Coming in 2011 – World Population Hits 7 Billion

earth-globeAmong the predictions for the new year, I found a video showing the direction of the world’s population growth. I was surprised to learn that in 2011, the 7 billionth person will be born.


Even more surprising, I found out that the world’s population may actually stabilize at around 9 or 10 billion people by 2050. It was surprising, only because I remember Malthusian predictions that this planet was headed for a big train wreck because of the birth rates. It turns out that it was mostly hype, and birth rates are slowing as we move into the future. In addition, improving technology allows us to support more people on fewer resources.

However, don’t consider this prediction to be very accurate. I’m not certain that they’ve completely considered the ideas of technology’s accelerating returns. Several people believe that medical science could allow us to live forever by 2030. If a group of our population actually stops dying, what happens to the future population growth?

I don’t trust long term predictions made by scientists. They prove to be wrong more often than they are right.

"Internet" Nominated For Nobel Peace Prize 2010

Don’t get surprised or awed if you see "Internet" climb the podium to collect the Nobel Peace Prize award in 2010. In a somewhat bizarre nomination process, the Noble Prize selection committee has actually nominated "Internet" as a nominee for the 2010 Nobel Peace Prize award.

Internet Nobel Peace Prize Award 2010

According to media reports, the Internet was nominated by the Italian version of the Wired magazine for promoting dialogue, debate and consensus through communication.

It’s unclear though whether they would stretch as far as to honor the Internet, as proposed by the Italian version of Wired magazine, which cited its use as a tool to advance "dialogue, debate and consensus through communication" and to promote democracy. – cite Forbes

Whether "Internet" wins the Nobel Peace Prize 2010 or not, we will definitely wait with bated breath for the results, since Internet has definitely changed the way we do things and communicate with others, it will only be befitting to reward it with a prize of such honor.

What do you think of this nomination? Has the Internet changed your life in any way? Do let me know through your comments.