TELUS Updates The Curve 9300 And Bold 9700 To BlackBerry OS6

RIM rolled out its next generation mobile OS for some BlackBerry handsets the BlackBerry OS 6 – quite some time ago. However, many users who own a carrier branded BlackBerry handset have to wait impatiently, until their network operator releases the OS6 update.

Today, TELUS has started rolling out the BlackBerry OS6 for the TELUS branded Curve 9300 or the Bold 9700. Yes, nearly 6 months after it was officially released by RIM.   The latest version of the BlackBerry OS will bring with a host of new features including a faster web browser.


The UI of the OS has also been spiced up, including a new revamped home screen, so as to make the OS look modern. The new OS now also features a universal search capability.

BlackBerry OS 6 also comes pre-installed with a YouTube client, new camera modes and a revamped music player for a better multimedia experience. The new OS is also much faster and stable compared to its predecessors.

BlackBerry Curve and Bold handset owners can find the steps to update their handset to OS 6 here.

Blackberry Slider 9800, Curve 9300 And The Clamshell 9670 Overview Videos

It has been quite sometime since RIM (Research In Motion) released a new blackberry. Now the company is soon going to add three more phones to its portfolio. The names of the upcoming phones are the Blackberry 9670, the Slider 9800, and the Curve 9300. First up is the Blackberry Slider 9800. The phone will feature a 3.2-inch TFT touch screen, with a full slide-out QWERTY keyboard. An optical trackball will also be present on the phone.

Check out the video of the Blackberry Slider 9800 below :

The screen of the Slider 9800 will not feature the SurePress technology, which made its debut on the Blackberry Storm 2. The Slider 9800 will be running the Blackberry OS 6. Not much information about the Curve 9300 is available except that the phone will feature both 3G and Wi-Fi. The phone will come to the T-Mobile in a purple colour. The Blackberry 9670 is a clamshell phone with 512MB of ROM, and 4GB of internal memory. The phone will also have a 5MP camera at its back. The phone will also be running on Blackberry OS 6 when released.

In all probability, all these three phones will be announced by RIM before August end.