Happy 5th Birthday Techie Buzz

It has been 5 years since I started out Techie Buzz, a venture that started out of nothing and went on to become so big that I cannot fathom it. There have been so many criticisms all these years, which I have tried to talk through, walk through and quench. However, there have been bigger accolades and thousands of people thanking us for the work we have been doing.

I have always appreciated friends and I have had so many of them. Since we went mainstream none of them have ever left us. I know it has been a big journey and it will definitely be a bigger one going forward.

I hope the time you spent here was good and hope that what we do in future will be good enough for you to continue your support for us. Thank you each and every of our ~100 million users who visited us over these 5 years, we appreciate you. We will thrive to be the best in the future.

P.S. We will have a big soon.

Happy 7th Birthday Gmail

was launched on April 1, 2004 by Google. Many people took Gmail as a April fool prank from Google considering the date it was launched on. However, Gmail was for real and it went on to become a huge success for Google.

Gmail 7th Birthday

Gmail went viral because of the invite only option it had. In fact, I received a Gmail invite from my friend too. The invite only access to Gmail was later on dropped in 2007. Currently Gmail has approximately 200 million users and is one of the most popular email service after Windows Live Hotmail and Yahoo.

Today is Gmail’s celebrates it’s 7th birthday and is better than ever before. There have been so many new features rolled out to users using and more.

Google also later on launched Google Apps which has Gmail, and other Google products among other things. I have been a big fan of Gmail and love the web interface. Just wanted to take some time out and wish Gmail a Very Happy 7th Birthday.

Facebook Celebrates 7th Birthday With 1.5 Million Facebook Users

, the social network which took the world by a storm and now has almost 600 million users just celebrated their 7th Birthday today. Facebook was launched on February 4th, 2004 and has been steadily growing to new heights each and every year.

Facebook's 7th Birthday

At latest unofficial valuation Facebook is worth a whooping $50 billion. However, more than that, Facebook has managed to bring people closer to their friends who they knew since school days and also several other people whom you could never keep in touch with otherwise.

Facebook also shared an interesting fact that they share their birthday with 1.5 million other Facebook users. Here’s wishing Facebook a Very Happy 7th Birthday, despite all your privacy issues, you have definitely helped me connect with long lost friends.

Facebook 1st January Birthday Bug Celebrates Non-Existent Birthdays on New Years

Happy New Year. A birthday is a special occasion, and to be frank I use as my birthday calendar so that I don’t forget my friends birthdays. However, it looks like a bug in Facebook might have gotten people to wish several of their friends Happy Birthday (wrongly) on New Year’s day.


Oh wait, wasn’t my friends birthday on January 1st? Not for all, here is what the problem is. By default, all profiles have a birthday on 1st January and many people do not change it. Now, when you logged into Facebook on 1st of January, you might have seen birthdays for tons of friends, this is not their actual birthday but a bug in Facebook, since Facebook auto-fed this information into their profiles.

People who didn’t update their profile information will automatically have their birthdays on 1st January. This is true for at-least 9 out of the 10 friends whose birthdays Facebook promoted to me. I personally know all of them and they don’t celebrate their birthday on the 1st of January.

Why is this a bug? Because Facebook is not using user inputted data and is instead storing information by default for each and every profile. So, if a user does not update their profile and change their birth date, their birthday will be termed as 1st of January.

This bug is widespread since I saw a lot of friends on my timeline complain about it, and I believe that Facebook might have marked wrong birthday days for anywhere between 50-100 million people on 1st January.

I am pretty sure that many of your friends might have been upset with the fact that you don’t remember their actual birthdates. You can safely blame it on Facebook Smile. Hopefully, next year you’ll see far more lesser friends celebrating their birthday on New Years.

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Firefox Turns 6, Now Has 36% Market Share

Mozilla’s baby is turning 6 today, with a 36% market share to brag about. Six years ago Internet Explorer one of the most used browsers, that is when Firefox was launched and quickly became popular among tech enthusiasts and developers. Now, the browser boasts of more than 1/3rd of the market share.


In the past few years though, Firefox has also had to fend competition from and who have been rising on the popularity charts. With being delayed till 2011, Mozilla definitely has to buck up its game to extend their stay for several more years to come.

Firefox 4 is a definitely game changer for Mozilla, and hopefully this 6th birthday will give them a boost to get it out of the door as quickly they can. Here is wishing one of the best browsers I have ever used a very Happy 6th birthday. To get some goodies, visit the official Mozilla birthday page.

Google Birthday Doodle Personalized For You

We have been talking of tons of ‘s of late, but those are only for famous celebrities or events. Now what if you would want to see a personalized Google Doodle on your own birthday?

Google Personalized Birthday Doodle

Well, there is an option for that. If you have a Google Profile, you can go ahead an add your birthday to it. Now when you visit Google.com or any other variants you use on your birthday, you will see a birthday Doodle created just for you. Clicking on the Doodle will take you to your profile page which will be decorated for the event.

Watch a video of the personalized Google birthday Doodle spotted by Danny Brown.

(h/t @mattcutts)

Interactive "John Lennon" Google Doodle Celebrates His Birthday With Imagine

Google and their have been getting interesting every time they celebrate an event or a big personality’s birthday.

Google John Lennon Doodle

If you are a John Lennon or Beatles fan, you might be surprised at the new interactive to celebrate the music legend’s birthday. The doodle is another one of Google’s interactive doodle, which performs some sort of action rather than taking you to a regular Google search page.

In case of the John Lennon Doodle, Google has a play button which will then start a video playing the famous John Lennon song "Imagine". The good thing about this interactive doodle though is that clicking on the sound keys completely stop the video as opposed to the various problems people had faced with other interactive Google Doodle’s.

The Doodle is currently available in countries only in certain countries and will be available in google.com tomorrow. You might want to check http://google.co.uk to have a look at the Doodle.

Happy 12th Birthday Google

Google today celebrates it’s 12th birthday, yes, for the past 12 years we have been Googling to find solutions to our problems.

Happy 12th Birthday Google

In a discussion I have had with friends over years, I remember one distinctly where a friend told us all that programmers would really find it very difficult without Google, and everyone in the group agreed without a debate. One of them even wondered loudly saying; "What would we do if there was no Google?". Thankfully, we don’t have to answer that question.

Google has definitely become a huge part of our lives and has gone beyond just search with one of the most powerful email services in , an awesome , and now the mobile OS .

So here is celebrating Google and wishing them a Very Happy 12th Birthday.

Google Chrome Celebrates Second Birthday, Releases Chrome 6

Two years ago, I was introduced to , one of the fastest browsers I had ever used for a while and it still continues to be one of the fastest. You can read my first impressions of Google Chrome.

Google Chrome Browser Experience

Google Chrome also has one of the fastest development cycles, and has quickly reached version 6.0 for their stable version and version 7 for their development cycle. Chrome 7 is exciting in several ways with the introduction of hardware acceleration and voice translation along with Chrome Labs which should be part of dev channel shortly.

Today, Chrome has celebrated its 2nd birthday with the introduction of the stable version of Chrome 6 for the masses. Chrome 6 is 3 times faster than the first version of Chrome, which shows leaps and bounds of improvement.

Chrome Version 1 Chrome Version 6

The thing I have liked about Chrome is the simplicity and speed. Over the past two years, Chrome has definitely made simple more simpler with subtle changes that have made using the browser a delight. Since it’s initial release, Google Chrome has added Chrome Extensions, auto-correction and several other features which make the browser one of the best available today.

If you haven’t used Chrome yet, I would definitely suggest you give it a go by downloading it at http://www.google.com/chrome. Don’t forget to read about all the we have talked about in the past too.

Happy 2nd Birthday Google Chrome.

WordPress Celebrates 7th Birthday

WordPress the popular blogging platform used by millions of users, both on wordpress.com and self-hosted WordPress installation has completed 7 years today.

WordPress 7th Birthday

WordPress in itself has grown over to become one of the best blogging and CMS platforms today with several improvements over the years, and with WordPress 3.0 slated to release shortly, it would definitely grow even more.

I have been personally using WordPress for over 5 years now, and have found the platform to be easy to use and adapt. I bet that several of you might have the same thinking.

If you want to be a little nostalgic, you can visit this blog post on the WordPress blog announcing the release of the first ever public WordPress version.