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Use Dropbox for more than just file synching – Did you think that Dropbox was just for file synching? This article goes out of the box and shows you the different uses of Dropbox.

How to End a Phone Call Without Being Rude – Everyone of us have received a telemarketing call and many times we are pretty rude with them. But those poor souls are just doing a job. This post details how you can end a call without being rude at it.

Bing Visual Search the ever growing search engine from Microsoft has released a new type of search called Bing visual Search which displays the search results visually. This feature is available only for select results right now.

Google News adds Magazine Style Fast Flip – Google is testing a new format for displaying news to readers. The new style displays magazine style news content. The feature is part of Google Labs so you will need to visit Google Fast Flip to view the new format.

Facebook Does a Twitter once again, adds @ tagging is at it  once again copying from . Last time around they managed to make Facebook look like twitter, but this time they took it one step further and decided to add friend tagging using the @ symbol. The @ symbol has been associated with twitter for a long time allowing them to reply to others.

Flickr introduces Galleries one of the most popular photo sharing website has finally introduced Galleries. Using galleries you can accumulate up-to 18 photos or videos and build a gallery using themes provided by Flickr.

Share Your Bing Search Results With Bing And Ping

Microsoft recently unveiled a new feature called “Bing and Ping” for its Bing search engine that will allows people to share search results on social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter. Bing and Ping functionality would appear only on selective search results.

Microsoft Bing And Ping

Microsoft Bing Team described this new feature in their community blog:

We at the Bing team are firm believers in the idea that the only thing better than searching with Bing is sharing what you’ve found with your friends. That’s why we’ve been working on a potential new feature for Bing that does just that in a couple of clicks, which we call Bing & Ping.

If you ask me what is the use of such feature, then I would like to tell you that, sometimes while searching, we find something interesting and want to share it with our friends or colleague, but currently no search engine has an option to share the results, so I think this is something innovative.

This feature isn’t live yet, but it will be going into an invitation-only beta mode soon. To get an exclusive invitation to test the beta version, you will have to become a fan of Bing on Facebook. But here is a good news! As a loyal reader of Techie Buzz, we are giving you a direct link to request invitation. Request an exclusive invitation here.

Do you think this time Microsoft went in right direction? Please express your views below.

Bing Goes 1 Up on Google Search

has definitely been making inroads into search engine market, last time around it was on the receiving end when Bing took some traffic from Yahoo, however now that both Bing and Yahoo have come together to fight Google, it is more than certain that they may lose some market share.

Yahoo & Bing vs Google Search

According to LiveSide Bing gained 1% of US search engine market   share in July, and during the same period Google lost a similar amount of market share.

A detailed analysis by Statcounter showed an increase in US search market share from 8.23% in June to 9.41% in July, during the same period Google’s US market share came down from 78.48% in June to 77.54% in July.

However Google still dominates the global market with 89.23% share in July as compared to 89.80% in June.

So will Bing and Yahoo coming together put a dent into the market share of Google? Well only time can tell, and Google still has a large scope to go one up ahead in the coming month based on their new innovations in their search engine and image search engine.

What do you think? Who will win the boxing championship between these two giants?

Bing Grows More Twitter Friendly With BingTweets

the ever growing decision making search engine has grown a little bit more friendly than their earlier announcement of introduction of twitter tweets in search results, with the introduction of BingTweets, a search engine which will also display real-time tweets in Bing results page.

This new offering sports a completely different interface than the original Bing page, as you can see from the screenshot below.


The real-time auto-updating search results from twitter is displayed in the left hand side of the page, with the regular results taking up the right hand side.


In addition to that, BingTweets also adds a bit of social elements to the interface in the form of allowing users to share the results on either twitter or using other sharing options.


Another interesting feature is that you can see all the trending topics on the page, however they are further divided into most popular trending topics, most popular people trending, most popular places trending and most popular products trending.

Overall a very refreshing and social search offering from Bing, wonder whether folks at Google are still sleeping, or are they? Maybe they are just working on buying out twitter :-).

Google Says Bing Temporarily Unavailable

In a certain embarrassment for both and Google, a search on Google for the keyword Bing, shows the second result’s title as Bing Temporarily Unavailable.

This may have been a result of some problems with Bing from last week, however it is embarrassing nonetheless.


However this issue will certainly be fixed soon, considering this tweet from the official Bing account directly sent to the official Google account on twitter.


As of writing this post, the search for the keyword still shows the message from the screenshot, wondering how quickly Google will act on this.

Bing Adds Twitter Tweets To Search Results, Gets More Real-Time Search

Microsoft has been getting a lot of things right with their decision engine , the latest being the introduction of showing tweets in search results.

This would introduce real-time search into Bing, Google has been after twitter for quite sometime now to integrate real-time search, however surprising Bing has beaten them to it.

Starting later today, when you search for these folks names in association with Twitter, you’ll see their latest Tweets come up in real time on Bing’s search results. For example, if you type Kara Swisher Twitteror Kara Swisher Tweetsor even @karaswisheras your search query, you’ll see something like the below.


However there is a small problem here, you cannot call this a real time-search yet, since you are specifically searching for a name with a keyword that is related to twitter, users can also perform the same searches using Twitter search.

It would be interesting to see how Bing takes this integration and adds it to other search terms which are not related to twitter but to maybe say a ongoing topic, for which you will definitely find lots of conversations on twitter.

This should definitely send a alarm to the folks back at Google, who have been trying hard to get a deal with twitter and roll out real-time results as a part of search queries.

However Google is definitely not going to sit tightly on this, so expect some announcements from the in the near future.

The new feature will be gradually rolled out to users in next few hours, so if you don’t see twitter results when you search Bing, give it another try after sometime.

Do you use Bing? Or do you still prefer to use Google? Let us know about it.

Bing Community Blog [via TechCrunch]

Microsoft Bing Search With Search Suggestions Firefox Add-on

Bing has seen success beyond imagination in such a short span. We recently wrote about Bing overtaking yahoo in search market share, but what we are not sure is if this a permanent damage to Yahoo’s Search market or if this was the result of Microsoft’s marketing strategy. Only time will give us a clear picture, if it was marketing efforts or Bings capabilities that’s responsible for the surge in Bings’ market share.

Integrate Bing with Firefox by downloading the Bing Firefox Addon. Microsoft’s Bing Search Firefox add-on comes with related search suggestion, just like when you search on


[ Download Bing Firefox Addon ]

Add Your Website To Bing Webmaster Tools

Bing is suddenly sitting pretty much in a really good position, with Bing taking the second position over from Yahoo in both US and global traffic to search engines, this though should bring good news to webmasters since they would now get more traffic to their blogs or websites.

Like Google Webmaster Tools, Bing too has it’s own Webmaster center where users can submit their websites for indexing by Bing.

Continue reading Add Your Website To Bing Webmaster Tools

Bing Overtakes Yahoo in Search Market Share

Bing the latest search engine from Microsoft has launched to a very welcoming audience, lots of people said real good things about this new search engine, within a few days of launching it has already surpassed Yahoo to take the number 2 position in US and global search market according to

The latest market share positioning for Bing is search engine usage is now as such.

  1. Google with 71.47% market share.
  2. Bing with 16.28% market share.
  3. Yahoo with 10.22% market share.


In addition to this the global search market share for Bing is about 5.62% which is slightly ahead of Yahoo at 5.13%, Google is also the market leader worldwide with 87.62% market share.

The surge in Bing market share should  sound alarming to both Google and Yahoo alike, such a drastic shift is something they would not have really anticipated, however it would be interesting to see if Bing is able to hold on to this market share in the next 3-6 months.

Have you used Bing yet? What do you think about it? Do let us know.