Download Bing Toolbar For Firefox and Internet explorer

Microsoft has launched the Bing toolbar, better known as Bingbar for Firefox and Internet Explorer, which you can download here.The Bingbar is way more thicker than other browser toolbars and looks ultra cool. Given below is a screenshot of the Bing toolbar


Features of the New Bing Toolbar: Bingbar

Bingbar can be used to search Bing directly from the toolbar. Just type your search query and you can search for images, videos and news. Type Ctrl + M to start your search.


Bingbar also comes with some cool buttons which you can use for a variety of purposes. You can check your email at Hotmail, check weather forecasts, auto fill web forms and read the latest news from the browser toolbar itself.


The toolbar can glow the newsbutton when there is some important or much hyped news to read. To check the email of your Hotmail account, just click the Hotmailbutton and a pop up window opens. You can sign in with your Windows Live ID to check your Hotmail account.


You can add more buttons in the Bingbar from the buttons gallery. The buttons can be rearranged according to your desire. Below is a brief preview of the buttons gallery in Bing Toolbar.


The best thing about Bing Toolbar is that you do not require to install the toolbar in Internet Explorer or Firefox separately. One installation is sufficient to bring the toolbar in both the browsers.

You can change the color and the theme of the Bingbar from Toolbar options(click the small wrench icon in extreme right).


Download Bing Bar

Techie-Buzz Verdict

Bing Toolbar looks cool but it makes Internet Explorer slow to load. The toolbar is extra wide and takes up good amount of space in the browser.

Techie-Buzz rating: 3/5 (Average)

When You Have Google Why Use Bing?

No, I am not asking you a question, but a feature definitely wants to ask you this. Incidentally, the URL displays a Bing search page. Weird right? Not exactly, as the main domain is still :-)


By the way, you can also search at too. Ok, enough messing around. Bing has a hidden feature which allows you to append any sub domain to and then search their decision engine.

To create your own URL, just change yourcustombingword in the URL to anything you want. Have fun and impress your friends that you have a personal Bing search page.

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Automatically Download and Set Bing Background as Wallpapers

the decision engine by Microsoft sports a new background image everyday. If you want to use the same image as your , you don’t need to visit the site and apply it to your background.


BingPaper is a which will automatically download the latest Bing background and set it as your wallpaper.

Techie Buzz Verdict

BingPaper is a time saver for people who do this manually. Another good thing is that all the Bing background images are downloaded and stored locally. You can also use BingPaper along with a wallpaper rotator, to rotate the Bing background wallpapers at regular intervals.

Ratings: 2.5/5 (Good)

Download BingPaper

Bing Holiday Season Cashback Updates

has been promoting itself by giving cashbacks for purchases on products you buy through their search engines. Now that the holiday season is up, Bing has come up with new cashbacks which earn you discounts between 5-35%.


To get your Cashback, visit the Bing Cashback merchant page and click on the links of the available merchants to search and shop for merchandise.


You have over a 1000 merchants to choose from, so spend your time and money wisely. Happy cashback.. err Holidays :-).

Microsoft Revamps Bing Videos: Showcases the Most Compelling Content from Around the Web

Microsoft is desperate to turn around their online division and has been putting in a lot of effort. Last week, they announced the first major redesign of MSN in a decade. Now, they have revamped Bing video search page.


The new Bing video search page incorporates high quality content from around the web. It includes MSN’s original programming as well as videos from other services like Hulu, ABC, and YouTube. Bing Videos will be serving everything from amateur videos and movie trailers to full length TV shows. Bing Videos currently features more than 900 TV shows, all of which is arranged alphabetically and organized into genre based categories. Individual episodes are extremely easy to find as they are grouped according to the season.


The new Bing Videos has already started rolling out and should be available to all users within a few days. You can access the preview by going to


Microsoft Ties Up With Twitter and Facebook: Will Integrate Real Time Updates Into Bing

Microsoft-Bing-Twitter-Facebook The search engine war is on! Earlier today we revealed that Google may be planning on launching its own music service to enhance music related search results. Now according to latest reports, Microsoft is expected to announce non-exclusive deals with both Facebook and Twitter later today.

This deal will give Microsoft access to both Facebook and Twitter status updates and will undoubtedly give them a huge advantage over Google. Google has clearly started that real time search is their biggest challenge. Unfortunately for them, the partnership with Twitter and Facebook would offer Bing a wealth of data that won’t be available to them. It has already been demonstrated more than once that Twitter is extremely agile when it comes to breaking news. The access to Twitter (and Facebook) data stream will allow Bing to react faster to emerging trends.

While this deal is undoubtedly a big step for Microsoft Bing, it must be remembered that both of them are non-exclusive in nature. In other words, there is nothing stopping Google from partnering with Twitter or Facebook tomorrow. A lot will also depend on Microsoft’s ability to properly integrate real time data received from Facebook and Twitter.

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Google Recovers Search Share From Bing

Over the last few months , the decision making search engine from Microsoft has been poaching search market share from both and Google Search.


It looks like the high tide has finally reached its peak. According to StatCounter, a online statistics measuring service, Bing’s market share in US dropped by over 1% from 8.51% to 9.64% in September 2009. Microsoft’s new search partner Yahoo also shed more than 1% going down from 10.50% to 9.40%.

Google search on the other hand was a big gainer. Google’s search market share went up from 77.83% to 80.08%. It also has a global market share of over 90%.

The statistics have been collected using more than 4.6 billion search engine clicks on sites that are tracked by StatCounter. US traffic accounts for over 1.1 billion of those clicks.

Does this mean that Bing has peaked? Maybe. Bing’s search market share has been gradually declining since mid-August. This suggests that the initial hype is now fading and people are now looking for some real search resultsinstead of all the fun and fancy results.

Did you make a switch from Bing to Google? Do you still use Bing? Do tell us your thoughts and views about this.

Wallpaper Downloader Automatically Downloads Bing Background Images

Bing has certainly been making a splash since its release. The search results are impressive and the presentation is awesome. And even if you are not convinced about Bing’s search prowess, it’s hard not to like the awesome background pictures utilized by Bing.

Wallpaper Downloader is a freeware application which automatically downloads all the past and present Bing background images (which are updated every day) and uses them as your desktop background. Some of its salient features are:

  • Automatically downloads new wallpaper images of all Bing worldwide sites.
  • Downloads all the past Bing wallpaper images.
  • Supports Wallpaper Slideshow mode which changes your desktop wallpaper periodically.
  • Thumbnail previews of wallpaper images in slideshow loop.
  • Can include all images or only the latest few images in slideshow loop.
  • Customizable slideshow time interval.
  • Support 3 desktop wallpaper styles: Stretch, Tile, and Center.

Bing Wallpaper Downloader

If you do not wish to install the software you can manually download past and present Bing Wallpapers from

[Download Wallpaper Downloader]

How To Access Bing Visual Search Outside US

Microsoft Bing recently launched a unique Visual Search feature which is currently available only to the users living in United States. If you are trying to access Visual Search outside US, then you will get the following error:

Bing Unavailable

Today I will show you how to access Bing Visual Search from any country of the world. Just follow some simple steps shown below:
1) Visit Bing Worldwide.
2) Change your country to United States.

Bing US

3) Save the settings.
4) Now visit Bing Visual Search.

Now you will be able to access Visual Search, even if you are miles away from United States. Browsing through 39 different categories inside Bing Visual Search is really a fun experience. I hope you will enjoy using this unique feature.

Bing Visual Search

Microsoft Bing Launches A Unique Visual Search

Microsoft is trying its best to take Bing Search one step ahead of the market leader Google. We can clearly see the competition generated by Microsoft with the launch of its Visual Search. Bing Visual Search is not the traditional image search but it is a group of search results organized in different categories. Visual search tries to focus on five main areas i.e. entertainment, shopping, sports, travel and health.

Bing Visual Search 01

Usually when we search something, the search engine shows text results which seems uninteresting. But Microsoft has gone one step ahead with Visual Search as it allows you to quickly scroll through the galleries or do a one-click refinement using the quick tabs on the left, which are specifically relevant to the type of results you are browsing through.

Visual Search displays 39 galleries that includes visual search for popular celebrities, cell phones, NBA Players, top iPhone apps, world leaders, travel destinations and so on. When you visit a particular gallery, you will get thousand of images related to that topic. When you click on a particular images, you will be redirected to the traditional search results of the keyword associated with that image. It is a fun experience while browsing different galleries.

Bing Visual Search 02

“The whole concept is that the world of search is going to change. There will be a more graphic way people will search, and it will pivot how people search” said Microsoft’s Yusuf Mehdi, senior vice president of online services.

Bing Visual Search 03

Microsoft also claims that Visual Search will allow users to conduct certain searches faster than the traditional image search offered by rival Google and other search engines. Bing Visual Search works on Silverlight. Currently, it is available only to the users of United States.