank Update For January 2011

Google has just begun rolling out the PageRank updates for January 2011. Many websites are seeing increase in their PageRank while some are seeing decreases.

Google usually rolls out toolbar PageRank updates every quarter, however, there weren’t much of these updates in 2010. You can check the PageRank of your website by using our PageRank checking tool.

Google’s PageRank signifies the rank of a website on their toolbar, however, the PageRank does not suggest that your site will show up higher in the SERP. So take it with a grain of salt. There have already been several discussions about what a PageRank is so you might want to read up those to understand how it works.

Make sure to tell us whether you saw a PageRank update or not.

How To Migrate Windows Live Spaces to WordPress

Microsoft recently announced that they would be shutting down Windows Live Spaces and moving all users to If you are a Windows Live Spaces user, Microsoft has made it very easy to move your data elsewhere, so how do you move it to Take a look at the steps listed below.

Step 1: Login to your Windows Live Spaces account.

Start Windows Live Spaces Migration

Step 2: When you view your Spaces account, you might see a notice which will prompt you to Upgrade your blog, click on the "here" link to start the migration process.

Live Spaces WordPress Migration

Step 3: Read the information on the page. Once you are done click on the "Get started. Upgrade my blog to!" link. Read the agreement on the next page and click on the "Confirm" button to continue.

Linkbait Generator Generates Catchy Blog Post Ideas Like "8 Reasons To Love Future Technologies"

Have you ever hit a bloggers or writers block, or don’t have a clue about what you should write next? Well, many people have been through that, and it is definitely not easy to get out of of too.

Linkbait Generator

Fear not, the next time you hit a bloggers or writers block or want to get ideas to write about something, visit Linkbait Generator, a random blog post title generator.

The catch line of Linkbait Generator is "Need catchy blog post ideas?" and hitting the Generate button does generate some nice and catchy blog post ideas too. For example, here are some catchy headlines, that Linkbait generated for me.

  • 8 reasons to love future technologies
  • The 8 most baffling things about meth
  • 5 amazing things you probably didn’t know about billionaires

Users can also find title ideas for only certain subjects or keywords as many would call it. For example when I enter Microsoft as the subject it will only display titles which have that word in it.

Keyword Specific Blogpost Generator

Techie Buzz Verdict

Linkbait generator can be used both as a fun pass-time and also as a serious way to generate blog post ideas for your blog. So head over to Linkbait Generator and have your share of fun.

Techie Buzz Rating: 4.5/5 (Excellent)

[via Download Squad]

Free Online Grammar and Readability Checkers

notepadpencil1201 I don’t write for a living yet, but I still try to write like my life depends on it. If you’re a student, in business or a pro blogger, you may feel the same way. Your future life may depend on how well you write.

One of the most important things a writer can do to improve their writing, is to become a good editor. Writing well, is a result of what you take out of a post, as much as what you put into it. You’ll need to take out the spelling errors, grammar errors, and the clutter.


The spelling errors are the easiest to remove. Spell checkers are built into most writing tools and are even embedded in the some web browsers. For anyone using a computer, there is no good excuse for misspelled words.

Proof-reading your text for grammar and readability is much harder. Fortunately there are many online resources for writers. Below are two online checkers that may help you improve by showing you weak points in your readability or grammar.


If you’ve used Microsoft Word, you might be familiar with it’s readability statistics. It gives a quick test score called the Flesch-Kincaid (FK) Grade Level. The FK score tells you what U.S. grade school level is needed to fully understand your writing. Generally, a score close to 7 (7th grade) is recommended for general audiences.

I’ve found a great site that gives your text not only an FK level, but plenty of other information as well. It’s called ADDEDBYTES – Check Text Readability.

Here’s a screen-shot of the results from the first three paragraphs of this article. I think I did pretty well.


There are several scores shown here. Most of them don’t make much sense unless you study what they mean. There are links next to each score that lead to more information if you are interested.

I pay the most attention to the Average Grade Leveland the SMOG index.   The average grade is pretty understandable, since it’s simply the average of the scores shown. The SMOG index tells you how much gobbledygook you have included in your post. Gobbledygook is words that are used only in special cases, such as political speeches and scientific or technical papers. These are words that most people don’t understand. I try to keep the SMOG below 6 by using common words that everyone knows.

Recently, I told one of my fellow bloggers that their post was too lofty. New writers are always tempted to show off by using long sentences and lots of fancy words. I asked another blogger if they were writing poetry or writing a software review. A light punch in the belly will usually wake people up.

Good writers impress people with humor or great ideas, not fancy speech. Write to your readers like you are talking to a good friend.

Another site I found recently, checks your text for mistakes in grammar. I’ve never found a tool that catches most grammar mistakes, so don’t be disappointed when you discover the same thing.


Language Tool will catch the obvious grammar errors, but it will also generate plenty of false errors. Computers are still only as smart as an insect at this time, so I’m not surprised. Humans rule, and only an experienced editor will catch most grammar problems.

Here’s an example of the results from the Language Tool.


In this case, it found three errors, yet only one of them was a real error. Despite the false errors, if you need help finding grammar mistakes, the Language Tooloffers you a chance to find the most obvious problems.

Last Thoughts:

Hearing your written words read out loud is an easy way to catch errors of all kinds. Try to find a friend who can read your writing back to you. If you are on your own, read it out loud to yourself. My wife mentioned that it might be good to have a text-to-speech tool read your post to you.

Thanks for reading this long post. If it helps at least one person write better, I’ll be happy.

11 Things You Must Follow When Starting A New Blog

This is a Guest Post by Tanmay from Tech Tips Geek.

Starting a new blog is always challenging. If you are new to blogging, it is quite possible that you are not so much familiar of this profession. The success of your blog obviously depends on the niche, you have chosen. But only the niche can not promote you on the internet. Thousands of people are entering in the blogging world everyday. So you can not leave other people behind without organizing yourself.


Having said that, a good start always helps you to become first in the crowd. Here are some few advice to start your blog.

1. The first thing about your blog is your blog name. It is very worth to get a descriptive blog name. Choose it wisely so that people can understand about the niche of your blog.

2. If you can afford, then choose a top level domain(.com, .org, .net, .info). The Domain name should be the same as your blog name.

3. Host your domain in a good/well known hosting company. Though a bad neighbour does not affect your blog but having good environment is always better.

4. Select the theme for your blog so that it matches with the contents. As example, if you are starting a technology tips and tricks blog and choose a magazine theme, the readers may lose attention. Hence blog theme must be appropriate enough.

5. Design your theme uniquely. Be influenced by other blogs but do not be dominated by them. Make your theme easy to navigate, so that readers can easily reach to the article, they need. Remove the unnecessary links if you are using free WordPress theme. e.g the Blogroll links, Meta links etc. Restrict theme templates, admin pages from crawling by the search bots by robots.txt.

6. Keep your best articles in home of your blog. This will ensure that the search engine will crawl them regularly.

7. Submit your blog URLto giant search engines:

8. Sign up for Webmaster account and submit your blog to get verified. Here is the list:

9. Reduce blog page load time so that search engines can easily crawl your site. Some plugin can really help you. Here is the list:

i) WP Super Cache

ii) PHP Speedy

Also adding an Expires header to the static resources like JavaScript, images, CSS files significantly improve the page load time. You can do it by adding the following lines in the .htaccess file from your server.

ExpiresActive On
ExpiresByType image/gif A2592000
ExpiresByType image/png AA2592000
ExpiresByType image/jpg AA2592000
ExpiresByType image/jpeg AA2592000

10. Try to get back links from some older sites with higher page rank. There are some ways to win back links.

i) Write a guest post for a well known site. It will help you to increase your page rank and also a fair amount of visitors.

ii) Another tricks can help you to increase your page rank – Some websites use do follow meta tag in their comment section. Find out such sites relevant to your niche and leave a comment.

11. Use SEO for better search engine ranking. This may take some time as your blog is so new in the web. To get some instant traffic you can follow a simple trick. Some sites publish the trackbacks. So find out that type of site ranking top in the search engine that matches with your article and give a credit to that site from your post.

Over of all you must be original and honest with your articles.

This is a guest post by Tanmay from Tech Tips Geek, where you can find the latest tips and tricks. Want to guest post for us? Read our Guest Post guidelines to find out how you can submit guest posts to us.